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Is Travis Kelce Related To Brock Purdy? Relationship And Family Background

Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce and 49ers’ quarterback Brock Purdy are unrelated. No chance whatsoever!

Travis has only one sibling, brother Jason Kelce, a retired NFL player who played a 13-year career for the Philadelphia Eagles.

On the other hand, Brock grew up with two siblings; an older sister, Whittney, and a younger brother, Chubba.

Whittney played softball at the collegiate level at Southeastern University, while Chubba currently plays football at the University of Nebraska.

Since they each have different siblings, they clearly have no family connection. The only similarity they have is their passion for football.

Key Takeaways

  • Travis Kelce and Brock Purdy are entirely unrelated.
  • Their shared mutual admiration for each other was evident throughout the game.
  • During the off-season, Purdy recently married his longtime girlfriend and went on a honeymoon, while Kelce has been spotted vacationing with his girlfriend.

Relationship Between The Football Giants

The NFL stars recently faced each other in the Superbowl LVIII, where the Chiefs secured a nail-biting victory.

Since both of them played offense, they didn’t get to play simultaneously. Nevertheless, they had nothing but praise for each other, which shows their level of sportsmanship.

In an interview, Travis couldn’t help but speak highly of Mr. Irrelevant, particularly praising his exceptional work ethic.

“How can you not cheer for that man… you can’t help but root for the guy,” said the 3× Super Bowl champion.

Despite not being teammates, he lauded the player and voiced strong backing for him.

Travis also praised Brock’s down-to-earth nature and sincerity, which he discovered first-hand during Kelce’s brother’s “New Heights” podcast.

What Are They Doing Now?

Right now, during the off-season, both the players are taking a deserved break and living their life.

Purdy wedded his longtime girlfriend, Jenna Purdy, and went on a honeymoon to the Turks And Caicos Islands.

In addition, he has been sighted attending NCAA tournaments and cheering young athletes.

Meanwhile, Kelce is spending quality time with megastar girlfriend Taylor Swift. Their recent destination was the Bahamas.


Where Did Travis Kelce Go To High School?

Kelce attended Cleveland Heights High School in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. There, he played football, basketball, and baseball. He served as the quarterback for the Tigers for three years and earned recognition as a three-year letter winner. In his senior year in 2007, he achieved impressive stats, rushing for 1,016 yards and 10 touchdowns while also passing for 1,523 yards, 21 touchdowns, and eight interceptions. His outstanding performance earned him All-Lake Erie League honors due to his total offense of 2,539 yards.

Why Is Brock Purdy Called Mr. Irrelevant?

The term “Mr. Irrelevant” refers to the last selection in every NFL draft. In the 2022 draft, this designation fell upon Brock Purdy, a quarterback for the 49ers. The concept of “Mr. Irrelevant” was conceived by the late Paul Salata, a former USC and NFL receiver. Salata initiated this tradition to honor the final player chosen, often considered an underdog in the draft process.

Who Did Travis Kelce Date Before Taylor Swift?

Following the conclusion of his dating show in April 2016, Kelce began a relationship with Maya Benberry, the show’s winner. However, their relationship ended in January 2017, as confirmed by Benberry. Subsequently, from 2017 to 2022, Kelce was romantically involved with social media influencer Kayla Nicole Brown.

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