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Is Max Fried Hurt, What Happened To Him? Missed Call And Scandal

Max Fried has been hurt more than once in his MLB career. However, his injuries likely didn’t hurt as much as his missed call in his match against the Phillies.

Major League Baseball’s competitiveness knows no bounds. Fans are even more invested in the game and constantly debate about everything that happened on the field.

On Saturday evening, however, it was not about players’ performance but rather an Umpire’s unacceptable missed call.

Key Takeaways:

  • Max Fried has been injured many times over the years. He also had a Tommy John surgery before his MLB debut.
  • Max Fried’s missed call against Nick Castellanos was the most upsetting moment in the Braves vs. Phillies match.
  • The left-armed pitcher had a fantastic opportunity to make an inning before his supposed missed call.

Max Fried made a perfect pitch that should have been called a strike. However, an umpire’s bad call led him to miss it.

Fans and critics were outraged by such a move, and the internet was abuzz with discussions on MLB’s weaknesses.

Is Max Fried Hurt? Details Of His Injuries

It’s tragic, but sports and injuries go side by side. Athletes try their best not to get hurt on the field, but it’s not always possible.

Max Fried’s MLB career has seen many minor and major injuries over the years. Before his MLB debut, he missed a season and underwent Tommy John surgery.

Max also missed the 2015 season recovering from the surgery. After making it to the MLB, he first had a blister on his finger on July 5, 2018.

It was followed by Fried’s left middle finger blister the next day on July 6. He hurt his hand and suffered another blister in 2019.

The athlete injured his ankle, spine, hamstring, hand, finger, and head in 2020-2022. The 2023 year was also full of injuries.

Fried first spent fifteen days on the injured list after a mild hamstring strain. He then strained his forearm, which kept him out of the game for two months.

Even at the end of the season, the sportsman suffered a blister on his pitching hand and was put on a 15-day injured list.

A Tragic Missed Call: Many Sympathized With Max Fried

The MLB pitcher has had one heck of a baseball career with many highs and lows, including injuries. However, his latest missed big call likely triumphs over his downfalls.

The Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies match was a neck-to-neck competition. The pressure was on Fried, who didn’t have a good outing previously.

After delivering a perfect 2-2 pitch, the pitcher threw a 98 mph fastball against Phillies’ Nick Castellanos. But, to everyone’s surprise, umpire Bruce Dreckman called it ball three.

The inning would have been over if the umpire called the pitch a strike.

Many sympathized with Fried, who is in the final year of his contract with the Braves. It could even be called one of the MLB’s worst missed calls.

This was also not the first time an umpire made an upsetting call in the league. Some sources say MLB umpires have missed over 21K balls and strikes.


How Much Does Max Fried Weight?

Max Fried weighs 190 lbs and stands at 6′ 4″

How Much Does Max Fried Make A Year?

Max Fried signed a year deal with the Braves worth $15 million.

What Type Of Pitches Does Max Fried Throw?

Max Fried throws a four-seam fastball, curve, slider, change, and sinker.

What High School Did Max Fried Attend?

The Braves pitcher attended Montclair College Preparatory School and Harvard-Westlake School.

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