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Fiorentina General Director Joe Barone Net Worth 2024: Salary And Career Earning

Sad news for soccer fans. Fiorentina General Director Joe Barone has passed away from cardiac arrest at 57.

While fans’ eyes are glued to players engaged in the field, many people work behind the scenes to ensure that matches go smoothly.

For the Italian soccer club Fiorentina, that guy was Joe Barone. He played a key role in the club’s leadership alongside Fiorentina president Rocco Commisso.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Barone’s salary must have been in the millions.
  • Joe Barone shared four children with his wife.
  • Joe Barone is a granddad to his grandson.

However, before Fiorentina’s big match against Atalanta, the general director suddenly fell ill and was rushed to a hospital in Milan, Italy.

It also led to the club’s Serie A match being postponed postponed. While his loved ones and club members were waiting for his speedy recovery, devastating news came instead.

Joe Barone succumbed to cardiac arrest and is no more.

Part Of 100 Million+ Soccer Franchise: Joe Barone Likely Had Millions Worth Net Worth

Fiorentina has always been one of the top Italian football clubs. Founded 97 years ago, the team is now in the hands of owner Rocco Commisso.

Joe worked closely with Rocco as the franchise’s general director before his demise. Before that, he must have held similar positions in other clubs or organizations.

Considering his years-long career, many must be wondering about Barone’s fortune. How much did he earn in his career?

Well, as per some sites, Joe Barone’s net worth is $1.5 million. However, this is not verified, and the chances are he had more fortune than that.

According to ZipRecruiter, a soccer director typically earns between $33K and $106K on average. The salary could increase depending on the club and the person’s qualifications.

Joe worked in Fiorentina’s business, media, and fan relationships. He was also a trusted advisor to the owner, Rocco Commisso.

Hence, Joe Barone’s salary was likely in millions from the club. He must have also received additional commissions or bonuses.

Joe Barone Enjoyed A Comfortable Life With His Family

The Fiorentina general director was a respected figure in the club and the league. Beyond his tough persona, he was a family man who prioritized his spouse and children.

Joe was happily married to his partner, Camilla DeMarco Barone. She was a supportive wife who was always there for her husband through his highs and lows.

The pair welcomed four children, Pietro Barone, Salvatore Barone, Giuseppe Barone, and Gabriella Barone.

Among them, Pietro Barone is happily married to Justine Barone. The couple also welcomed a son, Giuseppe Tommaso Barone, in April 2023.

On the other hand, Joe Barone’s son, Giuseppe Alessandro Barone, is a professional soccer player who has played for Brooklyn Italians, New York Cosmos B, Preugia, and more.

Salvatore is also a professional soccer athlete for New Amsterdam Football Club. Finally, Joe Barone’s daughter is a pilates instructor and medical speech pathologist.

The Fiorentina General director often posted photos with his family on social media. He shared updates about their family gatherings, vacations, and important events.


How Old Was Joe Barone When He Passed Away?

Joe Barone tragically passed away at 57 from a heart attack.

Who Were Joe Barone’s Parents?

Joe Barone never shared about his parents in the media.

Where Is Joe Barone’s House?

Joe Barone lived in Florence with his wife, Camilla, and their kids.

When Is Joe Barone’s Funeral?

Joe Barone’s coffin will be held at Viola Park before the funeral.

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