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Who Are Anthony And Dionne Hoggard? A.J. Hoggard Parents And Sister Aaliyah

A.J. Hoggard credits his parents for being his constant source of motivation and inspiration. Their support and encouragement have built up his passion for basketball.

A.J. Hoggard attributes his parents as his greatest inspiration, pushing him forward in his basketball career.

Their relentless support, guidance, and belief in his abilities have served as the driving force behind his dedication to the sport.

Key Takeaways

  • A.J. Hoggard, who credits his parents as his greatest inspiration, plays for the Michigan State Spartans basketball team.
  • A.J. followed in his parent’s footsteps by attending Coatesville Area High School, just like his father, Anthony, and mother, Dionne, did.
  • A Food Business Named Trappin Treats is owned by A.J.’s sister, Aliyah Hoggard.
  • Aliyah Hoggard completed her degree, an Associate of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice, at Temple University.

A.J. Hoggard, born in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, is a talented senior guard for the Michigan State Spartans basketball team.

Hoggard’s basketball journey began in his hometown of Coatesville, where he pointed his skills and developed a passion for the game.

His dedication and hard work on the court earned him recognition as one of the state’s top high school basketball prospects.

A.J. Hoggard currently plays for the Michigan State Spartans basketball team.

A.J. Hoggard’s Parents Are Proud Of His Achievements In Basketball

A.J. Hoggard’s parents are proud and feel satisfied as they witness their son’s remarkable achievements in the world of basketball at such a young age.

Anthony Hoggard, the father of A.J. Hoggard, attended Coatesville Area High School, reflecting a connection to the same community where his son grew up. He celebrates his birthday on August 11th.

Dionne Brown Hoggard, the mother of A.J. Hoggard, pursued a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania.

Prior to that, she studied for an associate degree in Accounting at Pierce Junior College. Like A.J. and his father, Dionne also attended Coatesville Area High School.

A.J. Hoggard and his parents reside in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, while their roots trace back to Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

From a young age, A.J. witnessed his parents’ dedication to their educational pursuits, which inspired him to aim for greatness in academics and athletics.

They recognized A.J.’s talent and dedication to basketball and motivated him to follow his dreams while emphasizing the importance of academic excellence.

A.J. Hoggard’s mother, Dionne, recently posted a video on her Facebook page expressing her pride in her son.

A.J.’s Sister, Aliyah Hoggard, Owns A Food Business Named Trappin Treats

Aliyah Hoggard is A.J.’s elder sister, who runs a food business selling Desserts through her Instagram business.

She celebrates her birthday on March 10 and is currently 26 years old.

The elder sister, Aliyah, attended the Collegium Charter School.

She earned her Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice from Temple University College of Liberal Arts.

Aliyah ended the semester on the Dean’s List with a 3.5 GPA in 2019.

Later, she graduated in 2022 on a similar subject and worked as a Notary Public in Pennsylvania.

Aliyah also shares her weight transformation videos on her social media platform to inspire others with her journey.

Like their parents, Aliyah is also proud of her brother A.J., She shares videos of his basketball achievements on her social media to show how amazing he is.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Is A.J. Hoggard?

Born in 2000 in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, A.J. Hoggard is currently 23 years old.

How Tall Is A.J. Hoggard?

A.J. Hoggard stands at a height of six feet four inches.

Is A.J. Hoggard Active On Social Media Platforms?

A.J. Hoggard is active on Instagram with around 41.4k followers.

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