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Hull KR Legend Phil Lowe Wife Avril Lowe And Family Details

Often described as the finest running second-rower Rugby League has ever seen, Phil Lowe passed away at 74.

The Hull KR legend was known for his strong family values, always placing them as his top priority.

He was married to his lovely wife, Avril.

Key Takeaways

  • Phil Lowe passed away at 74, leaving behind a remarkable sporting legacy.
  • He was married to his wife, Avril Lowe, and they had a son and a daughter.
  • Despite battling Alzheimer’s, Lowe’s impact extended beyond sports.

The kind-hearted soul was respected everywhere for his outspoken and straightforward personality.

He was struggling with advanced Alzheimer’s but always stood tall against the cruel disease.

Phil Lowe Wife Avril Lowe And Family Details

The family man was married to his lovely wife, Avril Lowe.

Avril went to Estcourt High School, and after graduation, she completed her higher education at Hull College.

She is enjoying her retired life, but before, she used to work at “The Shakespeare Inn.

The couple had two children: a son named Andy and a daughter named Katie Lowe.

The greatest mom to her two, Mrs. Phil, has always put her family’s happiness before her.

The duo created a beautiful family, and their children have carried on their legacy.

Son Andy is a married guy who resides in Kingston Upon Hull and graduated from South Holderness School.

He is married to Toni Lowe on September 27, 1999, and they have two children: a son, Jake, and a daughter, Morghan Lowe.

Having grandchildren is a blessing, but Phil was lucky to hold his great-grandkid.

Yes, you heard it right! Morghan shares a daughter, Nova, with her husband, Jordan Lane.

Likewise, Jake, a DJ and producer, is in a relationship with Italia Jeal, but they dont have any kids yet.

On the other hand, daughter Katie has been dating her boyfriend, Peter McEwan, since 2016. They live in Australia but often travel back home to visit their family.

Tribute Pours In For The Greatest

Phil Lowe was a kind-hearted soul who was direct with his approach but was respected everywhere for his personality.

The former athlete was struggling with advanced Alzheimer’s but always stood tall against the cruel disease.

A natural athlete who overpowered his opponents with his physique and speed, he was significant for Great Britain’s victory in the 1972 World Cup final.

After Phil retired from playing, he briefly coached at York before taking on two roles with the Robins. He served as club chairman from 1992 to 1994 and, more recently, worked as a football director.

He expanded his business ventures by becoming a landlord, managing multiple pubs in the Hull and East Riding region, and delving into property investment.

In 2011, Lowe took on the role of landlord at the Shakespeare public house in Baxtergate, Hedon. However, he eventually retired from this role and handed over control to his daughter.

Club President Mike Smith pays tribute to the rugby star, stating, “Phil was a once-in-a-lifetime player and a person that I aspired to be. His success around the world of Rugby League made him an all-time great.”

Likewise, current Hall FC and former Hull KR head coach Tony Smith also paid his tribute, “A great, great man. His family should be very proud of him.”


What Impact Did Phil Lowe Have On The International Rugby Scene?

Lowe represented Great Britain, contributing to significant victories, including the 1972 World Cup Final.

What Did Phil Lowe Do After Retiring?

Following his playing career, Phil transitioned into coaching and administrative roles. He briefly coached at York before returning to Rovers, where he served as a director and held club chairman and football director positions.

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