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Is Landon Tengwall Olumuyiwa Fashanu Brother? Twitter Post Explained

Olumuyiwa Fashanu is a college football offensive tackle who played for Penn State. After coming near the NFL draft on April 25, fans and followers wonder about his brother.

Born on December 9, 2002, he is currently 21 years old and lives in Maryland, United States.

Key Takeaways

  • Olumuyiwa Fashanu is not his brother, but Olu has well-wished Landon Tengwall on a Twitter post.
  • Olumuyiwa Fashanu and Landon Tengwall are the same age but were born in different months.
  • The athletes, Olumuyiwa Fashanu and Landon Tengwall have supportive, caring, and loving families.

Olumuyiwa Fashanu is a dedicated individual who is passionate about making a positive impact. He believes in the power of education to transform lives and communities.

With a background in engineering, Olumuyiwa has a keen eye for detail and problem-solving.

He thrives in collaborative environments, valuing teamwork and communication.

Outside of work, he enjoys staying active through sports and outdoor activities.

Olumuyiwa is committed to lifelong learning and continually strives to expand his knowledge and skills.

His friendly demeanor and approachable nature make him a valuable asset in any setting.

Fact Check: Are Olumuyiwa Fashanu And Landon Tengwall Brothers?

Olumuyiwa Fashanu and Landon Tengwall don’t appear to have any family ties.

Besides, in a Twitter post of Olumuyiwa, Olu wishes a good life, brother Landon Tengwall.

Landon Tengwall is an American football player who gained recognition for his talent on the field, particularly as an offensive lineman.

Born in Maryland, Tengwall has risen through high school football ranks, earning accolades and scholarships.

On the other hand, Olumuyiwa Fashanu is known for his work in the fashion industry.

He has carved out a name for himself as a designer, showcasing his creations in various fashion shows and events.

Despite being notable in their respective fields, there is no evidence of familial ties between them.

Olumuyiwa Fashanu And Landon Tengwall Family Tree

Olumuyiwa Fashanu, born to Paige and Anthony Fashanu, has one sister named Angie.

On the other hand, Landon Christopher Tengwall, son of Chris Tengwall and Nicole Busse, has a stepmother, Alicia Tengwall.

Landon’s family extends to three brothers: Keaton Tengwall, Griffin Tengwall, and Shane Daywalt.

In Olumuyiwa, Fashanu’s family has a member of four. Meanwhile, the Landon family consists of six members.

Alongside Landon, Keaton, Griffin, and Shane complete the siblings’ roster.

This simple yet comprehensive family structure highlights the relationships and connections between Olumuyiwa Fashanu and Landon Tengwall and their respective families.


What Is Olumuyiwa Fashanu’s Net Worth?

Olumuyiwa Fashanu’s net worth is estimated to be $789K. Meanwhile, his salary will be signed in a contract by the club.

For Which Team Does Olumuyiwa Fashanu Play?

At the 2024 combine, Penn State Nittany Lions offensive tackle Olumuyiwa Fashanu clocked an official 5.11 seconds in the 40-yard dash, showcasing his speed and agility.

What Is Olumuyiwa Fashanu’s height and weight?

Olumuyiwa Fashanu height is 1.98 m, and Weight is 144 kg.

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