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Ben Grimaldi

Ben Grimaldi

Senior Analyst Cowboys at SportsTalkLine
Writer for CowboysNation.Com. Associate sports producer. Lets talk sports! On Twitter @BenGrimaldi and Podcasting for STL!
Ben Grimaldi

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Cowboys Will Survive David Irving Suspension Published 5/25/2017 in Cowboys NationDavid Irving and Benson Mayowa

And another one; the Dallas Cowboys have yet another player who is staring down the barrel of a suspension. This time, it’s David Irving who is apparently headed to a four-week vacation when the team breaks from training camp. Another off-season for Cowboys fans to scream “what the f*%*” while scrolling through the sports news feed. Why?... read more→

Does Dallas Have a Leadership Problem? Published 5/22/2017 in Cowboys NationDan Bailey

The Dallas Cowboys have had an interesting off-season thus far; they allowed some big-time contributors walk out the door, most of the players they signed were their own and saw Doug Free and Tony Romo retire. Instead of playing with free agent dollars, the team continued the trend of drafting replacements for those lost. While this is optimal... read more→

Don't Expect a Dak Decline Published 5/18/2017 in Cowboys NationDak Prescott

The other day we looked at some of the nuances in the schedule for the Dallas Cowboys. While the consensus is that it will be a challenge for the Cowboys to repeat upon their success (record wise), that doesn’t mean the team won’t be good in 2017. That’s not what most people will have you believe though. The popular belief is that these... read more→

2017 Schedule Will Challenge Dallas Cowboys Published 5/15/2017 in Cowboys Nation

Ahhhh, the NFL schedule, something that so many fans look forward to the release of. A few weeks ago I wasn’t able to bring my thoughts on the schedule, but it’s always a fun exercise to look at what the Dallas Cowboys have ahead them in 2017. First things first, trying to count wins and losses when the schedule comes out is an exercise in... read more→

Cowboys' Offensive Line Could Be Better in 2017 Published 5/11/2017 in Cowboys NationOffensive Line

It has been a few days and the biggest news about the Dallas Cowboys remains the same, it revolves around La’el Collins and his best fit on the offensive line. Should he line up at right tackle or left guard when training camp comes around? After all, isn’t that when it will matter for real? The trickle-down effect of Collins playing either... read more→

La'el Collins to Replace Doug Free at Right Tackle? Published 5/8/2017 in Cowboys NationLa'el Collins

The retirement of right tackle Doug Free was a bit of a shock to the Dallas Cowboys. He had another year left on his deal and the team talked about expecting him to return even after Free mentioned he might walk away. The move left the team without a true presence at right tackle and led many to question who would be the man to take over for... read more→

Cowboys Have Earned Your Draft Trust Published 5/5/2017 in Cowboys NationDak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott

I’mmmm baaack…sorry for running out during the NFL Draft, but I couldn’t help when my honeymoon was. As some of you may know the saying, “happy wife, almost happy life.” Anyway, I did pay attention to the Dallas Cowboys and who they drafted last week; while Taco Charlton probably wouldn’t have been my pick at 28, it appeared to be... read more→

Cowboys Need What Position Most in Draft? Published 4/17/2017 in Cowboys NationDallas Defense

The NFL draft is less than two weeks away and the Dallas Cowboys will be on the board with the 28th pick. Whether the team moves the pick or selects at that spot is anyone’s guess, but they will likely be taking a defensive player with their first selection. Who the team takes with that pick is up for debate and there are a few schools of... read more→

Garrett's Relationship with Tony Romo is Perfectly Calculated Published 4/13/2017 in Cowboys NationJason Garrett

What started out as a kooky idea, something downright “embarrassing” as Tony Romo described it, turned into a really fun night for the quarterback, fans of the Dallas Cowboys, and the Dallas Mavericks. Romo suited up for an NBA team, not to play, but to get some closure and a standing ovation. Those were things he never got to experience with... read more→

What's Next in Off-Season for Cowboys Published 4/10/2017 in Cowboys Nation

With the major story-line of the off-season for the Dallas Cowboys over and done with, what can we look forward to now? After all, free agency has slowed to a crawl, and with Tony Romo now gone, there doesn’t seem to be much buzz. That’s where the draft comes into the picture; we are in prime time draft season now and we won’t see much... read more→

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Ben Grimaldi

Ben Grimaldi

Senior Analyst Cowboys at SportsTalkLine
Writer for CowboysNation.Com. Associate sports producer. Lets talk sports! On Twitter @BenGrimaldi and Podcasting for STL!
Ben Grimaldi