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A Historic 2-1 Victory For Canada vs Mexico In World Cup Qualifying From “Iceteca”

Canada vs. Mexico played to a 2-1 historic result for the Canadian Men’s National Team. A late first-half goal from Cyle Larin gave the home side a 1-0 lead going into the locker room. Thanks to a set-piece goal, they were able to double their lead in the second half. Once again, it was Cyle Larin who would get on the end of things.

In front of an announced attendance of 44,212 at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta, Mexico was able to cut into the lead after a late goal from Hector Herrera in the 90th minute. But a huge save from Milan Borjan at the goal line would seal all three points for Canada vs. Mexico.

Lineups, News, and Notes For Canada Vs. Mexico

Head coach John Herdman would make four changes to the Canadian Lineup that beat Costa Rica 1-0 on Friday night. Milan Borjan would remain in the net for Canada with Alastair Johnston, Doneil Henry, and Kamal Miller at the back in a 3-4-3. Richea Laryea, Stephen Eustáquio, the veteran Atiba Hutchinson, and Sam Adekugbe patrolling the midfield.

Tajon Buchanan, Cyle Larin, and Alphonso Davies would start up top in an attacking role for the Canada Men’s National Team. Many options off the bench for Herdman, with Jonathan David, Lucas Cavallini, and Jonathon Osorio, are all available as substitutions.

Mexico and Gerardo Martino would make 3 changes to the side that fell 2-0 to the United States. Guillermo Ochoa would start in the net and wear the captain’s armband in front of a 5-3-2 (3-5-2) formation.

Néstor Araújo, Julio Dominguez, and Johan Vasquez would play the backline for Mexico from right to left. Jorge Sanchez, Edson Alvarez, Hector Herrera, and Jesús Gallardo are in the midfield. Mexico would look to get an attack from Obelin Pineda, Raul Jiménez, and Hirving Lozano up top.

A Slow 1st Half In The Cold Ends With A Late Canada Goal

Mexico would kick things off to open the 1st half for Canada vs Mexico. Doneil Henry would try to set the tone for Canada with a hard aerial foul on Lozano. He would remain on the cold pitch for several minutes but would be alright to continue.

Mexico would stay on the attack in the opening 5 minutes. A cross was floated into the box but was over everyone and ran out for a Canada throw. Mario Escobar had his whistle out early and often for both sides. Canada would get their first taste of possession, and Mexico would return the favor with their own foul.

Canada turned the ball over as we moved into the 7th minute but won it back and tried to find Buchanan long down the right side. It was too long, and Mexico would take over briefly.

A lousy pass led Canada to take over and work it around the back, looking for space against the Mexican backline. The visiting side stole the ball as the home fans picked up in volume. Henry was called for another foul in the 8th minute, and he got a talking-to from Escobar. No card was shown, as Mexico took over with the free kick.

They would take their time with it before turning it over to Miller down the right side. Canada would try to counterattack, but Mexico was able to get back to the country and disrupt the attempt.

The match moved into the 11th minute as both teams tried to find footing on the cold pitch. A bad pass from Mexico threw Canada down the left side, and Davies and Adekugbe would try and go to work. A cross into the box had gone just out of touch before Adekugbe could cross it in.

Henry would finally see a yellow card in the 13th minute after pulling back Herrera. It was probably 3 or 4 fouls too late, but Canada wouldn’t complain. Canada would give up another cheap foul before winning the ball back and clearing it down to the Mexican keeper.

Hutchinson would win a free-kick for Canada as the score remained 0-0 into the 15th minute. Some nice work from Eustáquio to get to the ball first, and Lozano was forced into a challenge. He was shown a yellow card for his hard tackle.

The teams would trade possession before Canada could slow things down after a foul on Tajon Buchanan. Mexico was pressing high and didn’t leave very much time for the backline of Canada to pick out passes. A long attempt would run out of touch for a Mexico throw.

