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Is Alec Burleson Related To Rick Burleson? Relationship And Family Explained

Alec Burleson and Rick Burleson are not related by blood; they only share common last names and similar facial features.

Alec Burleson, the professional baseball outfielder, will be on the bench for the first time this MLB season. As the Cardinals’ match is just around the corner, speculations arise about whether Alec Burleson is related to Rick Burleson.

Key Takeaways

  • Alec Burleson has no blood relations with Rick Burleson; their only similarities are their same last names, baseball backgrounds, and slight resemblance in facial features.
  • Their age gap is over 40 years, which makes it impossible for them to share a professional alignment, although they both belong to the baseball arena.
  • Alec has his roots in North Carolina, while Rick has his ancestral roots in California, hinting that despite having the same last name, they have no familial connections.

Alec is known for his combined 3 for 14 with a double, a run, and 5 strikeouts during the Cardinal’s Opening season series.

Rick Burleson is the former MLB Shortstop who played for three American League teams over 13 seasons.

Nicknamed Rooster, Rick is considered an intense ballplayer who debuted with the Boston Red Sox on May 4, 1974.

He has bagged numerous honors during his journey, including the Golden Glove Award and the Silver Slugger Award.

Alec Burleson Is Not Related To Rick Burleson

Alec Burleson has no relation with Rick Burleson except for sharing the same last name and professional career.

Their related speculations may have sprouted from their similar facial features.

While we looked at the photos of Rick when he was young, he looked pretty similar to how Alec looks now, making fans wonder about their familial connection.

However, to their disappointment, they are not related in any way.

Rick Burleson gained immense fame and recognition as a baseball player in his time. Similarly, Alec is gaining popularity now.

There is a significant gap in the career alignment of these players; Alec debuted for MLB on September 8, 2022, while Rick debuted four decades before Alec’s debut on May 4, 1974.

This huge gap indicates they may not have crossed paths as collaborators, partners, or even rivals in their professional journey.

Similarly, they have a significant age gap of over 4 decades, hinting that there is no chance of them being brothers.

Alec was born on November 25, 1998, while Rick was born on April 29, 1951.

The age difference likely fits the grandfather and grandson relationship, which is irrelevant in this context.

In addition, although they share the same nationality, i.e., American, they were raised in different states. Rick was born and raised in Lynwood, California, while Alec was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina.

No alignment in their hometowns signifies that they do not have any familial connection even though they have the same surname.

Exploring The Familial Roots Of Alec Burleson And Rick Burleson

Alec Burleson is an American native born to his father, Jason Burleson, and his mother, Betty Burleson.

He spent his entire childhood with his parents, and they have a very close bond with each other.

The baseballer took to his Instagram and wished his mother a Happy Mother’s Day with a heartwarming photograph captioned,

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mother! Thank you for supporting me in everything that I do and guiding me to where I am today. Enjoy your day and I love you very much!❤️

Alec has a brother named Bradley, however, much information about him has not been disclosed except for his name.

Similarly, Betty Burleson took to her Twitter and posted a photo with her two sons captioned,

My beautiful boys, my whole world!!

On the other hand, details on Rick’s parents are not available on the internet, except that he is the father of three sons, Tyler, Chad, and Kyle, and a daughter, Lauren.

In an interview, Rick opened up about his son and grandchildren. The oldest son, Tyler, works for Enterprise Rental Cars. He is married and has a son with his wife.

Moreover, his second son, Chad, works in the Sales Department for Makita Tools and has a son.

Additionally, his youngest son, Kyle, works in Rancho Cucamonga, where he is involved in sales for the Quakes.

Thus, none of his children chose to walk in his footsteps to follow the athletic journey.

This indicates that Alec and Ric Burleson have no personal or professional connection.


When Did Alec Burleson Start His Amateur Career?

He started playing baseball as a junior in 2016 at East Lincoln High School. Then, he hit .390 with six home runs along with pitching to 0.83 ERA.

When Did Alec Hit His First MLB Homerun?

He scored his first big hit in Major League Baseball on September 23 against Hanser Alberto from the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium when the Cardinals won 11-0.

What Was Rick’s Record When He Played With The California Angels During The First Season?

In the first season, he batted .293 with 33 RBIs and scored 53 runs while playing 109 of the Angels’ 110 games.

When Did Rick Burleson Start His Coaching Career?

He began coaching in 1989 when he was appointed as an Oakland Athletics Minor League infield instructor, followed by the scout in 1990.

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