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Ben Grimaldi

Ben Grimaldi

Senior Analyst Cowboys at SportsTalkLine
Writer for CowboysNation.Com. Associate sports producer. Lets talk sports! On Twitter @BenGrimaldi and Podcasting for STL!
Ben Grimaldi

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Cowboys Need What Position Most in Draft? Published 4/17/2017 in Cowboys NationDallas Defense

The NFL draft is less than two weeks away and the Dallas Cowboys will be on the board with the 28th pick. Whether the team moves the pick or selects at that spot is anyone’s guess, but they will likely be taking a defensive player with their first selection. Who the team takes with that pick is up for debate and there are a few schools of... read more→

Garrett's Relationship with Tony Romo is Perfectly Calculated Published 4/13/2017 in Cowboys NationJason Garrett

What started out as a kooky idea, something downright “embarrassing” as Tony Romo described it, turned into a really fun night for the quarterback, fans of the Dallas Cowboys, and the Dallas Mavericks. Romo suited up for an NBA team, not to play, but to get some closure and a standing ovation. Those were things he never got to experience with... read more→

What's Next in Off-Season for Cowboys Published 4/10/2017 in Cowboys Nation

With the major story-line of the off-season for the Dallas Cowboys over and done with, what can we look forward to now? After all, free agency has slowed to a crawl, and with Tony Romo now gone, there doesn’t seem to be much buzz. That’s where the draft comes into the picture; we are in prime time draft season now and we won’t see much... read more→

Telling The Whole Story About Tony Romo Published 4/6/2017 in Cowboys NationJason Garrett and Tony Romo

The Tony Romo saga is done; at least for now. Although he left the door a smidge open, it appears as though Romo will no longer play football, instead he will now talk about it for a living. To tie a bow on everything, there is no need to rehash the Romo statistics or everything else you can easily find online. Instead, here are just a few of... read more→

Cowboys' Defense Isn't As Bad As You Think Published 4/4/2017 in Cowboys NationByron Jones and Jeff Heath

The Dallas Cowboys need help on defense, at least that’s what everyone who’s watched the team over the past few seasons believes. According to most (OK, everybody), the Cowboys are just a defense away from the Super Bowl. Or are they? Dallas will tell anyone who will listen the current pieces aren’t that bad and hitting on the right... read more→

Cowboys' Off-season Plan Continues Published 3/30/2017 in Cowboys NationRod Marinelli

The Dallas Cowboys are heading into an off-season coming off a 13-3 year, an impressive feat for a group that wasn’t predicted to do much heading into 2016. Those types of years are pretty rare, save for a team that plays in New England. While it was a fun ride, the Cowboys didn’t get where they wanted to go, the Super Bowl. The offense was... read more→

Cowboys Playing it Smart with Tony Romo Published 3/23/2017 in Cowboys NationJerry Jones and Tony Romo

We are just about a month away from the draft and Tony Romo remains a member of the Dallas Cowboys. Count me among the many who are surprised this situation has dragged itself on well past March 9th. Bravo to the Cowboys for their patience, bravo to management for not making any rash decisions, and heck, bravo to Tony Romo for taking things so... read more→

Cowboys Believe in Jeff Heath Published 3/20/2017 in Cowboys NationJeff Heath

The mass exodus of the Dallas Cowboys’ defense continued over the last few days; the last couple of players to go were cornerbacks Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne. While the Cowboys have replacements and some depth awaiting them at corner, the same cannot be said for the safety position. Two of last year’s major players at safety, Barry... read more→

Ezekiel Elliott Needs to Grow Up Published 3/16/2017 in Cowboys NationEzekiel Elliott

The Dallas Cowboys got themselves a shiny new toy in April last year when Ezekiel Elliott arrived with the fourth overall pick. Elliott’s play on the field was special and he was a big part of the nine win turnaround last season. Few would disagree the rookie runners fit with the Cowboys was far and away the best of any team and player from the... read more→

Cowboys Aren't Panicking and Neither Should You Published 3/14/2017 in Cowboys NationStephen Paea

I tried to warn you, the Dallas Cowboys were not going to be active on any of the big name free agents when 4PM came around last Thursday. Some fans chose not to listen and got upset when the best players were scooped up. We knew Dallas wasn’t going to move quickly and we knew they weren’t going to spend the big-time money it took to acquire... read more→

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Ben Grimaldi

Ben Grimaldi

Senior Analyst Cowboys at SportsTalkLine
Writer for CowboysNation.Com. Associate sports producer. Lets talk sports! On Twitter @BenGrimaldi and Podcasting for STL!
Ben Grimaldi