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QB: Is Caleb Williams Related To Deron Williams? Relationship And Family

Is Caleb Williams Related To Deron Williams? The answer is no; the players only share a similar surname and have no relation.

USC quarterback Caleb is among the top NFL prospects in 2024. The Chicago Bears have kept their eyes on this young lad who has a high chance of being drafted by the team.

Bears general manager Ryan Poles put in good words during his interview with The Athletic. He mentioned Caleb’s excellent leadership quality and friendly interaction with teammates.

Key Takeaways:

  • Contrary to what many might believe, Caleb Williams and Deron Williams are not cousins or siblings.
  • Caleb Williams’ dad made headlines after reportedly approaching agents to land a minority ownership stake.
  • Deron Williams’ mother played the role of both mom and dad and raised him all alone.

Williams has a strong arm and high-level accuracy when making a throw. His impressive athletic prowess led him to win the Heisman Trophy, Maxwell Award, and Walter Camp Award in 2022.

Caleb has continued dominating the field with the USC Trojans. He also holds the USC single-season record for most touchdowns (52), offense (4,919 yards), and passing completions (333).

Debunking The Rumors: Caleb Williams Isn’t Related To Deron Williams

The NFL has seen many family relations, from siblings, father-son, twins, and cousins. For instance, NFL stars Devin and Jason McCourty are twins.

Likewise, Jake Matthews and Clay Matthews III are cousins. Clay’s dad, Clay Matthews Jr, and granddad, Clay Sr., also played in the NFL.

However, in Caleb and Deron’s case, the athletes are not related to one another. Their similar surname is just a coincidence.

The NFL prospect was born in Washington, DC, while the retired NFL player’s hometown is Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Considering Deron and Caleb’s seventeen-year age difference, many might assume they are cousins. But that’s not the case either.

As an NFL veteran with decades of experience, Deron Williams is a senior to Caleb. He has influenced many young athletes worldwide.

Exploring The Family Of Caleb Williams And Deron Williams

The No. 1 NFL prospect was born on November 18, 2001, to his parents, Carl Williams and Dayne Price.

Caleb Williams’ father is more like his agent, who has been monitoring his athletic journey since the beginning.

However, Carl reportedly approached agents inquiring if Caleb could get minority ownership stakes from the team that drafts him.

As the NFL bans teams from offering ownership stakes, Carl’s dad’s action raised many eyebrows.

As the only child of his parents, it’s nothing weird to see Carl’s mother and father being protective over his career decisions.

On the other hand, Deron Williams comes from an athletic family. His dad, Byron Williams, an athlete at West Liberty State College, was never really in his life.

Deron Williams’ mother, Denise Smith, raised him and his little brother, Kendall Jones, single-handedly.

Denise was also a basketball and volleyball athlete at West Liberty State. Deron shared about his mom’s influence growing up. He quoted,

She’s a good person. She loves me and my little brother a lot.

She’s taken care of us. She’s a pretty strong woman.

From Deseret News

The retired NFL player is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Darcie McClellan. He also shares four kids with his ex-wife, Amy Stockton.


How Much NIL Money Does Caleb Williams Make?

Caleb Williams reportedly made $10 million from NIL deals at USC. He also endorses high-quality brands like Dr. Pepper and Wendy’s.

How Many Sacks Did Caleb Williams Take?

Caleb Williams made 33 sacks in the 2023 season.

What Was Caleb Williams’ GPA?

The USC student-athlete holds a GPA of 3.29 and is majoring in Communications.

When Did Deron Williams Retire From The NBA?

The former basketball player retired in 2017 at 33.

How Much Is Deron Williams’ Net Worth?

Deron Williams has an impressive net worth of $65 million.

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