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Zach Edey Tattoo Meaning And Design: How Many Does Have Have?

Zach Edey, Purdue’s best, is all set to battle a formidable foe, Gonzaga, in the ‘Sweet 16.’

In the excitement of March Madness, the 7’4″ giant catches attention not just for his basketball skills but also for the meaningful tattoos decorating his skin.

Each tattoo represents a part of his journey, reflecting his roots, beliefs, and close connections.

Key Takeaways

  • Zach Edey boasts four tattoos, including symbols representing his hometown, Toronto, and his love for Canada.
  • He embraces the philosophy of ‘Hakuna Matata,’ symbolized by a tattoo on his wrist.
  • Furthermore, Edey has added three yin-yang tattoos to his forearm.

How Many Tattoos Does Zach Edey Have?

The Purdue star has four inks: three on his left hand and one on his chest.

His hometown, Toronto, Ontario, holds a special place in his heart. Hence, the center has inked Ontario’s postal code, “M4G 3R7,” on his left forearm.

The basketball player loves his country and never shies away from representing the nation.

Moreover, Zach has also sewed the Canadian flag inside of his Purdue jersey to always feel at home.

Likewise, on his left wrist, he has tatted the popular phrase ‘Hakuna Matata.’

The phrase comes from the movie “The Lion King,” which literally means ‘no trouble‘ or ‘no problems‘ in the East African language of Swahili.

Edey follows the same philosophy; he doesn’t take unnecessary stress and hopes that nature will take its course.

Zach Edey Chest Tattoo
Zach Edey Chest Tattoo (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, he has a tattoo on the left side of his chest, where he has engraved Chinese words.

The body art is almost always hidden away, so we couldn’t determine what it really meant but it must be a homage to his Chinese heritage.

New Tattoo Revealed Ahead Of 2024 March Madness

In January 2024, Edey revealed a new set of tattoos, three yin-yang, added to the back of his forearm.

Zach shared the story behind his new tattoos in an interview published on YouTube in February.

There, he revealed it was a family tattoo that originated when he was home for Christmas.

Zach Edey Yin-Yang Tattoo
Zach Edey Yin-Yang Tattoo (Source: Instagram)

My brother had really wanted to get like a family tattoo,” he explained.

Initially planning to get a traditional yin-yang symbol, Edey had a creative spark that led to a more personalized approach.

Zach suggested, “What if we all just drew our own and then got them tattooed?”

Thus, the idea was born. Each family member would design their own symbol, creating a meaningful collection.

Edey went for a classic yin-yang design, keeping it simple yet classic.

Meanwhile, his brother crafted what appears to be a sunflower, though he clarified that it’s actually meant to be a sun.

Finally, his mother drew delicate hearts into her design, symbolizing her love and care for her family.

This goes to show that the NBA prospect values his family and respects their opinions.


What Size Shoe Does Zach Edey Wear?

Zach Edey, the tallest player in Big Ten history, wears size 20 shoes.

What Is Zach Edey Majoring In?

The center is majoring in organizational leadership from Purdue University and is currently in his senior year.

Was Zach Edey A Hockey Player?

Edey didn’t start playing basketball until later in life, as he spent most of his childhood in Toronto’s Leaside neighborhood, focusing on baseball and ice hockey instead.

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