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Luton Town Fc: Who Is Ron Baynham Wife Thelma M. Goodby? Meet His Partner Dee And Kids

Ron Baynham’s wife, Thelma M. Goodby, married him when he was just three. The Luton Town goalkeeper was the oldest living England International footballer, passing away at 94.

Ron Baynham was born on June 10, 1929, in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He spent most of his football career with England’s Luton Town football club.

He had played three times for England’s National Team throughout his career.

Baynham started playing as a goalkeeper during a spell in the army on National Service. But, he declined a trial with Wolverhampton Wanderer’s son after thinking he was not good enough.

Later, after starring at Worcester City, he felt confident and moved to Luton Town. He played with Bernard Streten for the number-one shirt for around four years but became Luton Town’s regular goalkeeper by 1955.

In May 1959, Ron played in the FA Cup Final from Luton Town F.C., which they lost 2-1 against Nottingham Forest. He describes that loss as the biggest disappointment of his entire career.

In 1960, he suffered a skull fracture while playing a match against Sheffield United but resumed the play soon.

Ron took his retirement at the age of 35. Later, in 1965, he returned to a reserve game despite his injury.

Altogether, Ron Baynham made 434 appearances in all competitions for Luton Town F.C.

Born in Birmingham, Ron also fell in love with cricket as a child. But, he chose to pursue a football career.

Key Takeaways

  • In 1932, Ron Baynham married his wife, Thelma M. Goodby, in Birmingham.
  • The football player Ron shared two children, a daughter, and a son, with his wife, Thelma.
  • The renowned soccer player Baynham’s partner Dee is still alive.

Ron Baynham Wife Thelma M. Goodby Shared Two Children With Him

Ron Baynham wife Thelma M. Gooby is the mother of his two children. She had tied the knot with him at a young age, i.e., when he was only three.

It would indeed sound quite unusual to hear about someone marrying at the age of three. However, according to the given information on the site, Ron had tied the knot at 3.

The couple had walked down the aisle in Birmingham over 90 years ago, in 1932.

The pair was blessed with their first child, son Graham R., in 1956. Later, in 1958, they welcomed their second child, daughter Karen J.

However, the late football player had not revealed other precise details besides the name of Baynham’s wife and children.

Ron Baynham with wife Thelma and children Graham and Karen.

As of 2024, his elder son Graham R. is 68, whereas his daughter Karen J. is 66.

Given his prominence as a celebrated football player, Ron might have provided his children and wife with a sound and sophisticated life.

His wife had supported him in every difficult time in his personal and professional life.

Ron Baynham Partner Dee Outlived Him

As mentioned in one of the posts by The US Sun, Baynham’s partner Dee outlived him.

The surviving partner of the English football player has become a trending concern among his fans following his demise.

It appears Ron had shared his life with Dee after ending his married life with Thelma M. Goodby.

Dee was with a professional football player in his old age. She was a faithful pillar of support, offering him unwavering companionship and care.

Although Dee and Ron’s relationship is not explicitly known, they must’ve cared deeply for each other.

Ron Baynham at an early age. (Source: The Sun)

Unfortunately, little to no details about Dee are currently available online.

Moreover, Ron hadn’t been approachable across social media handles, which makes it challenging to find details about his close ones.


1. When Did Ron Baynham Receive 3 Caps?

In 1955, Ron Baynham received three caps for England after winning a match against Denmark, Northern Ireland, and Spain.

2. When Did Ron Baynham Pass Away?

Ron’s former football club, Luton Town, announced his passing on March 18, 2024.

3. Did Ron Baynham Work As A painter?

Yes, a former Luton Town goalkeeper has worked as a painter and decorator at Luton Airport.

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