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What Happened To Anthony Kim Nose And Face? Plastic Surgery Before And After

According to online users, renowned golf player Anthony Kim, who recently made a comeback, has a cocaine nose, and his face is asymmetrical.

Anthony Kim is a professional golfer from Los Angeles, California.

The talented golfer has won three PGA Tour titles and represented his country in prestigious tournaments such as the Ryder and Presidents Cup.

Key Takeaways

  • Anthony Kim has a cocaine nose. The news might be fake.
  • They guess that his uneven facial features, nose, and unusual markings on his neck were the outcomes.
  • Another observer speculated that the athlete had plastic surgery on his nose and cheekbone.

Unfortunately, an injury in 2012 halted Anthony’s career, and he has not participated in a PGA Tour event since then.

Kim’s influence in the golf world remained significant despite his long absence, thanks to his unique style and vibrant social life.

Recently, he returned to professional golf, participating in the LIV Golf League, much to the excitement of fans and fellow golfers.

Anthony Kim’s Facial Changes: Did He Undergo Nose Surgery?

According to a discussion on Reddit, professional golfer Anthony Kim’s facial features, particularly his nose and facial symmetry, have significantly changed.

Some online users in the discussion have suggested that Kim seems to have a “cocaine nose.”

Cocaine nose is a term used to describe physical alterations to the nose resulting from extensive cocaine use.

Reports suggest that cocaine, a harsh substance, can cause damage and irritation to nasal tissues.

It also leads to a cycle of injury and healing that can eventually result in permanent changes.

Anthony Kim nose
Netizens believe there have been significant changes to Anthony Kim’s nose and overall facial features. (Image source: The Athletic)

Since Kim’s return to professional golf, his appearance has been a topic of conversation.

One participant in the discussion speculated that the use of cocaine led to the dissolution of his septum and a flattened nose.

Another speculated that the athlete might have undergone reconstructive surgery on his nose and cheekbone, resulting in asymmetrical eyes.

A third participant expressed disbelief at Kim’s appearance, noting that his eyes seemed misaligned.

They did not recall Kim having these features previously and suggested that something might have occurred during his hiatus from golf.

It’s important to note that these are speculations and personal opinions, and there has been no official confirmation or statement regarding these claims.

Before the Transformation: Anthony Kim’s Appearance

Speculation about Anthony Kim’s physical appearance has extended beyond discussing his nose.

There is a belief among some observers that the golfer may have undergone reconstructive surgery on his nose and cheekbone, leading to noticeable asymmetry in his facial features.

Anthony Kim nose
According to a Reddit discussion, Anthony Kim allegedly had reconstructive surgery. (Image Source: Yahoo)

The speculation doesn’t stop there. One individual suggested a rather dramatic scenario where Kim could have been assaulted and severely injured over a drug or gambling debt, leading to his throat being slit.

They said that his asymmetric face, nose, and weird marks on his neck could be the result of it.

Moreover, another observer initially thought Kim’s altered appearance was due to a “coke nose,” but found this explanation insufficient to account for changes to his eyes and neck.

However, as mentioned above, these are merely theories put forth by individuals and not based on any official information.

No confirmation or official statement has supported these speculations about Anthony Kim’s physical changes.


Who Is Anthony Kim’s Wife?

Anthony Kim’s wife’s name is Emily.

How Many Tattoos Does Anthony Kim Have?

Anthony Kim has inked his Left hand.

Does Anthony Kim Have Siblings?

No, Anthony Kim does not have any siblings.

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