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Who Are Christopher And Starla Starocci? Carter Starocci Parents And Siblings Chris And Ceci

Carter Starocci’s achievement as the first black wrestler to secure four National Championships competing for Penn State University brought immense pride to his parents.

With his self-motivated mindset and constant support from his parents, Starocci is making waves in the collegiate wrestling scene.

Carter Starocci has won many major competitions, including being an All-American three times in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

He also won the Big Ten championship twice and recently won his fourth national championship.

Key Takeaways

  • Carter’s mother, Starla Starocci, is a self-awareness guide; she helps people understand their thoughts and motivates them to grow.
  • Carter’s brother Chris played football for the Boys Varsity Football team.
  • Aside from his parents, Carter’s grandfather, Mark Starocci, is also immensely proud of his achievements.

His Parents, Christopher and Starla Starocci, are happy to see their son achieve such great accomplishments at a young age.

Though Carter had to go through a challenging phase when he had a leg injury, his parents were beside him in every tough situation.

They kept motivating him, making him the first black wrestler to win the National Championship four times.

Carter Starocci’s Parents Are His Biggest Supporter

Carter’s mother, Starla Starocci, is his biggest supporter. She keeps sharing her son’s achievements on her social media.

Starla Starocci did her schooling at Strong Vincent High School and later completed her studies at Mercyhurst University.

She is a self-awareness guide; she gives people tips and motivates them to heal and grow.

Not only does she guide other people, but she also motivates her son Carter to dream big and achieve his goals.

Like Starla, Carter’s father, Christopher, aka Chris Starocci Senior, is also very proud of his son.

Though Christopher is not active on social media, Carter’s post shows the love and bond between father and son.

Along with Carter’s parents, Carter’s family, mainly his grandfather Mark Starocci, is thrilled about his grandson’s achievements.

Carter Starocci And His Siblings Share A Strong Bond

Carter and his siblings, including brother Chris Starocci Jr. and sister Ceci Starocci, have a close and supportive relationship. They spend a lot of time together.

Chris and Cece proudly share Carter’s achievements and success on social media. They are always there to support him and celebrate his accomplishments.

Chris Starocci attended Strong Vincent High School and was part of the Boys Varsity Football team.

He is in a relationship with Nancy Castillo, a telecommunications professional at the Erie County Department of Public Safety.

Carter’s sister, Ceci Starocci, loves her brother and often shares their pictures on social media.

Ceci is a bartender who loves traveling to different places with her partner, Celia.


How Old Is Carter Starocci?

Born on February 8, 2001, in Erie, Pennsylvania, Carter Starocci is currently 23 years old.

Where Did Carter Starocci Do His Schooling From?

Carter Starocci did his schooling at Cathedral Preparatory School in Erie, Pennsylvania.

How Much Is Carter Starocci Net Worth?

As of 2024, Carter Starocci’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $2 million.

Is Carter Starocci Active On Social Media?

Carter Starocci is active on social media, with around 301k followers on Instagram and around 13k followers on Twitter.

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