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FIA Formula 2 Zane Maloney Siblings: Brother Calem Maloney And Sister

Zane Maloney, a talented racing driver of the FIA Formula 2 championship sibling, is following in his footsteps.

Zane Maloney’s younger brother, Calem Maloney, is following in his brother’s footsteps and excelling in his racing career from a young age.

Calem Maloney showcased an outstanding performance at the Caribbean Junior Karting Academy Trophy at Bushy Park.

Key Takeaways

  • Calem Maloney’s amazing talent and hard work made him the Caribbean Junior Karting Academy Trophy leader at Bushy Park.
  • Zane and Calem have racing in their family history, as they come from a line of Barbadian racing experts.
  • Like his cousins Zane and Calem, Justin Maloney pursued racing, starting karting in 2004.

His amazing skills and dedication drove him to the top of the leaderboard after the first two rounds of the competition.

With excellent driving skills, Calem displayed his talent and determination, earning him well-deserved recognition as a leader in the tournament.

His remarkable achievement proves his hard work and commitment to the sport.

Zane and Calem both have a racing passion as they grew up in the hands of Barbadian racing professionals.

Both brothers stand proudly as third-generation champion drivers, following in the footsteps of their grandfather, Doug Maloney, who left a significant mark on racing circuits in Barbados and the region for many years.

Their father and uncles are also renowned for their racing skills, making racing a family tradition.

Since the age of six, Calem has been actively involved in racing, showing his passion and talent on the track.

Over the years, he has achieved an impressive collection of titles in his home country of Barbados and the United States.

Likewise, Calem’s racing journey has taken him to Europe, where he competed for Ricky Flynn Motorsport, a renowned karting team.

His European racing experience reflects that of his brother Zane, who also raced for the same team during his karting career.

This shared connection highlights the siblings’ close bond and shared pursuit of excellence in motorsport.

Details of Zane Maloney’s sibling sister have not been disclosed publicly, but he shares a close bond with his cousin, brother, and sister.

Zane Maloney Treats His Cousins Like His Own Siblings

Zane Maloney treats his cousins like his siblings, enriching his extended family’s close and supportive relationship.

He has seven brothers and sisters, including his sibling, Calem. Zane has two elder cousin brothers, Justin and Joshua Maloney.

Zane also has sisters named Ashley Maloney Downie and Madison Maloney, and two of his sisters’ names have not been disclosed.

Like his cousin Zane and Calem, Justin Maloney has followed in his family’s footsteps as a racer. He began karting in 2004 in the Junior Shifter class but took a break from racing to pursue his dream of becoming a football player sometime.

He returned to racing in the summer of 2016, achieving a podium finish at his first race meet at the renovated Bushy Park circuit. Since then, he has participated sporadically in both karting and car racing.

Zane and his brothers and sisters celebrate Christmas and other festivals together. We often see them as a united family, sharing a strong and close bond through Zane’s social media platforms like Instagram.

Their close bond goes beyond being related by blood, showing a strong connection based on love, trust, and respect for each other.


How Old Is Zane Maloney?

Born in 2003 in Bridgetown, Barbados, Zane Maloney is currently 20 years old.

Is Zane Maloney Dating Someone?

Zane Maloney has a girlfriend named Dominique.

Who Are Zane Maloney’s Parents?

Zane Maloney’s Father is Sean Maloney, and his mother is Natalie Malony; his father is also Known for his talent on the racetrack.

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