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How Much Does Audi Crooks Weigh? Weight Loss Rumors And Health 2024

Audi Crooks is an American college basketball player for the Iowa State Cyclones of the Big 12 Conference. Even though she has more weight in basketball history, Audi scored 40 points in her recent game and got emotional. Let’s Dig In!

Born on December 13, 2004, she is currently 19 years old. Similarly, studying at Bishop Garrigan High School is now going against the rumors of her weight loss, which is invalid. The article has more on her physical attributes.

Key Takeaways

  • Audi Crooks, the 19-year-old athlete, weight loss news has made the headlines.
  • Audi’s medical reports confirm her overall good health and no health problems.
  • Even though being a high weight, she has made records in NCAA history.

In addition to basketball, she ran High School track and Field, earning Class 1A state. In volleyball, she won junior class first-team all-conference honors.

She is regarded as the ‘Shaquille O’Neal of women’s basketball for her basketball talents.’

But over time, she has faced body shaming due to her physical appearance in court.

How Much Does Audi Crooks Weigh?

According to Reddit, Audi is 300 pounds (The WNBA lists weights) but highly talented with great hands. Besides, she looks comfortable and confident in her skin.

Many who have seen Audi Crooks play basketball flawlessly have wondered how much she weighs.

Unfortunately, Crooks, who stands 6-foot-3 tall, has never revealed any information about her weight. And the same goes for the official source.

Although the basketball player finds herself at the center of a storm for her appearance, she consistently delivers stellar court performances.

In her Junior season at Bishop Garrigan, she won the Iowa female athlete of the year, Iowa Miss Basketball, and first-team all-state honors for the fourth time in a row.

Also, ESPN ranked her number 57 and number no. 42 overall recruit by Prep Girls Hoops prospects of the 2023 class.

Although Audi’s journey has not been without its challenges, she advocates for body positivity in sports.

Insights Into Audi Crooks Weight Loss Rumors And Health Update 2024

Embarking on a Crooks weight loss journey, the basketball player has undergone a visible transformative process, evident in her toned physique seen in recent pictures.

Basketball demands peak physical condition, and her weight loss journey is a natural extension of her rigorous training program.

The sport’s demanding nature, characterized by intense cardio, agility drills, and strength training, has likely contributed significantly to Crooks’ enhanced fitness.

Crooks may have also consulted with a nutritionist or personal trainer to assist in reaching her weight loss objectives.

On the other hand, the public has raised questions about her health and fitness due to her weight.

Audi’s medical reports attest to her overall well-being, debunking the assumptions about her supposed health issues.

Her confidence is infectious to her teammates and fans, who admire her unapologetic approach to the sport.


What Is Audi Crooks’s Shoe Size?

The basketball player wears a size 13 shoe.

How Tall Is Audi Crooks?

Iowa State Cyclones freshman rooster Audi Crooks stands 6 feet 3 inches tall.

How Much Is Audi Crooks Salary?

College basketball players are not paid to represent their college team. Audi Crooks has to get professionally signed by professional basketball leagues to generate income from basketball.

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