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Kalen DeBoer Health 2024: Is Alabama Crimson Tide Coach Bald?

While Kalen DeBoer’s health seems perfectly fine, fans can’t help but ask if his baldness is linked to hair loss or any other medical issues.

It has only been four months since Coach Deboer joined Alabama Crimson Tide Football, and already he appears to have fit in.

After Nick Saban’s retirement, who led Alabama from 2007 to 2023, many were looking forward to his replacement.

Key Takeaways

  • Kalen DeBoer has not shared any medical conditions with his fans and is not ill as of this writing.
  • Kalen DeBoer has short gray hair, which he isn’t shy about showing off.
  • The Alabama head coach looked enthusiastic and brimming with energy during his first practice with the team.

Then came Kalen, the 2023 Home Depot Coach of the Year, AP Coach of the Year, and Sporting News College Football Coach of the Year.

This has undoubtedly been an excellent win for the university, as Deboer has already signed five-star receiver Ryan Williams, wide receiver Derick Smith, and linebacker Darrell Johnson.

Kalen DeBoer Health Update In 2024: Appears Robust And Healthy

DeBoer started his collegiate athletic career at Western Washington University. He later played for the Sioux Falls Cougars and ended his career with 33 touchdowns and 3,499 yards.

Afterward, the Milbank native joined Sioux Falls as an offensive coordinator in 2000 before being promoted to head coach in 2004.

Having experiences as both a player and coach, Kalen understands the importance of health and makes no compromises regarding his diet and workout routine.

The coach looks sturdy and quick during the practice sessions. He was full of energy and excitement during his first spring practice with Alabama in March.

The Alabama players’ power skipping during warmups even went viral. While many laughed at their workout, several were impressed with DeBoer’s new training style.

Likewise, DeBoer hasn’t shared any health-related issues so far. He appears fit and strong and is leading the Alabama Crimson Tide enthusiastically.

Kalen DeBoer Is Not Completely Bald

The Alabama head coach has a receding hairline and is not afraid to show it. The guy often gives interviews with his cap off, showing his thinning hair.

While many might assume Kalen to be bald, he is not entirely bald. He has short gray hair resulting from what appears to be hair loss.

DeBoer has not talked much about his hair, so it’s unknown what caused it to fall. Could it be alopecia? Or is it from aging?

Keeping aside his hair and supposed medical problems, the Alabama head coach looks forward to leading his team to many football victories.

Having led the Washington Huskies to win the 2024 Sugar Bowl and the 2023 Pac-12 Championship, DeBoer is used to victories. He strives to continue his winning streak with the Alabama Crimson Tide this season.


How Much Does Kalen DeBoer Make?

Kalen DeBoer’s salary is $10.875 million annually, making him among the highest-paid collegiate football coaches.

Is Kalen DeBoer Married?

Kalen DeBoer is happily married to his wife, Nicole Deboer.

How Many Kids Does Kalen DeBoer Have?

Kalen DeBoer and his spouse, Nicole, share two daughters, Alexis DeBoer and Avery DeBoer.

Where Did Kalen DeBoer Go To High School?

The Alabama coach attended Milbank High School in South Dakota.

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