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Steven Van Over

Steven Van Over

Analyst, Editor, Photographer, Writer at SportsTalkLine
Editor, Writer, Podcaster & Photographer for @SportsTalkLine Network. I watch sports, I talk about sports then I write about sports. Catch me on Twitter @StevenVanOver
Steven Van Over

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NYG Strengths & Weaknesses - STL Conversation Published 8/29/2016 in Pro Football TalkLineVictor Cruz

SportsTalkLine Conversation - The 2016 NFL Season is down to the last spate of preseason games coming up this Thursday. As the season's opening day looms closer what are the New York Giants strengths and weaknesses for the coming year? SportsTalkLine analyst Tom McAlister fields every question thrown his way with aplomb as he addresses not only... read more→

Romo Injury - End Of An Era? - STL Conversation w/ Rafael Vela Published 8/29/2016 in Cowboys NationTony Romo

SportsTalkLine Conversation - Tony Romo's back is broken and so may his run as the QB1 for the Dallas Cowboys. Ed Note - we have taken the pod down while we attempt to address some sound issues.  Mic on Raf's smart phone having crackles.  We apologize for any inconvenience. The king is dead. Long live the king. Romo will be out 6 or 8... read more→

It's All About Cowboys Offensive Line & Romo's Health Published 8/26/2016 in Cowboys NationCowboys Offensive Line

Week 3 of the NFL Preseason is fully underway and for the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks it's over.  The final tab was Seattle 27 Dallas 17 with story lines a-plenty. One jumps out above all the others however. With Tony Romo healthy and under center the Dallas Cowboys are a playoff team. That being said for those who want Romo to produce... read more→

Ezekiel Elliott Slotted For 8-20 Plays Published 8/25/2016 in Cowboys NationEzekiel Elliott

How many? How Long? How Productive? How Impressive? Welcome to the NFL debut of former Ohio State standout RB Ezekiel Elliott. So many questions and so few answers. Cowboys Nation will have to wait until Zeke leaves the game to find a glimmer of insight. So be it. NFL Network is reporting Zeke is expected to get 8-20 snaps tonight. Healthy,... read more→

NFL Thursday Night Football Rookie Watch Published 8/24/2016 in Pro Football TalkLineNFL Preseason

The third week of NFL Preseason games kicks off tonight. It's no secret what these games are for. You get your team on the same page, find out how old and new veterans are going to perform in that years scheme and (of course) coaches get to look at what happens to rookies when they find themselves in the NFL. It will be "vanilla." That's ok.... read more→

The Real Face Of The NFL Published 8/23/2016 in Pro Football TalkLineDrunk Jim Irsay

The NFL has "officially" set investigative meetings with Clay Mathews, Julius Peppers, Mike Neal and James Harrison in regards to the Al Jazeera accusations according to Albert Breer of It's a sad day for due process and a reminder that journalism is an endangered species as the NFL continues to operate behind a false mask to the... read more→

Cowboys Injury Updates Published 8/22/2016 in Cowboys NationInjury

Every offseason the time eventually comes where the pads come on and the hitting starts. At that exact same moment every training staff in the NFL becomes instantly busier. It's no different this year. The Cowboys entered training camp with quite a few players already getting some serious training table time. There is no door on the training... read more→

Cowboys Playmakers Make Final 53 Decisions Tough Published 8/21/2016 in Cowboys NationShaneil Jenkins

Nine days till the mandatory cut to 75 players on August 30th. Then one final preseason game and four days after that comes the cut to the final 53 and creation of the practice squad on September 3rd. Ed note: you can view Key NFL 2016 Dates by clicking here. The team is currently at 90 members. That means 15 players currently on the squad will... read more→

Dolphins at Cowboys via @RabbleSports - PS Wk2 Game Day Thread Published 8/19/2016 in Cowboys NationCowboys Fans

Direct TV is down for us here in Southern California as of 6:04 PM EST hence we will not be doing the live Rabble broadcast. Direct TV Status But we do still have the game day thread! We will be watching/listening however we can. Comments... read more→

Swing Tackle Chaz Green - Another Look Published 8/19/2016 in Cowboys NationChaz Green

Talking with Rafael Vela the other day and the topic of Dallas Cowboys swing tackle hopeful, Chaz Green and his recent preseason performance came up. Raf agreed that Chaz was "ok" in the first quarter. We also agreed his play for the rest of the day was less than desirable. And there's the rub. Green played the entire game even though he was... read more→

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Steven Van Over

Steven Van Over

Analyst, Editor, Photographer, Writer at SportsTalkLine
Editor, Writer, Podcaster & Photographer for @SportsTalkLine Network. I watch sports, I talk about sports then I write about sports. Catch me on Twitter @StevenVanOver
Steven Van Over