The turnovers and fouls would continue for both sides as we moved into the 19th minute. Sanchez and Adekugbe would trade fouls before Canada tried to counter. It was played nicely by Mexico as the pass for Laryea from Buchanan was a bit too heavy, and they ran out for a goal kick.

In the 20th minute, Adekugbe was called for a foul on Pineda, and Mexico tried to attack. Jiménez tried to break in but was a step offside, and Canada took over. The home side went on the attack and won the first corner of the match.

Adekugbe crossed the ball into the box, and Vásquez sent it out the back of the box. Davies sent the ball in, and Ochoa was able to punch away the first phase. Canada stayed on the attack, but the ball floated too close, and Ochoa was able to grab it and slow things down.

Canada took control as the first half moved into the 24th minute. Some excellent passing led to a Cyle Larin shot from just outside the box, but it was an easy save for Ochoa. Mexico took control momentarily before Buchanan made an excellent play to win a Canada throw.

Johnston would switch play, and Canada would try down the left side before reversing play and going up the middle to Larin. He was shoved from behind by Domínguez, and Canada had a free-kick. They would waste it, and Mexico would take over control once again.

Mexico would get their first chance in the match as Gallardo beat his man down the left side. His cross was far too close, and Borjan was able to grab it for Canada vs Mexico, much to the dismay of Gerardo Martino.

Canada would win another free kick in the 28th minute after Laryea was taken down. The home side was looking more dangerous, but Mexico’s five at the back was hard to break through. Mexico would counter quickly, and Lozano and Herrera did some excellent work, but Alistair Johnston was able to get a foot in, and Canada was able to clear the box.

Borjan would kill some time in the 30th minute as he went down for treatment. The play would resume, and Canada would turn it over to Mexico. Several crosses into the box but Canada was back and structured defensively.

The cross slowly came to Borjan, who immediately kicked it out of touch. Mexico controlled, and Jimenez won a foul on Johnston. Mexico gave the ball right back to Canada with a foul on Laryea. Both teams struggled to string passes together as the ball went back and forth.

Mexico tried to find Lozano on the run behind the Canadian defenders, but Borjan was quick off his line. Play got going quickly, and Buchanan attacked for Canada down the left side.

Some nice defending by Domínguez would send it out for a corner. Eustáquio would send the ball in, but Jiménez would clear the ball away. A foul by Canada and Herdman would make an early change bringing on Steven Vitória for Henry in the 38th minute. The turnovers would continue for both sides as the match restarted.

With just 5 minutes plus stoppage time left in the 1st half Mexico was happy to play the road game. They would win a throw down the left side in the 42nd minute, and Gallardo would try to pick out a player in the box.

It would go out for another throw, but Canada could clear it to half this time. Buchanan would have a shot from a distance from the top of the box but got under the ball and it would go over the net for a goal kick. Mexico would go back on the attack and win their first corner of the match.

A great run from Jiménez, and his cross was cleared out of touch. Mexico would deliver the cross into the box, but Larin was able to clear it before Canada would give it a free kick. Canada would win a free kick in their half as the 4th official signaled an additional 3 minutes of stoppage time.

Adekugbe would work down the left side and cross the ball into the box, but it was over everyone’s heads. Canada would strike off a turnover out of nowhere. The ball would come to Johnston, who let go of a shot from a distance that handcuffed Ochoa. Cyle Larin was first to the rebound to give Canada the 1-0 lead.

It was an excellent halftime finish for Canada vs. Mexico, as the halftime whistle would go shortly after. The Edmonton fans were on their feet as Canada looked to get to the top of the CONCACAF table.

Canada Vs. Mexico Trade 2nd Half Goals And Fouls For A Crazy 2-1 Finish

Two changes for Gerardo Martino at half, bringing on Roberto Alvarado and Jesus Corona to replace Lozano and Dominguez. Canada kicked things off and would get the first chance of the half.

