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Exploring Rolando Romero Parents Nationality: Father Rolando Romero Sr. And Mother Have Distinct Backgrounds

Rolando Romero is a professional boxer born in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. As his fame spikes, speculations on whether he shares the same nationality as his parents are surfacing worldwide.

Romero is in the spotlight, and Rolando Romero parents nationality is also being searched as they come from distinct backgrounds.

Rolando fought on 30th March 2024, when he was utterly defeated by the Mexican boxer Isaac Cruz.

Despite his defeat, fans showed him the utmost support and motivation to continue his boxing career.

Key Takeaways

  • Rolando Romero got his name from his father, Rolando Romero Sr., who is also a famous boxer.
  • Rolando Sr. is a native of Cuba. He came to the U.S. to pursue his dream of becoming a professional boxer.
  • The journey from Cuba to the U.S. was not easy, which adds a pinch of trauma and terror to his backstory.
  • Rolando’s mother comes from an African-American background.

Rolando grabbed the title of Super Lightweight in the WBA from 2023 to March 2024; before that, he was entitled to Interim Lightweight from 2020 to 2021.

He started playing professionally in 2016 and holds an outstanding record of 14-0-0.

Rolando Romero’s Parents: His Father Rolando Romero Sr. Is Originally From Cuba

Rolando, the versatile boxer, shares his father’s name, Rolando Romero Sr.

Rolando was born and raised in the horrific city of Nevada, Las Vegas, and his father is of Cuban nationality.

Rolando Romero Sr was also a famous boxer who won the National Championship thrice.

Based on this information, Rolando decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and was highly determined to become as successful as his father was.

His father was born and raised in Cuba, a small island country in the West Indies, where he tried his best to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional boxer.

Despite the country’s high poverty margin, he managed to excel as an Amateur boxer.

Due to strict government regulations, he could not turn pro, although he was a successful amateur with a diverse skill set.

Thus, in pursuit of his dream, he attempted to flee the country. However, the journey was filled with terror and torture.

In one of the interviews, Rolando Jr. said,

My father tried to escape Cuba when he was 27, but he was caught and kept behind bars as leaving the country was considered illegal.

He endured the punishment for two years, and it was inhumane: he was fed only a spoonful of rice during the day and a cup of sugar water during the night.

Nonetheless, he didn’t lose hope and gathered the strength to survive; finally, he managed to escape the place, risking his life.

The situation was either do or die. Thus, he mustered up the courage and swam across the bay to reach the Guantanamo Bay.

There, he stayed for three weeks and was escorted to Miami, where he met his lost brother.

Like this, he reached the U.S. at the age of 30, undergoing life-threatening situations. There, he met his wife, got married, and Rolando Jr. was born after two years.

He wanted his son to become as brave and strong as he was. Thus, he gave his name to him.

Ever since Rolando Jr. was born, he has been there throughout his journey of learning martial arts and becoming a pro, standing firm as his pillar of support.

Rolando Sr. always ensured that his son didn’t go through what he had to suffer.

His Instagram handle is amassed with all of Rolando’s photos, celebrating all his small and significant achievements. This highlights that he is living his dream through his son’s accomplishments.

Talking about Rolando’s mother, her name has not been revealed yet. However, one thing is for sure: she belongs to an African-American nationality, thus, making Rolendo a blend of Cuban and African American heritage.

His mother doesn’t entertain being in the spotlight and rarely appears on Rolando’s social media handles.


Does Rolando Romero Have Any Siblings?

Yes, he has a sister who is into Judo. She is a former seven-time national Judo champion.

Who Did Romero Fight Against First When He Became The Light Welterweight?

He moved up to Light Welterweight to challenge Alberto Puello, but as Puello was pulled out from the match, Romero faced Ismael Barroso and won.

How Was Romero’s Performance As The Professional Boxer During His Debut?

He scored a first-round technical knockout (TKO) victory against David Courtney on 2nd December 2016.

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