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Cameron Brink Parents Height Acquired By The Basketball Player: How Tall Are Greg And Michelle Brink?

Stanford forward Cameron Brink has returned to Portland for the Sweet 16, garnering attention for the height attributes inherited from her parents.

Cameron is 1.93 meters tall and is known for her impressive height and outstanding performance, which she showcases during her games.

Due to the thrilling and impressive win she demonstrated in the second round of the NCAA tournament, fans are curious to know her parents’ height.

Key Takeaways

  • Cameron Brink was not drawn to basketball from an early age, but she later developed an affinity for it, just like her parents.
  • The basketball player inherited her physique and height attributes from her parents, as both of them are tall and have impressive builds.
  • She had a privileged childhood because her parents worked in a reputed Nike company.

ESPN considered Brink a five-star recruit and among the top three players in the 2020 class.

The versatile player and the 2021 NCAA Champion has established herself as a two-way player who is outstanding in scoring and rebounding.

She was born to her father, Greg Brink, and her mother, Michelle Bain Brink, on 31st December 2001.

Cameron Brink Inherited Her Physical Appearance And Athletic Capabilities From Her Parents

During the initial phase of her life, Cameron was highly uninterested in sports and getting involved in other athletic activities.

Gradually, she became interested in playing volleyball due to her parents’ constant push to be involved in some sport.

Both her parents are former collegiate basketball players who met and bonded through basketball.

Cameron Brink with her parents, Greg Brink and Michelle Brink (Source: Instagram)

As the saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; Cameron started getting inclined toward basketball and soon became a remarkable player with outstanding skills.

This proves that Cameron got the genes of immense athletic potential from her parents.

Standing 6 feet and 4 inches tall, she has an impressive body proportion of 34-27-25 inches.

Her parents are tall, indicating that she inherited her outstanding physique from them.

Cameron resembles her mother in facial structure, body proportion, and height.

Both of them have long and beautiful blonde hair and a pair of sparkling grey eyes.

Although Michelle’s and Greg’s exact heights have not been disclosed, there is not much difference in their photos when compared.

Moreover, Cameron is a few inches taller than her mother. On the other hand, she seems to share the same height with her father.

Thus, looking at their picture, we can assume that her father, Greg, stands 6 ft 5 inches tall while her mother, Michelle, stands 6 ft 3 inches tall.

Both her parents are physically fit and appear to be sophisticated people who love to care for their health and for whom their fitness and well-being are a priority.

Even at this age, they have maintained their physique well, showing everyone that age is just a number.

The Basketball Player Had A Happy Childhood Due To Her Parents’ Upbringing

Cameron was born in Princeton, New Jersey, and at the age eight, her family transferred to Amsterdam, where they lived for 3 years.

She had the privilege of enjoying a well-provided childhood as both of her parents had stable jobs at Nike.

Then, before starting sixth grade, they returned to the United States.

During the early stages of her life, she wasn’t drawn to basketball and preferred art over sports.

Then, as her parents made consistent efforts, she developed a liking for volleyball after watching the 2012 Summer Olympics.

That, too, didn’t last long. Finally, she started playing basketball after watching the camp organized by Dell Curry, whom she considers her godfather.

Eventually, she started playing for her school, where she was the youngest player of the entire team.

Since then, she has shown outstanding improvement in her athletic skills; last season, she scored 14.9 points and 9.5 rebounds per game.

Additionally, Cameron has had the highest career points of 26 and the highest rebound of 14 against the game with USC.


Where Did Cameron Brink Go To High School?

She attended Southridge High School in Beaverton, Oregon.

Which College Did Cameron Brink Attend For Her Higher Studies?

She joined Stanford College in 2020.

What Are Some Of The Brands That The Basketball Player Is Partnered With?

The Standford has partnered with brands such as Chegg, New Balance, Urban Outfitters, and Netflix.

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