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Diana Shnaider Parents: Father Maksim And Mother Julia Shnaider

Diana Shnaider, the daughter of Maksim and Julia Shnaider, was born on April 2, 2004, in Zhigulevsk, Russia. She is 20 years old as of 2024.

The Russian tennis protege is making headlines with her exceptional court skills, thanks to her dedication and beloved parents and their unwavering support.

Diana won her first WTA title at the 2024 Thailand Open and defeated three-time champion Venus Williams in the first round of the 2024 Miami Open.

Key Takeaways

  • Diana Shnaider’s father is a law school graduate, and her mother is an English teacher.
  • The Russian professional tennis player has a younger brother who also plays tennis.
  • Her parents and coach suggested considering a change of citizenship after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

She started playing tennis at four and played college tennis for North Carolina State.

Diana amassed a career-high ranking of world No. 60 in singles on October 23, 2023, and No. 135 in doubles on January 29, 2024.

Maksim And Julia Shnaider Are The Proud Parents Of Diana Shnaider

Diana Shnaider’s father, Maksim, is a law school graduate, whereas her mother, Julia Shnaider, is an English teacher.

While growing up she was interested in music and dance. Her parents were looking for something for her to do and they found a big racket with the name of a club while driving through town.

Her mother, Julia, suggested she try tennis, so she went to the practice to see if she liked it.

After practicing for a few days, the arena coach gave her a racket to keep, and she held it everywhere she went. Even during her sleep, she would hold the racket.

Diana grew up in a supportive household. Her father frequently attended tennis tournaments, and her mother and brother watched her play from the sidelines.

Maksim always traveled with Diana when she was a junior. He now accompanies her younger brother, who also plays tennis.

Her father focuses more on his daughter’s career as a pro tennis player, whereas her mother is more worried about Diana’s education.

Diana’s Parents And Coach Suggested Considering A Change Of Citizenship

Maksim and Julia were always concerned about Diana’s safety, especially after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

The sports authorities issued sanctions against Russian athletes, and her mother couldn’t help but feel increasingly uneasy when Diana left home.

Her parents were insecure about her safety and well-being. Diana expressed,

My mom was like, ‘Don’t carry your passport, don’t go outside, don’t speak Russian, just stay in the hotel.’ Because she just didn’t know what people can do.

Diana’s parents even tried to convince her to pursue a change in her citizenship, but she refused.

She spoke about how linking sports with war was wrong and felt sorry for the athletes from her country who could not compete internationally. She said,

We often discuss this (change of citizenship) with our players, but I am against it. I told my parents and the coaches who tried to convince me. As a person, who has played for the national team for so many years, I know that I simply cannot do otherwise. I was taught to be a patriot of the country.”


1. Where does Diana Shnaider live?

The Russian professional tennis player Diana Shnaider lives in Moscow, Russia.

2. What is Diana Shnaider’s estimated net worth?

Diana Shnaider has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2024.

3. Who is Diana Shnaider’s boyfriend?

Diana Shnaider is possibly single and currently focused on her career goals as of 2024.

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