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Steven Van Over

Analyst, Editor, Photographer, Writer at SportsTalkLine
Editor, Writer, Podcaster & Photographer for @SportsTalkLine Network. I watch sports, I talk about sports then I write about sports. Catch me on Twitter @StevenVanOver
Steven Van Over

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Edit And Export Your Own Cowboys Depth Chart Published 5/4/2016 in Cowboys NationDepth Chart

The 2016 NFL Draft is over. Free agency is still alive, but it's populated by the homeless versus professionals looking for new locations. Between now and the first game of the season there is only the competition for supremacy on the Cowboys Depth Chart. It's also an exercise best done on a bar napkin or a sensory deprivation tank as it's... read more→

The Panther Way - Another Dangerous Draft Published 5/4/2016 in Pro Football TalkLinePanther

Fresh off a Super Bowl run that few if any predicted the team decided to part ways with All Pro CB Josh Norman. They then (quietly) navigated the rest of free agency and have just finished the 2016 NFL Draft. Most pundits around the blog-o-sphere are grading the team with a resounding "C" for the draft and even lower for free agency. In reality... read more→

Tyron Smith vs J.J. Watt - Decision Redeux Published 5/4/2016 in Cowboys NationTyron Smith vs J.J. Watt

Every year the draft has it's winners and losers. The problem is most "experts" give their grade on each teams draft haul immediately after the event concludes, when in reality it can take up to three years to get an accurate reading on some of these players. In honor of draft weekend, I want to take a look back to the 2011 NFL Draft and answer... read more→

Jaylon Smith Player Profile Published 5/3/2016 in Cowboys NationJaylon Smith

Jaylon Smith. Norte Dame LB extraordinaire. By now you've heard the story. Smith would by all accounts have gone top five in the draft if not for blowing out his ACL, LCL  in the Fiesta Bowl a few short months ago. The injury led to a problem with nerve damage which led to a drop-foot diagnosis. Surgery was performed by the Cowboys team doctor... read more→

Ezekiel Elliott Player Profile Published 5/3/2016 in Cowboys NationEzekiel Elliott

The 2016 NFL Draft is in the books. It was a wild ride. Some team's hopes were dashed. Other team's hopes were boosted.  At the end of the day it's all about how much talent your team team can put on the field come game day. The Dallas Cowboys added some serious talent to that list this past weekend. Time to take an up close look at the newest... read more→

Declining Fifth Year Options - Grading Your Own Draft Published 5/3/2016 in Pro Football TalkLinePlayer Contract

According to the new NFL CBA teams had until yesterday (Monday) to decline fifth year options on first round picks made during the 2013 NFL Draft. With the 2016 Draft barley cold everyone is "grading" their teams effort. In all honesty blindfold darts has a higher success rate than grading drafts the year of their occurance. Other than obvious... read more→

Ezekiel Elliott Playmaker - Cowboys Go Back To The Future Published 5/2/2016 in Cowboys NationEzekiel Elliott

With the fourth pick of the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft the Dallas Cowboys choose .... the past. It's back to the future for the Dallas Cowboys as they pin their "Romo window" Super Bowl aspirations on a young, talented running back. It's not about value, it's about effect. What you say? Running back is a devalued position in the modern... read more→

FB Derek Watt - Melvin Gordon's Hero Published 5/2/2016 in Pro Football TalkLineDerek Watt

In 2015 the San Diego Chargers drafted Wisconsin Big Ten running back Melvin Gordon. Doak Walker Award winner and Heisman finalist. Big time college production. Perfect height and weight to handle rigors of NFL bell cow back workload. 4.5 speed. Explosive broad jump. Total package. In 2015 Melvin Gordon produced 641 yards in 14 games... read more→

Cowboys Add DE, QB And High Upside to Finish Draft Published 4/30/2016 in Cowboys NationRick Gathers

Day three of the 2016 NFL Draft is done and that puts the entire book to bed. What a ride. Let's recap a bit. Day one of the 2016 NFL draft was the first round. Dallas selected blue chip RB Ezekiel Elliott. Day two covered the second and third rounds. In round two the team rolled the dice on inured blue chip talent LB Jaylon Smith. Dallas... read more→

Cowboys 2016 NFL Draft Day 3 Thread Published 4/30/2016 in Cowboys NationNFL Draft

Ezekiel Elliott is a Dallas Cowboy. So is LB Jaylon Smith and DT Maliek Collins. Rounds one - three are in the bag with four more to go. The Dallas Cowboys 2016 NFL Draft Day 3 is HERE! Last year Dallas was lambasted after the draft for not addressing the running back position. That's not an issue this year and there is plenty to discuss.... read more→

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Steven Van Over

Steven Van Over

Analyst, Editor, Photographer, Writer at SportsTalkLine
Editor, Writer, Podcaster & Photographer for @SportsTalkLine Network. I watch sports, I talk about sports then I write about sports. Catch me on Twitter @StevenVanOver
Steven Van Over