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Ben Grimaldi

Ben Grimaldi

Senior Analyst Cowboys at SportsTalkLine
Writer for CowboysNation.Com. Associate sports producer. Lets talk sports! On Twitter @BenGrimaldi and Podcasting for STL!
Ben Grimaldi

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Cowboys Playing it Smart with Tony Romo Published 3/23/2017 in Cowboys NationJerry Jones and Tony Romo

We are just about a month away from the draft and Tony Romo remains a member of the Dallas Cowboys. Count me among the many who are surprised this situation has dragged itself on well past March 9th. Bravo to the Cowboys for their patience, bravo to management for not making any rash decisions, and heck, bravo to Tony Romo for taking things so... read more→

Cowboys Believe in Jeff Heath Published 3/20/2017 in Cowboys NationJeff Heath

The mass exodus of the Dallas Cowboys’ defense continued over the last few days; the last couple of players to go were cornerbacks Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne. While the Cowboys have replacements and some depth awaiting them at corner, the same cannot be said for the safety position. Two of last year’s major players at safety, Barry... read more→

Ezekiel Elliott Needs to Grow Up Published 3/16/2017 in Cowboys NationEzekiel Elliott

The Dallas Cowboys got themselves a shiny new toy in April last year when Ezekiel Elliott arrived with the fourth overall pick. Elliott’s play on the field was special and he was a big part of the nine win turnaround last season. Few would disagree the rookie runners fit with the Cowboys was far and away the best of any team and player from the... read more→

Cowboys Aren't Panicking and Neither Should You Published 3/14/2017 in Cowboys NationStephen Paea

I tried to warn you, the Dallas Cowboys were not going to be active on any of the big name free agents when 4PM came around last Thursday. Some fans chose not to listen and got upset when the best players were scooped up. We knew Dallas wasn’t going to move quickly and we knew they weren’t going to spend the big-time money it took to acquire... read more→

Cowboys Fans Should Applaud Tony Romo Published 3/9/2017 in Cowboys NationJason Garrett and Tony Romo

The Tony Romo era will officially come to a close, the Dallas Cowboys will be releasing the franchise’s all-time leading passer at some point today. For most fans, it’s a sad day that we never saw coming; think back just over six months ago and no one could have predicted this outcome. For a long time, no Romo meant disaster for the... read more→

Cowboys Need Doug Free to Play in 2017 Published 3/6/2017 in Cowboys NationDoug Free and Tyron Smith

Free agency is set to begin on Thursday and the Dallas Cowboys will likely remain very quiet to begin. While they have been making a plans on how to go about their business this off-season, last week the rumors began to swirl that starting right tackle Doug Free was contemplating retirement. With that news, it could very well have shifted how the... read more→

Players Cowboys May Approach in Free Agency Published 3/2/2017 in Cowboys NationBrandon LaFell

The NFL Combine is just about to kick off and teams are releasing stars of yesterday. Players like Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles and Darrelle Revis are getting ready to hit free agency on March 9th. While some of these guys will be linked to the Dallas Cowboys, let’s remember the team no longer pays for brand name recognition. There are a... read more→

Cowboys Preparing to Disappoint You in Free Agency Published 2/27/2017 in Cowboys NationJerry Jones, Stephen Jones

Ah, March in the NFL. Free agency arrives and fans have the promise of their team signing all the best talent on the open market, which will lead to them winning the Super Bowl next season. Or it at least gives them the hope that it could happen. Then there’s the Dallas Cowboys, who no longer believe that free agency hope springs eternal.... read more→

Cowboys Must Get Something for Tony Romo Published 2/23/2017 in Cowboys NationTony Romo in Huddle

The talk of the NFL right now is all about Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Where will Romo end up and will be released or traded are common questions that people are trying to answer. It’s a hot button topic for the league, but even more so for the Cowboys and their off-season plans. Romo won’t be in Dallas next year, it’s a... read more→

What is the Plan for Cowboys at Wide Receiver? Published 2/20/2017 in Cowboys NationJason Witten and Terrance Wiliams celebrate

As we look at the Dallas Cowboys and free agency, it seems as though we have focused mainly on the decisions that have to be made about the defense. Which safety or cornerback to keep both rank near the top of the list. But there is another position where a decision must be made, wide receiver. Both Terrance Williams and Brice Butler are set to... read more→

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Ben Grimaldi

Ben Grimaldi

Senior Analyst Cowboys at SportsTalkLine
Writer for CowboysNation.Com. Associate sports producer. Lets talk sports! On Twitter @BenGrimaldi and Podcasting for STL!
Ben Grimaldi