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Ishmael Davis Parents: Mother Da Shonda Deas-Davis And Father Keith Davis Are His Support System

Ishmael Davis, born on 20th June 1995, is the son of father Keith Davis and mother Da Shonda Deas-Davis, who grew up with his brother.

Davis grew up in Killen, Texas, with immense love and dedication from his parents.

Key Takeaways

  • Ishmael Davis started playing football as a child, and now he is one of the rising stars in the football arena.
  • Ishmael Davis grew up in a tight-knit family with consistent love and support from his mother, Da Shonda Deas-Davis, and father, Keith Davis.
  • Davis has a brother, Niser Deas, who loves football and has been selected to play at Howard Payne.

Davis has earned a 2018 Texas State Academic Achievement Award and was selected 2019 Preseason All-Sun Belt Conference Second Team center by Athlon Sports.

Born and raised in Killeen, Texas, he attended high school at Ellison, where he won two sports in football and track.

He started playing football in high school and has been highly dedicated and motivated enough to pursue his career in this field.

Emerging from humble beginnings, he has cultivated his faith and positivity to utilize his family’s support and profound perseverance.

In 2015, he played 12 games with an enormous number of tackles: 10 tackles at Georgia Southern and five at Louisiana, followed by two solo tackles at Houston.

Ishmael Davis Parents: Mother Da Shonda Deas-Davis And Father Keith Davis Are His Support System

Davis is the son of mother Da Shonda Deas-Davis and father Keith Davis, who was raised in a tight-knit family alongside his brother.

Ishmael’s Instagram handle is filled with all his professional achievements and connections without significant links to his personal life.

Although much information about Davis’s parents is unavailable, his parents’ immense support and dedication to his career and life are evident.

During his childhood and teenage years, Da Shonda Deas-Davis showered love and support through the spell of being understanding of his turbulent phase.

Da Shonda’s nurturing nature allowed him to be a better person and pursue his goals based on his potential.

In fact, she was the one who helped him recognize his capability to perform well in sports.

Additionally, his father, Keith Davis, inoculated a strong sense of work ethic and passion towards his goals by showing up in all his big and small games.

Similarly, he was always there to provide motivation and encouragement when he lost his way and was confused.

Throughout his life, Ishmael has embarked on the journey of success, embracing the lessons provided by his parents.

Thanks to their continuous efforts, Ishmael Davis has become one of the prominent figures in the football world. His achievements throughout the years mark a memorable spot in his career milestone.

Ishmael Davis Brother Niser Deas Is Also Into Football Like Him

As the brothers grew up together, they shared a strong bond that knew no bounds.

They showcase the proof of pure brotherhood that cannot be shattered by any external force that comes their way.

Growing up in a tight-knit family has shaped his character and made him a better empathetic and giving person.

His brother, Niser Deas, is also passionate about football and has been able to create waves through his talent.

Niser was accepted to play football for Howard Payne, where he devoted all his efforts and skills to the game.

This proves that the apple doesn’t fall further away from the tree. The Davis family’s love for sports is in their blood, and it is believed that they will continue this legacy for many generations to come.


How old is the athlete?

He is 28 years old as of 2024.

When did Ishmael Davis become senior in the Defensive End?

In 2019, he was upgraded to Senior from Junior within one year.

How much does Ishmael Davis weigh?

His weight is about 260 lbs.

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