The Whitecaps 2-2 Draw

Marc Dos Santos Recaps The Whitecaps 2-2 Draw And Looks Ahead To The Rapids

Marc Dos Santos recapped The Whitecaps 2-2 draw and looked ahead to the Colorado Rapids Wednesday afternoon. Vancouver should have come away with all 3 points, but some later bounces and bad luck lead to the draw with Toronto. In case you missed the match, check out the full recap right here from Sports Talk Line.

The Whitecaps head coach was in good spirits, back at the team's "home" base in Sandy Utah. He was quick to point out that they are not actually home matches for the squad.

"For me when people talk about home games, it actually makes me laugh, you know, we were playing home against Colorado just because in the schedule a team has to play [at} home. It's not home when your not in your stadium with your fans, in your city, sleeping in your house, it's not home." He made sure to remind everyone.

Whitecaps 2021 season opener
The Whitecaps 2-2 Draw (Photo Credit Joshua Griffith)

Marc would take over 20 minutes of questions. On the Whitecaps 2-2 draw to Toronto FC. To looking ahead to the Whitecaps matchup this weekend against the Colorado Rapids. He also provided an update on some of the players looking to get back in the lineup.

The Whitecaps 2-2 Draw On The Road Vs Toronto FC

As usual, to start mid-week media availability, Marc was asked his thoughts on the last match. The Whitecaps 2-2 draw against Toronto FC. "We are still digesting that we didn't get the full 3 points because I think it was a game that was under control for that... But when he dropped back, how it started to create, give more field for Toronto to operate, we looked at that. We evaluated our numbers physically, it wasn't an easy game physically to deal with."

"The other part we need work and we need to improve there, when we have possession in the opponents half we need more clarity on what we need to do in those areas of the field. I think there were a lot of good things in the game even some moments of transition that we just didn't make the right decision, or we give the ball too early, or we could have driven with the ball a little bit more. so there is a lot of things that we evaluate and we feel there is still a lot of things to grow as a team."

The Whitecaps 2-2 Draw
The Whitecaps 2-2 Draw

"On that part of the field sometimes we are in a position to put a cross in the box and we playback, we create superiority on wide areas and they were not decisive enough with the last pass or with the cross, sometimes the two forwards show for the ball when one has to get in behind when the other one show, that's all related to coaching and that's my job." When pressed more on the play in the final 3rd by the squad in the first two matches.

There was also an update given on the status of Erik Godoy and Tosaint Ricketts who are both back training with the squad. Ali Adnan still remains training in Vancouver as he waits on the United States Visa Issues. Leonard Owusu also looked to be back in training on Wednesday.

Ben Righetti 90 Plus Podcast

Vancouver Whitecaps Vs Colorado Rapids

The conversation would change as Marc was asked about his thoughts of the Rapids. "Colorado is an experienced team, Colorado is a team that did well in the games that they played in last season, made the playoffs, they were already dangerous on set pieces last season. Colorado is a dangerous team in transition with the players they have. The 3-1 against Austin is a very tricky result...when we watched the game the result doesn't really reflect everything that happened in the game. But we have a group that is able to forget very quickly about yesterday and focus a lot on the game we have Sunday."

"We haven't played them they haven't played us, we are looking a lot at the details of their team...I think the first 15 minutes of the game are always going to be a little bit more tactical, two teams may be afraid of being more careful to [make] mistakes, but the game is going to settle, the same way that we play another opponent we are going to prepare the game the same way. "

The Rapids Are Next After The Whitecaps 2-2 Draw

On integrating the new players into the lineup, "We are still evaluating when's the best moment for them because they come from far, physically we need to get them to the point that we feel comfortable and feel they could be protected when it comes to the risk of injury. They are still in the process, I like the place they are today."

"Not only us we became better, but everyone in our division became better."

Derek Cornelius Back In Action

Derek Cornelius was back in action on Saturday afternoon in the Whitecaps 2-2 draw against Toronto FC. He spoke to the media Wednesday about getting back in, the new faces on the squad, and more. "Everyone has to be you know 110% every day and that's what you want in a group cause it going to get the best out of each player and then ultimately the Vancouver Whitecaps so you were all working on the field and working to help the team get to the goals we've set."

I asked Derek about the new additions and how it has pushed everyone in training, "The guys have come in and all been team-first guys, good guys both on and off the field and I think that's important in a team dynamic it's 11 guys that's going to get the result, its not one or two guys. And the way that the guys have come in and been very down to earth it's been great for the group, great for the atmosphere."

Whitecaps and Toronto FC round 2
Derek Cornelius Get's Back In Action For The Whitecaps 2-2 Draw (Photo Joshua Griffith)

I also asked him about the conditions the squad has to deal with living away from home in Utah for the first 3 months of the season. "It's different you know, it's definitely not Vancouver. But since last year since Covid really hit we have had to adapt, sometimes a couple of days' notice or a couple of weeks notice, this is the situation...Obviously, we would all rather be at home in Vancouver playing in front of the fans at home. But unfortunately, that's not possible so we are trying our best to make it feel like home."

Derek would go on to talk about what he has seen in the first two games that he has been excited about after the Whitecaps 2-2 draw. "Each game we go on and we are going to go on and fight together. In the game against Toronto, the draw on the road is something but we also felt that we could have definitely come away with all 3 points and that's exciting against a good team in Toronto... We are excited for what's ahead but we know that's a lot of work as well and we are prepared to do that."

The Vancouver Whitecaps And The Sports Talk Line Network

The Vancouver Whitecaps will look to build off their strong start to the season. After a 1-0 win vs the Portland Timbers and then 1 point down in Orlando, the Whitecaps take on the Colorado Rapids. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @JoshuaGriffith0 for the latest news and updates.

Check back to the Sports Talk Line website for Pre-game, post-game, and more. And in case you missed any of the media with head coach Marc Dos Santos check it out below.

Marc Dos Santos Recaps The Whitecaps 2-2 Draw

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