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Top 10 NFL Draft Prospects for 2024

The 2024 NFL Draft showcases an intriguing group of quarterbacks featuring prominent figures.

At the forefront is Caleb Williams from USC, who is distinguished as the 2022 Heisman Trophy recipient and a dynamic dual-threat quarterback.

Following Williams is Marvin Harrison Jr. from Ohio State, who had the potential to be the premier pass catcher in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Now, as a draft-eligible junior, he is a prized asset for teams seeking assistance. Below are PFF’s top 10 draft prospects for the 2024 NFL Draft.

10. Taliese Fuaga, Oregon State

  • Age: 22
  • Height: 6’6 Feet
  • Weight: 324 lbs
  • Position: Offensive Tackle (OT)
Source: ESPN

Taliese Fuaga is a top prospect in the 2024 NFL draft due to his exceptional attributes.

With remarkable size, power, and balance, he excels as a correct tackle and could easily transition to the left if required.

In pass protection, his quick footwork and explosive punch disrupt rushers effectively.

He demonstrates awareness against complex defensive schemes and excels in the run game, displaying dominance in removing defenders and creating movement.

Fuaga’s agility surprises, enabling him to execute blocks efficiently. With few weaknesses, his versatility suggests Pro Bowl potential at tackle or guard if needed.

Overall, Fuaga’s skill set marks him as a standout prospect.

9. Terrion Arnold, Alabama

  • Age: 21
  • Height: 6’0 Feet
  • Weight: 169 lbs
  • Position: Cornerback (CB)
Source: ESPN

Terrion Arnold demonstrates fluidity and speed, staying in phase with receivers and anticipating routes effectively.

His impressive ball skills are reflected in his notable production, including interceptions and passes defended.

Additionally, he showcases strong tackling ability, rarely missing tackles in space.

Despite transitioning from safety to cornerback, Arnold’s performance lacks significant criticism, highlighting his potential to become a Pro Bowl-caliber player.

8. Joe Alt, Norte Dame

  • Age: 21
  • Height: 6’7 Feet
  • Weight: 322 lbs
  • Position: Offensive Tackle (OT)
Source: ESPN

Joe Alt effectively handles outside speed and power rushers, showcasing awareness and assistance when needed.

In the run game, he generates movement and finishes blocks aggressively.

While not an elite athlete, Alt’s blend of size, instincts, and youth make him a promising prospect.

With his skills and potential, betting on Alt’s success is a sound choice in the draft.

7. Brock Bowers, Georgia

  • Age: 21
  • Height: 6’4 Feet
  • Weight: 240 lbs
  • Position: Tight End (TE)
Source: ESPN

Brock Bowers possesses elite speed, strength, and playmaking ability.

Bowers’ diverse skill set allows him to line up all over the field, showcasing his sudden release, upper-body strength, and ability to break tackles.

He excels at catching quick passes and screens, transitioning upfield with agility.

His knack for attacking the ball in the air and running through contact resembles elite tight ends like George Kittle.

While he’s effective as a run blocker, he may face challenges against longer-armed edge rushers.

Bowers promises to impact the NFL significantly, reminiscent of Kittle’s success.

6. Jayden Daniels, LSU

  • Age: 23
  • Height: 6’4 Feet
  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Position: Quarterback (QB)
Source: ESPN

Jayden Daniels, blessed with exceptional accuracy, decision-making skills, and speed, exudes poise and comfort in the pocket.

His rhythmic footwork and quick release contribute to his precise throwing motion, showcasing anticipation and touch in his passes.

Daniels adeptly manipulates safeties with his eyes, creating opportunities downfield.

Additionally, his agility allows him to evade pressure effectively, although he needs to improve his self-protection.

With significant improvement in 2023, Daniels presents a high floor and ceiling, marking him an enticing prospect for NFL teams.

5. Drake Maye, North Carolina

  • Age: 21
  • Height: 6’4 Feet
  • Weight: 229 lbs
  • Position: Quarterback (QB)
Source: ESPN

Drake Maye is a top prospect in the 2024 NFL draft due to his size, athleticism, and arm strength.

Despite occasional delivery issues, he displays quick feet and hands and delivers powerful throws even under pressure.

Maye demonstrates versatility in varying throw speeds and exhibits excellent touch on deep passes.

His athleticism allows him to extend plays with his legs and evade tackles effectively.

While his pass protection and decision-making have room for improvement, Maye’s competitiveness and potential as a top-tier starter at quarterback make him an enticing prospect for NFL teams.

4. Malik Nabers, LSU

  • Age: 20
  • Height: 6’0 Feet
  • Weight: 201 lbs
  • Position: Wide Receiver (WR)
Source: ESPN

Malik Nabers’s explosive releases off the line create immediate separation, complemented by precise route running and strong hands.

Nabers fearlessly operates in the middle of the field, adept at securing catches through contact.

While he occasionally lets the ball come into his body, his drop rate remains low.

Notably, he excels in tracking deep balls and showcases exceptional yards-after-catch ability, reminiscent of DJ Moore.

Overall, Nabers’ electric style and resemblance to Moore make him a coveted playmaker with significant potential at the next level.

3. Rome Odunze, Washington

  • Age: 21
  • Height: 6’3 Feet
  • Weight: 216 lbs
  • Position: Wide Receiver (WR)
Source: ESPN

Rome Odunze can excel outside and in the slot with his size, athleticism, and exceptional hands.

Odunze demonstrates polished skills in various aspects of the game, including releases, route running, and ball tracking.

His strength allows him to effectively separate from defenders, especially in traffic, where he showcases remarkable catching ability.

Additionally, he displays impressive after-the-catch skills, making him elusive and challenging to bring down.

With a passionate and energetic style of play, Odunze resembles a complete player akin to Larry Fitzgerald in college.

2. Marvin Harrison Jr., Ohio State

  • Age: 21
  • Height: 6’4 Feet
  • Weight: 205 lbs
  • Position: Wide Receiver (WR)
Source: ESPN

Marvin Harrison Jr. is a top prospect in the 2024 NFL draft due to his impressive size, speed, and production combination.

His physique resembles a power forward, allowing him to play physically and explosively.

Excelling in route running, he swiftly closes the gap with defenders and demonstrates sharp breaks.

Harrison’s ability to track the ball and utilize his large frame for positioning sets him apart.

While he boasts a considerable catch radius, occasional contact drops in traffic have been noted.

Nevertheless, he’s projected as a prototypical No. 1 receiver, primed for immediate success in the NFL.

1. Caleb Williams, USC

  • Age: 22
  • Height: 6’1 Feet
  • Weight: 216 lbs
  • Position: Quarterback(QB)
Source: ESPN

Caleb Williams is average height; he has a robust build and natural throwing ability, delivering accurate, high-velocity passes from various platforms.

His versatility extends to powering the ball into tight windows and finesse throws.

Williams’s agility and speed make him a dynamic runner, often outmaneuvering defenders effortlessly.

However, he faces challenges, including occasional bad habits such as hunting big plays and being loose with the ball.

Despite these areas needing improvement, Williams’s creativity and franchise-altering potential make him a highly sought-after prospect.

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