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Nate Wiggins Brother: Is He Related To Nick Wiggins? Relationship And Family

Nate Wiggins has entered the 2024 NFL Draft and is all set to make his pro football dream come true.

During the NFL combine, he had impressive performances in a 4.28-yard dash, 1.59 10-yard split, and 36″ vertical jump, which gives more assurance for his future.

With his name constantly in the news, many football fans wonder whether he is connected to Nick Wiggins.

Key Takeaways

  • Nate Wiggins is unrelated to Nick Wiggins, as his family consists of two sisters and no brothers.
  • He was raised by his mother, Tamika Lucas, and stepfather, Chad Baker.
  • Nate credits Tamika for his success and expresses his ambition to support her by purchasing a new home.

Nate Wiggins Brother: Is He Related To Nick Wiggins?

The answer is no! Nate Wiggins doesn’t share any relationship with Nick Wiggins, even though they have the same surname.

In fact, one of the fastest college cornerbacks, Nate, doesn’t have a brother at all.

Clemson’s pride Wiggins has two siblings, both sisters.

His eldest sister, Tanesha Wiggins (Shadie), is 30 years old and now the mother of two daughters, Nyla and Nova.

Similarly, she is an ASU alumnus and a stay-at-home mother who is busy taking care of her kids.

Likewise, another sister is the 23-year-old Jonae Wiggins, who runs a catering business.

In addition, he has an uncle named Nathan Wiggins, who has a daughter, Anyiah, with his wife, Sharon Melvin-Wiggins.

On the other hand, Nick Wiggins is a Canadian basketball player who has five siblings.

He has two brothers, Mitchell and Andrew, and three sisters, Stephanie, Angelica, and Taya.

Andrew was the first overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft and currently plays for the Golden State Warriors.

Similarly, his older brother, Mitchell Jr., has played basketball at Hillsborough Community College and Southeastern University.

Nate Wiggins’ Parents Are His Biggest Inspiration

Nate Wiggins was born to his parents, mother, Tamika Lucas and father Jonathan Wiggins.

They were separated when he was a child, and his mom raised him alongside two siblings.

Sadly, his dad passed away in December 2022 due to undisclosed sickness.

Tamika has moved on in her life and is currently married to Chad Baker after dating for 13 years.

They were engaged in 2020 and exchanged their vows on September 26, 2021. Stepdad Chad had no kids but cared for Tamika’s three children like his own.

The NFL prospect started playing football when he was just 4 years old because his mother encouraged him, and she has been his most influential mentor ever since.

Nathaniel believes his mother is his biggest source of inspiration because she attends all his games, practices, and meetings.

Moreover, she never lets him give up; she keeps him on track and ensures he keeps getting better.

Wiggins also emphasizes his commitment to his family.

“I just want to get my momma a new house,” he said, expressing his ambition to one day play professional football, which is extremely close.


Does Nate Wiggins Have A Foundation?

He is the founder of Wiggs Worldwide Foundation, a charitable organization that aims to improve the lives of young people by supporting underprivileged communities. The foundation builds a better future by supporting local organizations and through mentorship.

What High School Did Nate Wiggins Go To?

Initially, Wiggins went to Grady High School in Atlanta but later moved to Westlake High School for his final year. There, he was chosen to participate in the 2021 All-American Bowl.

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