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Who Is Kevontae Ruggs? Henry Ruggs Brother And Age Gap

Henry Ruggs brother, Kevontae Ruggs, is also into football. He was a collegiate athlete at Ole Miss in 2018.

Once a fan-favorite NFL athlete, Henry’s fall from grace has been nothing short of tragic. He is in prison on the charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter.

Key Takeaways:

  • Henry Ruggs III is close with his younger brother, Kevontae Ruggs. They often practiced football together.
  • Kevontae Ruggs stood by his older siblings throughout his trial and sentencing. He also defended Henry on social media.
  • Kevonate Ruggs fought back when people criticized him for supporting Henry.

The former wide receiver reportedly earns $2.5 an hour from prison, a far cry from his NFL annual salary of $4.968 million.

The Las Vegas Raiders offered Ruggs III a four-year contract worth $16.672 million in 2020 and a $9.685 million signing bonus.

Sadly, the athlete’s career was cut short on that fateful night of November 2, 2021. He had a rear-end collision with another vehicle, whose driver, Tina Tintor, and her dog, Max, passed away at the spot.

Henry Ruggs And Kevontae Ruggs Have 14 Months Of Age Gap

Kevontae Ruggs was born on March 2, 2000, to his parents, Nataki Ruggs and Henry Rugs Jr. He is the youngest of four siblings and only fourteen months younger than Henry.

As their age gap is not much, the Ruggs brothers were joined at the hip since childhood. They also played together on the same team, Montgomery City Chiefs.

Henry Ruggs’ brother was ESPN’s four-star prospect as a high schooler. He played as a linebacker at Robert E. Lee High and recorded 92 tackles in his junior year.

After graduation, Kevontae joined Ole Miss and played in 11 games. He finished his freshman year with 16 tackles.

The following year, the linebacker was looking for a scholarship. However, it appears he didn’t receive one and hasn’t played football since.

Still, Kevontae’s passion for football is not gone. He recently tweeted how he wants to return to school and play football again.

Henry Ruggs Brother Defended Him After His Crash

The former Raiders wide receiver’s crash ended his NFL journey. Many people criticized him for his reckless actions online.

Kevontae tweeted about the incident, paying condolences to Tina Tintor’s family with hashtags #PrayersForEveryoneInvolved and #PrayersForHenry.

The young man also shared a picture of him and Henry with a heart and a prayer emoji. Many people criticized Ruggs’s action of supporting his elder brother.

Kevontae was furious and came to his brother’s defense immediately. He tweeted,

Would you say the same about your child, brother, or parent?

I can guarantee yours aren’t perfect either. That’s his 1st mistake in 22 years, how many have you made in life?

From Las Vegas Review-Journal

The fatal car crash led to the lives lost as well as the end of Henry Ruggs’ career. Kevontae also talked about the good deeds of his big brother and shared how he helped him through his seizures.


How Long Is Henry Ruggs Out For?

Henry Ruggs is sentenced to three to ten years at High Desert State Prison. He will only get parole in August 2026.

Will Henry Ruggs Ever Play Again?

The NFL has suspended the former wide receiver indefinitely. It’s unknown if he will ever play again.

Is Kevontae Ruggs Eligible For The NFL Draft?

Kevontae Ruggs is not eligible for the NFL Draft.

Is Kevontae Ruggs Active On Instagram?

Kevontae Ruggs is active on IG with over 1K followers.

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