Head Coach Shaheen Holloway Son And Daughter Follow Their Parents’ Path To Success

Shaheen Holloway Son
Shaheen Holloway has two sons and a daughter.

Shaheen Holloway, the American Basketball coach of Seton Hall, has his name surfacing on the internet after his immense disappointment with the March Madness Basketball Tournament. As questions arise, let’s uncover the details of his sons and daughter.

The American coach has a tight-knit family comprising five members; two sons, Xavier and Tyson, and a daughter, Shatanik.

Key Takeaways

  • Shaheen Holloway shares two sons with his wife, Kim, and a daughter from his previous relationship.
  • The American coach, Shaheen Holloway son Xavier harbors a passion for basketball.
  • Holloway is happily married to his wife Kim Holloway after dating for a long time since his college days.

Shaheen Holloway, a native of Queens, is a former player and a competitive coach of Seton Hall Pirates.

He is famous for his Three D’s, the foundation of the basketball court, and has spent his entire life in this domain, making him one of the experts in the field.

Recently, Holloway’s words and actions made headlines when he expressed disappointment in the team he had mentored for so long.

The head coach was highly dissatisfied and shocked when the team that had won 13 games was eliminated from the tournament.

Holloway’s disbelief and anger resulted in feelings of disrespect.

The American coach is heavily frustrated with the selection committee’s decision and the challenges Seton Hall is facing in securing a tournament bid.

Shaheen Holloway Is A Proud Father Of Three Children: Two Sons And A Daughter

Shaheen Holloway and his wife, Kim, share three children: a daughter, Shatanik, and two sons, Xavier and Tyson.

Shatanik is the eldest of the siblings who graduated from Seton Hall University in 2018, achieving a significant milestone in her life.

When Shatanik was born, Shaheen was not married to Kim. She is the daughter from his previous relationship.

Sources have reported that she is Kim Holloway’s stepdaughter. However, they live together in love and harmony under the same roof.

In an interview with The New York Post, he stated that although they had many family members when Shatanik was born, it felt like a kid was raising another kid.

Shaheen Holloway’s son, Xavier Holloway, is now 11 years old. He is following in his father’s footsteps.

The 11-year-old is passionate about basketball and claims to be a future D1 Prospect. He is incredibly inspired by his dad’s career accomplishments.

Shaheen has mentioned how serious he is about guiding his elder son and training him to become an outstanding player.

Taylor is the youngest among the three, who will turn four this year.

The unconditional love they all share within the family is evident in their encounters while attending the tournaments together.

The couple prefers to keep their lives private, as nothing about them or their kids has been posted on Shaheen’s Instagram handle.

In addition, Kim doesn’t even possess an Instagram account, which depicts her choice of remaining low-key and entirely out of the spotlight.

Shaheen Holloway Dated Kim Holloway For A Long Time Before Getting Married

Before getting married to Kim Holloway, the couple dated for a long time.

They first met in the Xavier Hall Dormitory at Seton Hall, from where their love story started.

In addition, they named their first son Xavier because they met at Xavier Hall Dormitory as a memento of their history.

Kim Holloway’s way of supporting her husband cannot be denied, as she has been observed in the stands throughout the NCAA tournament.

She is one of the biggest fans of Saint Peters, the team led by Shaheen.

Kim, a 2001 Seton Hall graduate, attended the Murray State game. She was found to be highly emotional at the final whistle.

She was found hugging her two sons and bawling her eyes out when she observed the Peacocks advancing into their first Sweet 16 appearance.

They both graduated from Seton High School in 2001. Thus, the high school holds a special place in their hearts and brings back bittersweet memories of the past.

This probably explains Kim’s reaction during the NCAA tournament in 2022, for they worked together to reach the milestone they had once planned.


How old is Shaheen Holloway?

The head coach, Shaheen, is 47 years old as of 2024.

When did Shaheen start coaching?

Shaheen started coaching in 2007.

When did Shaheen start to play?

In 2000, Shaheen started his career as a player.


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