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Cameron Sutton Siblings: Brother, Sister And Family Details

Cameron Sutton, the former Lions Cornerback, created shockwaves on the internet after he turned himself in for domestic turbulence. The case is pulling attention to who his siblings are and whether they were the victims.

Despite his successful career as a professional footballer, the Detroit Lions boycotted Sutton on March 21 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Most likely, Cameron Sutton is a single child and doesn’t have any siblings.
  • His parents worked in the Health Industry and were not aligned with his athletic potential. Despite that, they supported him in his goal to become a professional footballer.
  • Cameron is a father of two adorable daughters and a handsome son.
  • Information on their mother remains a mystery he has chosen to keep hidden.

The charges against him were issued on March 7, yet he refused to drop any comments regarding the case and remained silent.

However, after two weeks, he finally broke the silence and turned himself into the Florida Sheriff’s Office.

As the news surfaced, fans worldwide showed mixed reactions. Most criticized the footballer for being involved in the inhumane act, while very few emphasized him and showed support.

Amid all this, concerns have arisen about whether Cameron Sutton’s siblings were victimized in the incident. Stay tuned for the details.

Cameron Sutton Siblings: Does He Have Brother And Sister?

To answer whether his siblings were the victims of the case, he may not have siblings; thus, there is no way that they were the victims.

Moreover, sources have mentioned that a woman was the victim, whose identity is yet to be revealed.

There is no information on the internet regarding his siblings, hinting that he was a single child and didn’t have a familial connection with anyone he could call his siblings.

Additionally, Sutton prefers to post photos of his family and personal life on social media platforms like Instagram, depicting that he loves to share his life updates with his fan following.

He posts happy pictures of his kids on his Instagram handle, depicting his social butterfly nature.

Based on this, as there are no photos of his siblings on his Instagram, it shows that he doesn’t have one, neither a brother nor a sister.

Similarly, speculations persisted on whether Courtland Sutton is Cameron Sutton’s brother, but it has been verified that they do not share any familial connections and are not blood-related.

Cameron Sutton Is The Father Of Three Children, Two Daughters And A Son

Cameron was born on February 27, 1995, in Jonesboro, Georgia, to his father, Dalton Sutton, and his mother, Nedra Sutton.

He lived with them since childhood receiving immense love and affection, until he started playing for his state in college.

His dad, Dalton, is a native of Georgia and has resided there for over four decades.

According to his LinkedIn bio, he has been a PC Support Technician at a Health system company for the past 36 years.

Moreover, his mother, Nedra, also works as a Registered Respiratory Therapist in the healthcare industry.

In addition, she has been involved with WellStar Health System for a few years.

Both of his parents have an academic background. However, they still supported their son’s decision to choose football as his career endeavor.

Cameron is a devoted son, a father of two daughters, Luna and Eye’Lah, and a son, Amir.

Information on his children’s mother has been a mystery as nothing is known about her till now.

However, he fulfills his responsibilities as a father and has a close bond with them, often sharing glimpses of their happy and memorable moments on his Instagram.

He calls his family “Crew love,” a unity of 4 where only tremendous love exists.

On his son’s birthday, he took to his Instagram and posted his kid’s photos with the caption

No Love Is Greater Than That Of A Father For His SON☀️
ft. Crew Love🖤

Notably, he expressed his profound love for his daughter, Eye’lah, who is the second born in the family, with the post captioned,


Happy Birthday To The 2nd Born EYE’LAH‼️🎉🎊

The Young Goddess Blessed The Earth A Year Ago & Has Done Nothing But Grown So Beautifully; Full Of Life, Full Of Love ❤️

🦋Our Love Compares To No Other, I Love You🧚🏽

Before the incident, he ensured he spent particular weekly time with his children despite his busy schedule so they wouldn’t feel the absence of a mother in their lives.

After he has been booked to serve time behind bars, the question is, who will be there to take care of his children?

This has been a concern among his fans, who once blindly trusted him.


When Was Cameron Sutton Cut Off By The Detroit Lions?

After the notice of his domestic turbulence was released, The Detroit Lions cut him off as their cornerback on March 20.

Was The Former Lions Cornerback Married?

No information has been released about his marriage. However, he was in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Courtney Alexander. They started dating in 2019.

What Is The Punishment Cameron Sutton Received After Turning Himself In?

He was sentenced to 5 years of serving behind bars, away from his home.

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