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Jamison Battle Parents Terrell Battle And Darcy Goede

For Ohio Buckeyes forward Jamison Battle, basketball is not just a sport; it is his passion and years of hard work. The same game could be his ticket to the NBA in the future.

Jamison has seen everything there is about basketball; however, he strives to improve more and become the best in the division.

The young athlete is currently in his fifth year at the Ohio State University. He is one of their best three-point shooters and second-leading scorer.

Key Takeaways

  • Jamison Battle had a stepmother.
  • Jamison Battle’s sibling is also into basketball.
  • Jamison Battle is an all-rounder with many hobbies.

Battle previously played for the George Washington Revolutionaries and Minnesota Golden Gophers.

He has won several honors, including being named to the 2021 Third-Team All-Atlantic 10 and 2020 All-Rookie Team.

Jamison Battle’s Parents Are No Longer Together: Father Terrell Remarried

The Buckeyes forward player Jamison’s family has always had his back. Primarily, his dad is there to watch his every move and guide him in the right direction.

Jamison Battle’s father, Terrell Battle, is a former collegiate athlete who played under the coach Clarence Gaines. He competed alongside teammate Stephen Smith, an NBA analyst.

During Jamison’s time with the Minnesota Gophers, he moved to Minneapolis and stayed with his dad. The latter attended his practice sessions and matches.

Moreover, Jamison Battle’s parents are no longer together. Terrell remarried Stephanie Battle and welcomed a daughter, Amaya Battle.

Sadly, Stephanie passed away on October 26, 2021. She was close with the athlete and helped him with his diet.

Jamison Battle’s sister is also a basketball player and lead guard for the Minnesota Golden Gophers women’s team.

Amaya joined the university in the 2022-23 season and played thirty games for the team. She finished the season scoring 9.0 points, 1.1 steals per game, 4.4 assists, and 5.9 rebounds.

Amaya proudly shared how Jamison helps and supports her and how she can always rely on him to protect her.

From Saxophonist To Basketball Athlete: Jamison Battle’s Story Growing Up With A Single Mother

Not many know, but Jamison is a fantastic saxophone player. He fell in love with the instrument at first sight.

The sportsman’s love for music is credited to his mom, Darcy Goede. She aspired to make Battle well-rounded and gave him piano lessons when he was young.

Under his mom’s nurturing, Jamison pursued many hobbies, including European soccer, golf, and video games.

Jamison Battle Mother
Jamison Battle’s mother urged him to try different sports and activities. (Source: Star Tribune)

Darcy is her son’s biggest supporter. As a single mom, she faced many struggles financially, physically, and emotionally to raise her child.

Ms. Goede traveled far and long for Jamison’s training sessions, practices, and matches. But she was not tired and always wished for him to succeed.

When Battle transferred from George Washington to Minnesota, he faced massive criticism online. Darcy stood by her son’s side through it all and shared her input in an interview.

She quoted,

As a parent, you have to stay off of social media because they just attack your kid left and right, regardless if you’re doing well or if you’re not doing well.

And then they don’t know him personally, what he goes through. 

From Jump Around Report

Jamison is lucky to have such loving parents who are there for him no matter what.


Is Jamison Battle Eligible For the NBA Draft?

Jamison Battle is entering the 2024 NBA Draft.

What Is Jamison Battle’s Height And Weight?

Jamison Battle stands at 6′ 7″ and weighs 220 lbs.

What Is Jamison Battle’s Ethnicity?

Jamison Battle is of mixed ethnicity, with his dad being African American.

Is Jamison Battle Dating Anyone?

Jamison Battle doesn’t appear to be in a relationship as of this writing.

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