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What Happened To Bill Walton, Is He Sick? Illness And Health

Former NBA player and now a sportscaster Bill Walton recently missed the final of Pac-12 men’s basketball season. The reason for him not attending the important match was said to be his health issues.

Following the Saturday night when the USC Trojans upset the Arizona Wildcats with the final point on the table of 78-65, fans missed the commentary of a fantastic sportscaster.

Key Takeaways

  • Bill missed the end game of the Pac-12 men’s basketball regular season.
  • Fans were linking his absence at the court to his past health issues for not attending the broadcasting table.
  • His next broadcasting is scheduled for 25 March.

Bill Walton also known by his full name of William Theodore Walton III was a former professional basketball and now is a full time sports caster.

He also led his college basketball team to win three consecutive final wins in 1972, 1973, and 1988.

Besides that after being first overall pick in the 1974 NBA draft he led his team Portland Trail Blazers to win 1977 NBA championship. There he also was awarded with the Finals Most Valuable Player.

Then in 1987 he retired with No 32 from Portland Trail Blazers.

Fans Wonder What Happened To Bill Walton As He Missed The Game

Awful Announcing confirmed the official news of Bill Walton dealing with health issues.

Bill missed the end game of Pac-12 men’s basketball regular season game, which was on Saturday night.

The game was to be broadcasted by two renowned faces Dave Pasch and Bill Walton.

But Dave was not alongside his longtime partner this time. He sat next to Sean Farnham and broadcasted the game.

Bill was associate with basketball over several decade and it didn’t seemed to be a proper close out of the conference with the voice that has made views good.

Also most of the people presented inside the court were itching their head as Bill was not present in the end game.

Likewise, his absence on several scheduled appearances, stretches back to mid-February was also due to his health issues.

Where Is Bill Walton Now As His Admirers Missed Him On The Courtside

Not only the final game missed the voice of Bill Walton his most of the admirers were afraid not seeing him on the court.

Most of his fans know he missed his three whole season due to his several injuries while he was on NBA.

And now fans wonder if he has been facing some kind of serious illness which made him not present on the most important game of the season.

Sean Keeley also wrote that,

awful announcing has learned that walton was unable to call the game due to health issues. those health issues have also been the cause of his absence from several scheduled appearances dating back to mid february as well. esp declined to comment and efforts to seek a comment from walton were unsuccessful.

Moreover, his next broadcast is scheduled for 25 March when Loss Angeles Clippers will face off against Indiana Pacers.

But it is still not sure if he will be present on the day or not as his health news is yet to be updated by him or his family.

Let’s hope that the former NBA basketball player will be fully recovered from his ongoing health issues and will be present with the same energy while broadcasting the game.


Why did Bill Walton missed his three seasons on the NBA?

Bill Walten dogges his three season due to his severe foot injuries which also made him to start his broadcasting career in late 2000s.

What disability did Bill Walton have?

While Bill was on his college days he was facing severe stuttering where he could not speak fluently till 28 years old and recovered from it.

What Degree Does Bill Walton Have?

Bill Walton has graduated with honors with B.A. in history

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