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OT Kaleb McGary NFL Draft Profile – Washington


Kaleb McGary is a massive human. He is rather athletic for such a big kid and knows how to hold players up and drive them back. He works better in a vertical blocking system or when creating double teams on players.

He loves to man-handle a pass rusher, and the results are incredible when he does land his man. During his three years in the PAC-12, he dominated plays and became a household name in college.

Kaleb McGary has a never-give-up attitude and an incredible football IQ. He rarely looks lost on plays and knows how to let a man through to attack the second coming if needed.


Kaleb McGary has poor foot movement on the line, and his first step is also a little behind. He stands too high at the start of the snap; he needs to be lower to control his movement better. He also has trouble facing sheer speed. He often gets caught on the outside by speed rushers.


Kaleb McGary, #58, playing at RG, holds his man up nicely for the QB to get the pass away.

Pro Comparison:

Josh Kline

Overall Review:

McGary is a great player who everyone will be watching at the Senior Bowl. He has the potential to go to various NFL teams and will be a prize target for any team. He is almost NFL-ready and will command respect when he makes it to the big times.

YouTube Highlights:


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