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Is JJ Quinerly Related To Jahvon Quinerly? Relationship And Family

During the match against IOWA, JJ Quinerly performed like a true star; after her performance, every NCAA fan wonders if JJ Quinerly is related to Jahvon Quinerly.

Jahvon is another famous baller from the Memphis Tigers.

Since both athletes share the same surname, many fans wondered if they share familial ties.

But it seems like both players aren’t related to each other on a personal level.

Dont worry. We have got some points to prove our theory.

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite sharing the same surname and both being talented athletes, JJ Quinerly and Jahvon Quinerly are not related on a personal level.
  • Extensive research into their family histories and social media activity reveals no familial connection between the two players.
  • While JJ and Jahvon may not be family, they share a professional bond through their mutual respect for the sport.

JJ Quinerly And Jahvon Quinerly Aren’t Related On A Personal Level

To check if both athletes are related, we researched the places where both grew up.

JJ is originally from Norfolk, Virginia. Her journey in basketball started at Lake Taylor High School under coach Saundra Sawyer.

During her high school career, her average was 17.4 points, 6.7 rebounds, 9.0 assists, and 5.0 steals per game.

On the other hand, Jahvon is originally from Hackensack, New Jersey. His journey started at Hudson Catholic High School under coach Nick Mariniello.

Jahvon averaged 16.6 points, 4.3 assists, and 1.5 steals per game in high school.

Since both athletes grew up in different states and attended different schools, we had slight doubts that both players mightn’t be related to each other.

Growing up in different cities isn’t concrete proof that both athletes aren’t related.

So we started diving into their family to get a more precise answer.

JJ is the daughter of John and Nikosha Quinerly. Their parents met with each other during their time in Norfolk State University(NSU).

The future WNBA player also has a brother named Nhyre’ John Quinerly, who plays football for NSU.

On the other hand, Jahvon’s parents are Mark Quinerly (father) and Caren Quinerly (mother).

He also has three brothers, Maurice, Jaden, and Julien Quinerly.

To find a connection between the two athletes, we surfed through each family member’s social media.

However, none of the family members have posted anything about the other family, which further cements our theory.

While searching for the connection, we also found that JJ’s father, John, had resigned from his position as a coach in 2010 due to his mother’s sudden demise.

While reading her obituary, we learned that Mary Saunders (John’s mother) had a single child, proving that the two athletes aren’t related in any way.

JJ And Jahvon Are Related Professionally

Despite not being each other’s close ones, the athletes respect each other’s game.

JJ averages 14.5 points per game and is a strong contender to play in the WNBA.

On the other hand, Jahvon averages 13.5 points per game and is likely to get drafted into the NBA.

Both players follow each other on their official Instagram handle to show their mutual admiration.


Do JJ And Jahvon Share Any Professional Connections Or Interactions?

While they are unrelated, JJ and Jahvon Quinerly share a professional bond and mutual respect for basketball skills. They have been observed following each other on social media platforms like Instagram, demonstrating their admiration for one another’s game.

What Are The Key Differences In Their Upbringing And Early Basketball Careers?

JJ Quinerly hails from Norfolk, Virginia, and attended Lake Taylor High School, while Jahvon Quinerly is from Hackensack, New Jersey, and attended Hudson Catholic High School. They both achieved notable success in high school basketball but grew up in different states and attended different schools.

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