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Leon Rice Wife Robin Rice Is The Glue That Holds His Family

After a disappointing performance in the First 4, which saw it lose 60-53 to Colorado, Leon Rice’s Boise State moves to 0-10 in the NCAA Tournament.

The most successful coach in Boise State history has caught some heat from dispirited fans, but still, many have shown their support.

Since assuming his role on March 26, 2010, he has won two MWC Coach of the Year awards (2015, 2022) and the MWC tournament (2022).

However, that is not our focus today. In this article, we’ll dig deep into the personal life of the coach.

Key Takeaways

  • Leon Rice has a strong bond with his wife, Robin, with whom he shares 3 kids.
  • Two of his children play under him at Boise State.
  • Having his sons on the team has fostered a family-like atmosphere within the program.

Leon Rice’s Wife Has Been His Support System Since Day One

The head coach is married to his wife, Robin Rice, who is from Springfield, Oregon.

She has been by his side from his early coaching days and supported him through thick and thin.

A spiritual girl who believes in reflection, Robin has tattooed an infinity symbol on her wrist, reminding her of life’s flow.

In addition to loving yoga and nature, she is also a fitness enthusiast who regularly exercises.

Her social media profile is of a typical mom, filled with pictures of her kids since childhood.

Even after being married for many years, the couple is still going strong. Their secret is that they enjoy spending time together.

In 2016, during an interview, he mentioned that together with his wife, he loved watching Oprah’s “SuperSoul Sunday.”

A great pastime for the couple. They also enjoy watching comedies as well as some edgy movies.

Besides basketball and family, coach Leon loves to play with his furry friend.

In fact, if he retired from coaching, he would probably run a doggie daycare or work for the Humane Society.

Sons Following The Footsteps Of Their Father

The couple have raised three sons: Brock, Max, and Kade.

Max Rice is playing for his dad at Boise State and has gained momentum for his progressive gameplay.

He was the 2022-23 All-MW Second Team (Coaches and Media) with all 34 game appearances.

Talking about his personal life, the eldest Rice brother is dating Taylor Graham. The lovely couple have been together for more than two years.

Likewise, son Kade Rice is a 6 foot 4 inches guard currently in his redshirt freshman year at Boise State University.

Before this, he attended Bishop Kelly High School in Boise for three years before transferring to Link Academy in Brandon, Missouri.

The Rices have found an unexpected advantage of having their two sons on the team.

Sometimes, when the coach returns home, he finds Max and Kade enjoying the hot tub with other players.

During the summer, players often gather to swim, hang out, share meals, and build bonds.

According to him, having his sons on the team has made it feel more like a family. Players feel comfortable coming over, which is something special and unique about their team dynamic.

On the other hand, the couple’s third son, Brock, has ventured into marketing and business, even though he played sports in college.

He runs “Webster Media,” a digital marketing and branding company, and has collaborated with Gary Vee.


How Does Rice Brothers Settle Dispute?

When boys have a dispute, they always take it to their mother, Robin. Whether it is a fight during a game between father and son or a minor discussion between the brothers, everyone remembers Mrs. Rice.

Max says, “We both go to her if we’re fighting. I’ll tell her to tell him something. She’s great; honestly she’s perfect about this situation.”

What Is One Unique Rule In Leon Rice’s Home?

One set of rules that the Rice family has set is not to talk about basketball during dinner.

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