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Maya Brady Sister Hannah Brady Plays Volleyball At Oaks Christian

Continuing the family legacy, Maya Brady sister Hannah Brady has marked a place for herself as a Volleyball athlete at Oaks Christian.

Family which is filled with renowned atheletes Hanna Brady is also soon to be renowned with her skill as volleyball player, as she has already become non-stop at UCLA League.

Key Takeaways

  • Hannah Brady started her career as a softball player.
  • Hannah Brady’s dad is no longer in the picture.
  • Hannah and Maya support each other’s teams.

Although the GOAT quarterback is now retired, the Brady name will continue to make headlines, thanks to his nieces, Maya Brady and Hannah Brady.

The Brady sisters are rising athletes in softball and volleyball. Maya is a UCLA shortstop who has won many honors, including Pac-12 Player of the Year.

The sportsperson is also a part of the USA women’s team and represented her home country in the 2023 World Cup Stage Event.

Maya Brady Sister Hannah Brady Is A Volleyball Player

Like her elder sister, Hannah Brady began her sports journey as a softball player. But, as luck would have it, she was destined for volleyball and began playing in fifth grade.

Hannah is verbal and communicative with her team members. She is always calm during tournaments and championship matches. She quotes,

I try not to think. I don’t like to get in my head. I visualize us getting a point and cheering and going crazy and us winning.

From Los Angeles Daily News

Hannah is a standout player at Oaks Christian. She led the Lions to two CIF Southern Section Finals.

Maya is very proud of her baby sister and tries to attend almost every one of her matches. She once even brought her UCLA softball team to cheer for Hannah.

Maya Brady Sister
Maya Brady’s sister, Hannah Brady, aspires to play volleyball at the collegiate level. (Source: Los Angeles Daily News)

Good news for Brady’s fans! The young volleyball player has committed to playing D1 Volleyball for the University Of Michigan.

Hannah, donning a Michigan hoodie, shared her future plans on Instagram. In a lengthy post, she thanked her coach, teammates, mother, and sister, Maya, for their support and love.

Brady’s uncle Tom also congratulated her on social media.

Maya Brady And Hannah Brady Were Raised By A Single Mother

All eyes are on Maya and Hannah who continue to make big waves in the sports sector. Their success so far could be credited to one person, their mom, Maureen Brady.

Ms. Brady was born as the eldest child to Galynn Brady and Tom Brady Sr. She was also a softball athlete who pitched for the Bulldogs between 1992 and 1995.

Maureen was a two-year letter-winner in soccer and a four-year letter-winner in softball at Hillsdale High School. She also won all-county and all-league softball honors for four consecutive years.

Hannah Brady’s mother also enjoyed a successful career as a nurse.

Maya Brady Mother
Maya Brady’s mother, Maureen, was a softball pitcher at Fresno State. (Source: Los Angeles Times)

However, her marital life was unsuccessful; Maureen divorced her ex-husband, Brian Timmons, in July 2010.

Maureen raised her daughters as a single mom and provided everything they could ask for.

Maya and Hannah Brody’s dad wasn’t much present in their lives. Tom Brady has always been there for his nieces, and they regard him as more of a father figure.


1. What Is Hannah Brady’s Height?

Hannah Brady stands at 5′ 8″

2. What Is Hannah Brady’s Age?

Hannah Brady is supposedly six years younger than her sister, Maya Brady, making her sixteen years old.

3. What Is Maya Brady’s Height?

Maya Brady is five feet and ten inches tall.

4. Is Maya Brady Dating Anyone?

Maya Brady is dating her boyfriend, James Dinneen.

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