Buchanan raced down the right side and cut the ball into the box, looking for Davies, but Araújo was able to clear for Mexico. The visiting side got a chance of their own in the 48th minute, but the cross was too close to Borjan, and he was able to grab it.

Mexico moved back in looking for the tying goal, but Vitória was able to step in and clear the danger. Canada gave up a free kick after Laryea was called for a hard foul on Pineda, but the cross was cleared.

Canada would get a brilliant chance to counter, but Buchanan couldn’t find Davis on the apparent 2-1 attack. It was cut short, and Mexico could clear the danger. Davies would come in again in the 50th minute, but Araujo’s nice defense would stop the attack.

At halftime, John Herdman’s message was clear: Keep pressing. Canada would win a free kick and bring players forward.

Stephen Eustáquio would deliver a beautiful ball into the back of the box, and Cyle Larin would get on the end of the 2nd goal of the match just like that, Canada had a huge 2-0 lead in the 52nd minute. It was everything Canada vs Mexico could have hoped for, and the crowd was behind them.

Canada won a free kick as the match entered the 55th minute. Davies sent it long over everyone and out for a Mexico goal kick.

The back-and-forth play would resume as Mexico tried to find its bearings. Canada would defend well and kill more minutes with a throw as Martino looked to make another change.

A turnover from Eustáquio gave the ball back to Mexico as the game moved past the 57th minute. Mexico would get a great chance from a Corona cross. It was flicked on nicely by Alvarado, but Borjan was equal to the task.

Martino made his change in the 59th minute, bringing on Sebastian Córdova for Pineda. Mexico won a free kick in their own end, tried to work it around, and found some channels against the Canadian defense. Canada was strong on the back end, and Adekugbe won it before a long shot came to Borjan.

He would send it forward before the whistle came out from Escobar again. Buchanan would win a foul on Alvarado in the attacking half but the cross was cleared. It looked like Laryea was taken down on the 2nd phase, but Esocabar was right there to wave him up.

Canada would stay on the attack despite the booing from the crowd. Canada vs Mexico would regain possession in their half in the 64th minute. It was quickly turnover over, but neither team could hold onto the ball.

Canada dropped its line with just 25 minutes to go as Herdman looked to make changes. Mexico attacked and crossed it in front of Borjan. The ball ran out the other side, and Corona found Alvarado, but his shot was saved by Borjan. Canada came back on the attack, and Davies was taken down, but nothing came of the challenge.

Mexico would counter and get another shot off from a distance, but Borjan saved it again. Davies would be right, and play would resume with Canada attacking down the left side.

Finally, a foul was called against Canada as Eustáquio shoulder-barged through the back of Córdova. Mexico turned it over, and Buchanan tried to find Davies off to the races. Ochoa had to come off his line to beat Davies to the ball and clear it away. Mexico won a set-piece and moved their players forward; it was cleared away for a corner kick by Larin.

Larin would clear the ensuing corner, but Mexico would attack the 2nd phase. It was delivered nicely, and Larin had to clear the danger again for another Mexico corner kick. It was sent to the front of the box, and a counter-attack was launched against Canada.

Richea Laryea was off to the races before being pulled back by Gallardo. Escobar would have the advantage, but it was a clear yellow card. Herdman would make a change at the 73rd-minute mark bringing on Jonathan David for Larin. Canada would take the free kick, but Mexico was able to clear it initially.

Martino made another change, bringing on Andres Guardado for Alvarez in the 74th minute. Canada won a throw down the left side and tried to extend their 2-0 lead. Laryea couldn’t win it, but Mexico could regroup momentarily before turning it over.

David would win a free-kick, and Canada could take more time off the clock. A sloppy pass and Escobar would give Mexico an advantage. It was a cheap foul, but Canada wasn’t complaining for now, anyway, as Mexico would return on the attack.

An attempted shot from Jiménez from a distance was just over the net, and the score remained 0-0 in the 77th minute. Adekugbe tried down the left side for Canada but got dispossessed and turned the ball over.

