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Zach Edey Brother Doug Edey Is Following In His Footsteps

You might know him as the tallest Purdue athlete with massive potential in the NCAA. While Zach’s impressive 7′ 4″ height makes him a standout, his athletic prowess answers why he is the best on the court.

A legend in the making, Zach plays as the center for Purdue’s men’s basketball team. He has had back-to-back success since joining the team.

The young gun won six National Player of the Year Awards in 2023. He was the finalist for the Best Male College Athlete ESPY Award.

Edey was also part of the Canadian National Team and represented his home country in several tournaments, including the 2021 FIBA Under-19 Basketball World Cup.

Key Takeaways

  • Zach Edey’s brother is a basketball athlete.
  • Zach Edey’s mother wanted to become a professional basketball player.
  • Zach Edey was initially an ice hockey player.

A Shared Basketball Passion: Zach Edey Inspires His Brother Doug Edey

Older siblings are often role models to their juniors; Zach is no exception. He has inspired many young athletes, including his brother, Doug Edey.

Doug is making his name as a basketball athlete at Leaside High School. Zach also studied in the same school as a sophomore.

Unlike the athlete whose life story from his ice hockey beginnings to basketball transition is well-documented, his sibling prefers a private lifestyle.

Zach Edey Brother
Zach Edey has a younger brother named Doug Edey. (Source: Purdue Sports)

Zach Edey’s brother is rarely seen on social media or in interviews, and his athletic career is rarely discussed.

Nonetheless, Doug’s support for his elder sibling is well-known. He is a big fan of Zach and attends his matches with their parents.

Although Doug Edey’s basketball stats and accomplishments are not disclosed, he has likely succeeded as an athlete.

The Edey siblings likely play and practice basketball together in their free time. It could be a perfect bonding opportunity for the boys.

Zach Edey Is Making His Mom’s Basketball Dreams Come True

The Purdue athlete came from a basketball background. His dad, Glen Edey, played baseball, hockey, and basketball growing up.

After retiring from playing, Glen switched to working behind the scenes. He now serves as an assistant coach for a baseball team.

On the other hand, Zach Edey’s mother comes from a humble background, as one of five kids in a Chinese household. She was a hard worker from a young age.

Although Julia Edey pursued a career in mechanical engineering, her true passion was basketball. She tried for the Canadian junior national team but couldn’t play professionally.

Zach Edey Parents
Zach Edey’s parents are former basketball players. (Source: Purdue Sports)

Then came Zach, who made Julia’s basketball dreams come true. He switched from ice hockey to basketball and climbed up the ranks to become one of the best in the NCAA.

The athlete made a deal with his mom that she would take early retirement if he earned a D1 scholarship.

He did, and now Julie attends his and his brother Doug’s matches and cheers for their victories.


What Is Zach Edey’s Shoe Size?

Zach Edey’s sneakers’ size is 20, nearly twice the adult man’s shoe size.

Does Zach Edey Have A Girlfriend?

Zach Edey appears to be single, as of this writing.

What Is Zach Edey’s Ranking On The 2024 Draft?

Zach Edey is ranked 33rd on CBS’ NBA Draft Prospect rankings.

Will Zach Edey Be A First-Round Pick?

Amidst several speculations, Zach Edey’s chances of being a first-round pick are low.

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