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Jonathan Isaac Twitter Comments And Scandal: What Did He Do?

NBA star Jonathan Isaac blasted President Joe Biden on X. His Twitter post criticizing Biden’s latest Transgender Day of Visibility declaration has been retweeted over 1.4K times.

When we talk about Isaac, we discuss his nearly decade-long basketball legacy.

A champ in the making, Jonathan stood out as an athlete during his school days before making his NBA debut with the Orlando Magic.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jonathan Isaac shared his input on Joe Biden’s declaration of Transgender Holiday on Easter Day.
  • Jonathan Isaac tweeted for the second time, backing out from his original statement against the White House.
  • Joe Biden’s declaration of Transgender Day Of Visibility sparked outrage from many politicians, including his presidential candidacy opponent, Donald Trump.

Since getting drafted in 2017, the athlete has continuously improved his gameplay. Sadly, his career has been obstructed by various injuries, including a torn left adductor muscle in 2023.

The small forward also competed for the Lakeland Magic in 2018 and 2023. He has penned a book, Why I Stand, sharing how his Christian faith helped him overcome hardships.

Jonathan Isaac’s Twitter Post Criticized President Joe Biden

The basketball player has always been vocal about his religion and faith. He is a devout Christian and the Republican Party’s Christian conservative member.

So, when US President Joe Biden declared March 31, 2024, aka Easter Day, as Transgender Day of Visibility, Isaac immediately shared his opinion.

The basketball pro tweeted that Biden’s declaration has helped no one and only promoted division.

Although this declaration is infuriating, Jonathan asked people to focus on the celebration instead of losing their Easter spirit.

Many public figures criticized Biden’s declaration on social media. Donald Trump demanded the current president issue an apology for the blasphemous Trans Visibility Day on Easter Sunday.

His National Press Secretary, Karoline Leavitt, also asked the White House to apologize to the millions of Catholics and Christians.

Jonathan Isaac Retreated From His Original Twitter Comments

Amidst Trump supporters demanding President Biden’s apology and the ongoing heated online discussions, Jonathan tweeted another comment.

Unlike the previous tweet, where he shared that the White House attacked Easter Day by declaring it a Transgender Holiday, Isaac acknowledged the US president’s past attempts to acknowledge the Transgender holiday on the same date.

The White House declared March 31 Transgender Day of Visibility last year as well. So, Isaac retracted his original statement about Biden intentionally antagonizing Christians with his announcement.

The Orlando Magic forward also humorously ended his short tweet by calling it a good-faith retraction and sharing how he would not delete his previous post.

Instead of deleting the tweet like it never happened this is my good faith retraction lol. The message is the same. Keep focused on what Resurrection Sunday Is all about. 

From Jonathan Judah Isaac Twitter

All’s well that ends well. Fans have taken Jonathan Isaac’s Twitter comments positively.


How Much Does Jonathan Isaac Weight?

Jonathan Isaac weighs 230 lbs and stands at 6′ 10″

How Much Does Jonathan Isaac Make A Year?

Jonathan Isaac’s salary for the 2023-24 season is $17,400,000. He has signed a four-year contract worth $69,600 with the Orlando Magic.

Did Jonathan Isaac Get Surgery?

The small forward underwent surgery to repair his left adductor muscle, which kept him out of most of the 2022-23 season.

Who Is Jonathan Isaac’s Wife?

Jonathan Isaac is married to his longtime partner, Takita Isaac. The pair share a daughter.

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