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George Russell Religion: Is He Christian Or Jewish? Family Ethnicity An Origin

For the past few years, every F1 fan has noticed the killer skills of George Russell, but no one has any idea about what religion he is following.

The skilled driver has never publicly stated his religious beliefs, which creates a dilemma among his fans.

Some fans believe that he is Christian, while others believe that he is Jewish.

This is why we performed thorough research ranging from his parents to his brother-in-law, and we finally found an answer.

Our beloved George Russell is a Christian, not Jewish.

Key Takeaways:

  • George Russell’s religious background leans towards Christianity, evident from his family’s adherence to Christian wedding traditions and ceremonies.
  • His ethnicity is identified as white, stemming from his English heritage and familial roots.
  • Racing talent runs in the family, with both his brother and sister sharing interests in motorsports and outdoor activities.

Points Proving George Russell Religion Is Christian

The first thing we looked at during our research was his hometown.

The ace of Mercedes originally belonged to King’s Lynn, a city in Norfolk County, England. There are over 650 churches in Northfolk County alone.

The majority of the population in the area follows Christianity.

But simply because his hometown has many churches and the people out there are mostly Christian doesn’t mean that George is also Christian.

So, we needed concrete proof, and we started diving into his Twitter, where he found that his brother Benjy had recently been married.

In the photo that he shared, his brother wasn’t wearing yamaka or kippah which is present during the Jewish wedding.

Besides Yamaka, there is very little difference between Jewish and Christian wedding attire.

Based on this theory, we started believing that George follows Christianity.

Nevertheless, we encountered another dilemma when we learned that Benjy could also choose to wear or not wear a kippah at his wedding.

Therefore, we continued our research and found his sister Cara’s wedding photos from 2018.

From the photos, it seemed like they were having a traditional Christian wedding, but we had to be absolutely sure.

This is why we searched for the location where the wedding took place and BINGO.

We found out that the beautiful couple got married at the NORMANTON church which means that it was indeed a Christian wedding.

Since George’s brother and sister both got married by following the practices of Christianity, we can claim that George Russell’s religion is Christianity.

George Russell’s Ethnicity Is White

After learning about his religion, you might be interested in learning about his ethnicity as well.

Dont worry, we have got you covered!! George Russell’s ethnicity is white.

Born to their father, Steve Russell, and his mother, Alison Russell, his parents have always belonged to England.

Furthermore, his whole family is white, so that means his ethnicity is also white.

But George isn’t the only racer in the family. His brother Benjy was also into kart racing.

On the other hand, his sister Cara likes to go on cycling trips with her husband Dan Wickham.

We also tried to find out more about his ancestry. But since little information is available about his parents, we couldn’t efficiently figure it out.


What Championships Has George Russell Won Before Entering Formula One?

George Russell has won several championships before entering Formula One, including the CIK-FIA European Karting Championship in 2012, the 2018 Formula 2 championship, and the 2017 GP3 Series championship.

What Is George Russell’s Best Result In Formula One So Far?

As of the 2024 season, George Russell’s best result in Formula One is his victory at the 2022 São Paulo Grand Prix, where he secured his first Grand Prix win driving for Mercedes.

How Has George Russell Performed In his Formula One Career With Mercedes?

Since joining Mercedes in 2022, George Russell has achieved multiple podium finishes and race victories, contributing significantly to the team’s performance in the Constructors’ Championship.

What Are Some Notable Incidents Or Achievements In George Russell’s Formula One career?

Russell notably stood in for Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes for the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix, where he narrowly missed out on a victory due to strategic errors. Additionally, he clinched his first Formula One win at the 2022 São Paulo Grand Prix.

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