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Angel Reese Hair Real Or Wig: Deadlock Or Extension

The curiosity surrounding the discussion of whether Angel Reese’s hair is real or a wig has surged online. She, alongside her sophomore standout Flau’jae Johnson, is credited for helping the team secure a top 8 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Angel Reese, known by the nickname “Bayou Barbie,” is a college basketball player for the LSU Tigers.

“Bayou” is often associated with Louisiana, and”Barbie” is commonly associated with being fashionable and stylish.

The basketball player’s unique sense of style on the court brings to mind the glamorous image associated with Barbie dolls.

Reese was considered a five-star recruit, the number two player, and the top wing in the 2020 class by ESPN.

Angel Reese had many options for where to play college basketball. Over 24 big universities, including Maryland, South Carolina, and Louisville, wanted her on their teams.

Key Takeaways

  • Angel Reese was one of the top basketball players in the 2020 class. ESPN ranked her second overall and the top wing player.
  • Angel Reese doesn’t wear a wig and has natural and beautiful hair.
  • Angel Reese’s curly and thick hair comes from her African heritage.

Angel Reese Has Real Hair And Doesn’t Wear A Wig

Angel Reese, the basketball player, is known for her natural hair, which she doesn’t hide with a wig.

She carries pride in her natural hair and uses no artificial wigs. This choice reflects her authenticity and natural style on and off the court.

Angel Reese is well-known for her signature hairstyle, marked by long and thick hair. Her hair has become iconic and is often admired for its volume and natural beauty.

Reese’s hairstyle contributes to her overall presence on and off the basketball court, making her image recognizable.

Many people admire and appreciate her for her stylish, healthy, and luscious hair, which has become a defining feature of her public persona.

Some might mistake Angel Reese’s hair for a wig because it’s beautiful and well-maintained. Her long, thick hair might seem too perfect to be real.

Angel Reese takes good care of her hair, contributing to its healthy appearance. So, while her hair might be desirable, it’s proof of her natural beauty and grooming habits.

While her natural hair is beautiful, adding extensions or dreadlocks allows her to mix things up and show off different looks.

Angel Reese’s Natural Hair Is Inherited From Her African Ancestry

Angel Reese‘s natural hair, which is curly, thick, and beautiful, comes from her family background and she gets it from her African ancestors.

Angel Reese’s natural hair reflects her style and carries cultural value. In many African and African American communities, natural hair is celebrated as a symbol of identity, heritage, and pride.

It’s a way for individuals to connect with their roots. By wearing her natural hair proudly, Angel Reese showcases her unique beauty and celebrates her African ancestry.

In addition to inheriting her beautiful hair from her ancestry, she might also take great care of it to maintain its health and beauty.

Angel might also protect her hair by wearing hairstyles like braids or buns, which help prevent damage. She might also eat a balanced diet contributing to strong and shiny hair.


1. How Much Is Angel Reese’s Net Worth?

As of 2024, Angel Reese’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

2. Is Angel Reese Active On Social Media Platforms?

Angel Reese is active on Instagram with around 2.7M followers and on Facebook with around 235k followers.

3. Where Did Angel Reese Attend School?

Angel Reese attended St. Frances Academy in Baltimore, Maryland, where she played basketball for all four high school years.

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