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Has Robinho Done Weight Loss? Illness And Health 2024

Robinho has always been skinny. He hasn’t had any drastic weight loss due to illness or other factors.

Once a well-respected soccer player, Robinho now finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

The former footballer is sentenced to nine years for the group assault case that happened back in 2013.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Brazilian football player’s case has been reopened. He faces a nine-year sentence for the 2013 assault case.
  • Robinho was never a picky eater and ate whatever he got. He had the most enormous appetite in the Brazilian Squad.
  • Robinho has remained silent regarding his diet, workout routine, and health issues. He likely follows a strict routine when it comes to these things.

Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice’s judges voted 9-2 to validate the conviction of the former AC Milan Striker.

When he was initially charged for the case in 2017, Robinho was able to escape conviction. He even went on to play for Sivasspor, Istanbul Basaksehir, and Santos.

Has Robinho Done Weight Loss? A Look Into His Current Appearance

Alongside his ongoing trials, the spotlight has shifted to Robinho’s appearance. Has he lost some weight?

Since his case was reopened, the guy has not appeared in public.

The 40-year-old was last seen entering a police car to serve his sentence from his apartment in Santos. Even then, there were no photographs.

While almost all major publications have covered Robinho’s conviction, none has shared his recent images.

So, it’s unknown how much truth Robinho’s weight loss speculations hold. Maybe they are just rumors.

However, if the former athlete has shed some pounds, it’s likely due to stress. He is battling the law to have his judgment upturned, which is pretty challenging in itself.

Robinho Was A Big Eater During His Playing Days

Among his tall and bulky football teammates, Robinho often stood out as a sore thumb with his short and skinny figure.

However, it was not due to malnutrition; the guy ate more than anyone when playing for the Brazilian squad.

It was more like a habit. The athlete had a rough childhood when regular meals were hard to come by.

Robinho followed a strict diet during his playing days and consumed healthy meals, including chicken breast, fillet mignon, guava pudding, fish, and milk.

The sportsman also regularly practiced with his trainer on the field and hit up the gym several times a week.

While his exact workout routine isn’t disclosed, Robinho likely did core exercises, squats, bench presses, pullups, chest dips, and such.

On his last Instagram post in 2023, the former athlete looked healthier with muscles. He had a sturdy figure that was not too bulky or thin.

Likewise, Robinho has never discussed any illness or medical issues with his fans. He is likely in sound health as of this writing.


How Many Goals Did Robinho Score For Real Madrid?

Robinho scored 35 goals in his 137 appearances for Real Madrid.

Why Did Robinho Leave Flamengo?

Robinho left Brazilian club Flamengo due to unpaid salaries. He also sued the club for $20 million for delayed payments.

Who Is Robinho’s Wife?

The retired football player was married to his wife, Vivian Guglielmetti. The pair share three children: Robson Jr. Guglielmetti de Souza, Gianluca, and a daughter.

How Much Is Robinho’s Net Worth?

Robinho has an impressive net worth of $60 million.

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