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Olympic Swimmer Justin Norris Net Worth 2024: Salary, Career Earnings And Achievement

Justin Norris’s Net Worth must have significantly increased following his success on YouTube. He also likely made a lot as a swimmer.

Only a few athletes can claim to have beaten the legendary swimmer Micahel Phelps. Justin is one of them, and he upset Phelps at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Although Michael was only 15 at that time, he was able to finish fifth with 1:56:50. On the other hand, Justin won a bronze medal with a time of 1:56:17.

Key Takeaways:

  • Justin Norris likely earned considerably as a competitive swimmer back in the day.
  • Thanks to their successful social media ventures, Justin Norris’ family has a massive net worth.
  • The Norris Nuts family has invested in real estate. They often purchase and sell properties and houses.

Norris also represented his home country, Australia, at the 2004 Summer Olympics. He competed in the 200-metre Butterfly, 200-metre Individual Medley, and 400-metre Individual Medley.

At present, the Olympian frequently appears on his kids’ Norris Nuts YouTube channel. He is also active on social media, including Instagram.

Justin Norris’ Net Worth In 2024 Is Impressive Due To His Career Achievements

According to News Castle Herald, The Norris Nuts’ net worth is estimated at $28 million; hence, Justin Norris’ net worth must be similar.

Mr. Norris has had a remarkable career as a swimmer. He trained at the Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra, before being chosen for the 1999 Pan Pacific Championships.

As an Olympian, Justin appeared in two Olympic games, the 2000 Sydney Olympics and the 2004 Summer Olympics.

In addition, the swimmer won a bronze medal at the 2001 FINA World Championships. He again competed in the tournament in 2003 but failed to win a medal.

The 2019 FINA World Championships awarded $2.4 million to athletes, including Caleb Dressel, who earned a stunning $110,000 in prize money.

Likewise, FINA must have paid Justin handsomely when he ranked third in the 2001 tournament.

ZipRecruiter estimates an Olympic swimmer makes $22 per hour. Similarly, an Olympic bronze medalist could earn around $15,000 from the event.

Norris likely had good career earnings during his time as a swimmer. He later opened Justin Norris Swimming Academy, specializing in baby and toddler swimming and stroke development.

The company must have added to the Olympian’s fortune.

Justin Norris Paid Over $15 Million For A Sydney House

As mentioned above, Justin is the father of social media sensation The Norris Nuts. Their YouTube channel has 7.33 million subscribers and makes over 11K monthly.

The Norris Nuts family also earns money through their Instagram and TikTok accounts and from online merchandise sales.

The family’s financial success led them to invest in a six-bedroom and three-bathroom house at North Bondi for $15.2 million.

Before that, Justin and his family brought a double block at Broadbeach Waters for $6.5 million. They later sold the property for $6.42 million in December.

Norris also sold their Newcastle East terrace home for $1.305 million in 2015. In addition, the family bought a four-bedroom house for $4.1 million and a three-bedroom home for over $1.324 million in 2020.


Who Is Justin Norris’ Wife?

Justin Norris is married to a former Junior swimming champion, Brooke Norris Nuts.

What Happened To Justin Norris?

The former competitive swimmer was rumored to have passed away. However, he was only hospitalized in 2023.

What Is Justin Norris’ Height?

Justin Norris stands at 6′ 1″

What Are The Norris Nuts’s Real Names?

The Norris Nuts family includes the couple Justin and Brooke and their children, Sabre, Sockie, Biggy, Naz, Disco, and Charm.

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