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2020 NFL Draft Big Board

Howdy, NFL Draft fans. I present to you the complete 2020 NFL Draft Player Big Board Extravaganza!

This 2020 NFL Draft Big Board is divided into 3 sections. I believe the overall 2020 NFL Draft Big Board, where you have the top 200 draft prospects, will get drafted in 2020. Then, you will see the 2020 Big Board Offense & Defense lists, which I will break down via each NFL Draft position grouping. 

The player positions rankings give you a clear overview of positional depth and how a player fits in that meta. I also grade the players based on their performance in the 2018/19 and 2019/20 college seasons.

I created my ranking system based on individual player performances, health status, and combined results, which will be updated when available. This ranking system creates an in-depth projection of a player’s draft position. 

I researched each and every individual player ranked on my list. I watched hundreds of hours of video and reviewed player statistics from the previous and current seasons. You can tell I love this stuff. I made this the most thorough 2020 NFL Draft online for you to enjoy. This is the most in-depth 2020 NFL Draft you can find online.

BONUS—I also created and maintained/updated additional player notes so you can get up-to-date information on each 2020 NFL Draft Prospect via the “notes” section. Each player “note” is an individual card where you can find the prospect’s upsides and downsides, interesting facts that caught my eye, and much more!

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