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Steph Houghton Parents: Mother Amanda And Father Len

Steph Houghton’s parents have seen her journey from being an only girl on the boys’ football team to captaining the prestigious Manchester City W.F.C.

It’s sad news for Manchester Women’s Football Club fans: their captain is retiring. Steph will say her goodbyes at the end of this season.

Houghton is a well-respected figure in soccer whose achievements are unmatched. For instance, she is a two-time FA Women’s Cup winner.

Key Takeaways

  • Steph Houghton‘s father and mother have supported her athletic journey since she was a little girl.
  • Steph Houghton was obsessed with soccer and played it in her school years before debuting as a professional.
  • The athlete has competed in the women’s football league for over two decades.

The lady also led her team to win the FA WSL Cup three times. She was an FA Women’s Premier League Cup victor as well.

Considered the world’s best center-backs, Stephanie played for four teams: Sunderland, Leeds Carnegie, Arsenal Ladies, and Manchester City W. F. C.

Having seen her dominating the football field for the last twenty years, it will be a bittersweet moment for the fans to see their icon go.

Steph Houghton’s Parents Knew She Would Make It Big

Houghton has had an excellent soccer career. Alongside thousands of fans’ love, her most prominent supporters were her parents, who encouraged her at every turn.

The athlete played with the boys at South Hetton Primary School as a child. Despite being the only girl in the boy squad, she was determined to perform and give her best.

Seeing her unwavering passion, Steph Houghton’s father, Len, knew she was made for the sport. Even at that age, he could visualize his daughter making it to the national level.

In an interview, Len shared about his little girl’s obsession with the ball. He quoted,

She was probably around three when she started kicking a ball about and that’s what she wanted to do.

Throughout school she was always playing football, she was obsessed with it really.

From Chronicle Live

Regarding profession, Steph’s dad was an electrician.

Steph Houghton’s Mother, Amanda Houghton, Starred On Her Documentary

Did you know Steph inherited her gorgeous golden locks from her mom, Amanda? The mother-daughter duo looks like twins with their blonde hair.

Like her husband, Amanda supports her daughter’s soccer career. She attends every match or watches televised games if that’s not possible.

Steph Houghton’s mother was also featured in her 2015 Documentary. Amanda shared Houghton’s career beginnings and journey till 2015 in it.

Steph also has a younger brother, Stuart Houghton, who was a school assistant headteacher in 2019.

The lady paid tribute to her parents, brother, husband, coach, and friends on her retirement post on X.


What Is Steph Houghton’s Salary?

The sportsperson earns £47,000 annually from Manchester City W.F.C.

What Happened To Steph Houghton’s Husband?

Steph Houghton’s husband, Stephen Darby, has Motor Neurone Disease. The former Liverpool and Bradford City defender received his diagnosis in 2018.

Does Steph Houghton Have A Child?

Steph Houghton doesn’t have a child with her husband. However, the pair are godparents to Jasper.

Why Does Steph Houghton Not Play For England Anymore?

The soccer player didn’t make the 2023 Women’s World Cup squad, and after that, she was sure she wouldn’t play for England anymore.

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