Time was running out for Mexico to get something out of the match. Canada was doing a great job of keeping everyone back and trying to counter with David and Davies when they had a chance. Canada would win a throw down the right side but give it back to Mexico in the 80th minute.

Araújo tried a long ball looking for Corona, but it was a bit heavy and out for a Canada throw. Adekugbe threw it to Mexico, worked it back in, and won a corner kick.

Córdova drove it into the box, but Vitória cleared it away. Davies tried to counter, but Mexico got to the ball first and played it back to Ochoa. Mexico tried another floating cross, but Borjan was quicker than the Mexican attackers.

David would do some good work to win Canada a pair of free kicks as the match moved into the 83rd minute.

As the match moved closer to the final whistle, things would slow down to Canada’s liking. After being down on the pitch for some time, David needed to be replaced due to an injury. Canada would win a corner kick down the left side after some great work from Alphonso Davies.

Eustáquio would send the ball, but Mexico cleared it away and moved it down to the halfway line. The visiting side was able to win the ball and streak in on the attack. A cross from Jiménez tested the Canadian Keeper, but he was equal to the task in the 88th minute.

John Herdman would make another two changes replacing Alphonso Davies with a loud ovation and Jonathan David with an injury. Lucas Cavallini and Jonathan Osorio would see the remaining 2 minutes plus stoppage time as Mexico remained in possession.

Mexico responded in the 90th minute with some great work down the right side by Sanchez. He made a nice pass to Corona, who crossed it ideally into Herrera. He could head it past Borjan to cut the lead in half. Canada would get things started and hit the turf to waste time.

Canada vs. Mexico would come down to the final moments as the away side pressed. Corona crossed into the box, and Hutchinson was forced to clear it for a corner. It was a great cross that flicked towards the back post.

It looked like Mexico had tied things up, but Milan Borjan was able to stop it off the line, and Canada was able to scramble and clear. The attack would continue as the added time would tick away. Mexico was back in on the attack, and Corona would get a chance to fire it on the net, but it was blocked. Another change from Cordova, but Borjan was able to stop it and clear it.

Cavallini did some excellent work to win a corner kick for Canada in the final minutes, and they could kill the rest of the match. Things got testy between Cavallini and Araújo as they waited for the play to restart. Araújo took a dirty shot at Cavallini that saw him receive a late yellow card, but it didn’t matter, as referee Escobar blew the final whistle, and Canada held on to the 2-1 win.

The Unnamed Moments Of The Match

Canada wins and vaults itself to the top of the CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying table. The match was a bit more nervous than it needed to be, and we can all thank our sweatpant savior for keeping the match 2-1 for Canada vs. Mexico in the late stages. The match had a bit of everything, as snow and bodies were flying all evening. We even got a CBC Canada Heritage moment.

The Unnamed Save Of The Match

Milan Borjan was busy but had no accurate tests until late in the match. He was “Johnny SweatPants” on the spot and kept the ball off the line late to preserve the 2-1 victory.

The Unnamed Blast From The Past

Everyone remembers these if they grew up in Canada. From a house hippo to important cultural and sporting events. Canadian Heritage Minutes shaped us all! And as a part of our Canadian history, they will continue to do so.

Sports Talk Line And World Cup Qualifying

With the 2-1 Canada vs Mexico victory, the Reds sit atop the table in CONCACAF qualifying with 16 points. Things aren’t done just yet, but Canada does control its fate when it comes to qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar in 2022.

The next World Cup Qualifying window won’t come until the new year. Canada has 6 matches left through 2 windows. They will travel to Honduras before a home match against the United States and finally away at El Salvador to end the first window.

Costa Rica, Jamaica at home, and finishing things with an away date in Panama. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @JoshuaGriffith0 For more news about the Canada Men’s National Team. Check back regularly to the Sports Talk Line website for all the latest from the world of sports.

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