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Lindy Waters III Eye Injury: What Happened To His Eye? Illness And Health 2024

Lindy Waters III, the shooting guard/small forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder, doesn’t have any eye injury, regardless of many fans’ speculation.

Many fans have pointed out that Lindy Waters may have an eye injury visible in his left eye. Nonetheless, it seems like his birthmark, which has been there since his debut.

Key Takeaways

  • Contrary to fan speculation, Lindy Waters III does not have an eye injury.
  • Despite past injuries, including a fracture during college, Waters has bounced back quickly.
  • Recently assigned to the G League’s OKC Blue by the Oklahoma City Thunder, Waters has a chance for more consistent playing time, furthering his growth.

The biggest injury he suffered was the time when he was in college and suffered a fracture.

During his freshman year at Okhalama State, Waters sustained a concussion and a fractured foot that caused him to miss several games.

That season, he played 23 games, averaged 5.7 points per game, and helped the team reach the NCAA Tournament.

Likewise, in his senior season, Waters suffered a facial fracture around his sinus cavity after he was hit in the face, but he bounced back quickly.

His latest injury was a left ankle strain in February 2024. Other than that, he is completely fine and is playing exceptionally well.

The Oklahoma City Thunder has recently assigned Lindy Waters III to the G League’s OKC Blue, a move typical for him as he transitioned from a two-way roster slot to a standard deal earlier in the season.

This shift provides the 26-year-old with an opportunity for consistent playing time.

Waters III, now in his third season with the Thunder, has predominantly operated on two-way contracts, averaging 2.6 points in 31 games.

Notably, during a recent game on March 29th with the Blue, he achieved a double-double, significantly aiding in the team’s victory.

While he continues to move between the NBA and G League, Waters should expect increased playing time with the Blue.

Lindy Waters III Celebrates Culture On and Off the Court

Waters III proudly represents the Kiowa and Cherokee Nations and celebrates his cultural heritage.

He is not just a basketball player but a powerful advocate for Indigenous voices.

Lindy uses his platform to inspire and uplift his community, a responsibility he carries with a sense of empowerment and purpose.

Lindy was immersed in his cultural heritage from a young age. He grew up participating in tribal activities like powwows and stomped dances.

His father, who worked in Native American outreach at the University of Oklahoma, also exposed him to cultural events on campus.

Being one of only seven Native American Division I basketball players, Waters has become a role model in his community.

He understands the significance of this role, recognizing the lack of historical Native American athletes to look up to, and he takes pride in the opportunity to fill that gap.


How Much Does Lindy Waters Get Paid?

Lindy Waters III inked a two-year deal worth $2,963,065 with the Oklahoma City Thunder, with an average yearly salary of $1,481,533. For the 2023-24 season, he is set to earn a base pay of $766,095.

Did Lindy Waters Get Drafted?

After completing four seasons at Oklahoma State University, Waters was not selected in the 2020 NBA Draft. Standing at 6 feet 6 inches tall, he then opted to play for the Enid Outlaws in The Basketball League for half a season before joining the Blue team.

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