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Is Greg Gumbel Related To Bryant Gumbel? Brother’s Age Gap And Family

Greg and Bryant Gumbel are siblings who have made their own names for themselves in the media and received recognition for their contributions.

The elder brother rose to the limelight for his assignments for CBS Sports, whereas the younger brother is known for co-hosting NBC’s Today for 15 years.

Key Takeaways

  • Greg and Bryant Gumbel grew up with their two sisters, Renee Gumbel-Farrahi and Rhonda Gumbel.
  • They have an age difference of 2 years. Greg was born in 1946, and Bryant was born in 1948.
  • Greg has a daughter, Michelle Gumbel, from Marcy Gumbel, and Bryant has two children, Jillian Beth and Bradley Christopher, from ex-wife June Baranco.

Greg is notable mainly for the National Football League and NCAA basketball. He was the first African-American announcer to call play-by-play of a major sports championship in the United States.

NBC Sports hired Bryant as co-host of its National Football League pre-game show, GrandStand, in the fall of 1975.

He is also a television journalist who hosted HBO’s acclaimed investigative series Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel from 1995 to 2023.

Greg Gumbel and Bryant Gumbel are related by blood as brothers

Their parents were Richard Dunbar Gumbel and Rhea Alice LeCesne. Richard worked as a judge, and Rhea as a city clerk.

Their great-great-grandfather, a German-Jewish immigrant from the Albisheim village, is the source of their surname.

They grew up with two sisters, Renee Gumbel-Farrahi and Rhonda Gumbel-Thomas, and attended De La Salle Institute in Chicago.

Both grew up Catholics in New Orleans, Louisiana. Later, their parents relocated to Chicago’s north side from the south side.

Gumbel Brother’s Age Gap

The television sportscasters have an age gap of two years.

Greg was born on May 3, 1946, and is 77 years old as of 2024. He graduated with a B.A. in English from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa.

Bryant was born on September 29, 1948, and is 75 years old as of 2024. He graduated from Bates College in 1970 with a degree in Russian history.

Although Greg and Bryant Gumbel are not much alike, they get along fine and have a good bond.

Explore the Family Details of Sportscasters

Greg Gumbel married Marcy Gumbel in 1973 and raised the only daughter, Michelle Gumbel, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Marcy Gumbel, born April 3, 1949, was a business manager. Before their marriage, they had already given birth to Michelle.

Michelle was born on May 12, 1969.

On the other hand, Bryant Gumbel married June Baranco Gumbel in 1973, and they raised two children, Jillian Beth Gumbel and Bradley Christopher Gumbel, in Waccabuc, north of New York City.

However, their marriage couldn’t last long, and they went their separate ways in 2001.

Bradley was born in 1979 and was an events planner in the early 2000s. Jillian was born in 1983 and studied at Sarah Lawrence College before pursuing a career as a yoga instructor. 

Jillian married William Robins, the director of investments at Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.

After divorcing June Baranco, Bryant married Hilary Quinlan in 2002.


What does Greg Gumbel do now?

Greg Gumbel is the studio host for CBS’ men’s college basketball coverage.

How Much is Greg and Bryant Gumbel’s net worth?

Greg Gumbel’s estimated net worth is $16 million, and Bryant Gumbel’s is $25 million as of 2024.

Is there a specific reason why Greg Gumbel isn’t covering March Madness games?

Because of family health issues, Greg Gumbel will not be part of this year’s March Madness coverage.

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