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Real Madrid: Who Is Luz Mendez, Brahim Diaz Girlfriend? Dating And Relationship

By deciding to play for Morocco, Brahim Diaz made the African fans hopeful, but he had the option to play for Spain as well, where his long-time girlfriend resides.

Brahim Diaz is a soccer player who plays for Real Madrid in La Liga. Before Madrid, he played in Serie A for Inter Milan.

The attacking midfielder was in a relationship with his Spanish partner Luz Mendez from his days in Milan.

Key Takeaways:

  • Luz Mendez, Brahim Diaz’s partner, is a versatile individual with a background in acting, business, and marketing, showcasing her multidimensional talents.
  • From her academic pursuits in prestigious institutions to her diverse work experiences across different countries, Luz has honed her skills and knowledge in various fields.
  • By venturing into Metaverse entrepreneurship with her company Luxyght and obtaining certifications in Metaverse and NFT marketing, Luz demonstrates adaptability and foresight in emerging technologies for business success.

Luz and Brahim have been together for more than 2 years now.

Every now and then, Luz attends the talented midfielder’s soccer game.

When Brahim made a debut for Morocco, Luz was seen wearing a Morocco jersey to show her support.

As per her Instagram, Luz is an actress who has worked in many plays and musicals.

Despite being a small-time actress, the critics have appreciated her roles in a famous play called Cabaret.

In her performances, we can see her hometown, Tenerife, come to life.

Nevertheless, Luz didn’t pursue acting just out of a hobby; she is an exceptionally trained actress.

She has been trained at some of the reputed institutes like Estudio Corazza Para La Actuación, the Laboratory of William Layton, and Central de Cine.

Her dedication to the craft made her travel a lot. The versatile actress has resided in 5 countries as of 2024.

The constant change in locations allowed her to learn different cultures and languages. Through her diverse experiences, she is now fluent in Italian and English.

But Luz isn’t just an actress; she is a multi-talented individual with business and marketing skills.

Brahim Diaz Girlfriend, Luz, Is A Entrepreneur

Besides acting, Luz has experience working in multiple fields and is well-educated.

Before entering the business world, she was a student at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona from 2016 to 2017.

At that university, she did a double diploma in business and marketing.

She was also a student at UC Leuven-Limburg, studying International Business Management.

Before completing her degree, she worked as a Marketing Communication Manager at Sur Film for five months in 2018.

In 2019, she completed her studies at UC Leuven-Limburg.

Furthermore, she also has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree form London South Bank University.

The academic individual also got an Associate’s degree in Organizational Analysis from Stanford University.

Besides academics, she has worked as Head of Sales at Span in London.

After that, she moved to Italy and worked at Noval Properties as Investment Manager.

Due to her experiences and extensive knowledge, she knew she would face much competition while doing regular business.

So, she decided to be the Metaverse entrepreneur.

In 2021, she opened a company named Luxyght, selling virtual lands and properties.

Soon after, she realized that to run a successful business, she needed to grasp the fundamentals of Metaverse.

Which is why she got certified in Metaverse and NFTs for marketing in 2022.

Since then, the multi-talented individual has been efficiently running her business.

Besides that, she also has a certification in Building an Ethereum Blockchain App, so it is safe to assume that she also has investments in cryptocurrencies.


What Is Brahim Diaz’s Current Club?

Brahim Díaz is an attacking midfielder or winger for Real Madrid in La Liga.

Where Was Brahim Diaz Born?

Brahim Díaz was born in Spain, specifically in Málaga, to a Spanish mother and Moroccan father.

Which National Teams Has Brahim Diaz Represented Internationally?

Brahim Díaz initially represented Spain at the youth level but later switched his allegiance to the Morocco national team.

When Did Brahim Diaz Switch His Allegiance To The Morocco National Team?

Brahim Díaz officially announced his decision to switch his allegiance to the Morocco national team on March 10, 2024.

When did Brahim Diaz Make His Debut For The Morocco National Team?

Brahim Díaz debuted for the Morocco national team on March 22, 2024, in a 1–0 victory over Angola.

What Clubs Did Brahim Diaz Play For Before Joining Real Madrid?

Before joining Real Madrid, Brahim Díaz played for Manchester City and had a loan spell at AC Milan in Serie A.

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