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What Is Wrong With March Madness Host Greg Gumbel? Illness And Health 2024

Colorado just won an exciting match against Boise, and everything about March Madness is getting interesting. But like every other fan, we felt like something was missing.

Wait !! Where is Greg Gumbel, the voice of March Madness? What is wrong with the March Madness host?

Greg is a legend when it comes to hosting. The veteran sportscaster hadn’t missed a single season before March Madness 2024.

Let’s talk in detail about why he is missing this season.

Key Takeaways:

  • Greg Gumbel is absent from hosting March Madness 2024 due to family health issues, but he himself is not sick.
  • Adam Zucker is replacing Greg for this season, with plans for Greg to return for the next NCAA season.
  • Speculation arises regarding the health of Greg’s brother, Bryant Gumbel, who has a history of health problems, including lung cancer.
  • Greg has not disclosed specific details about the family member facing health issues.

Greg Gumbel Isn’t Suffering From Any Illness

Since Greg is absent this season, his health is the most obvious concern for everyone.

The good news for us and the fans is that Greg Gumbel isn’t currently suffering from any illness.

But there is some bad news: someone close to him has health issues, which is the primary reason behind his absence this season.

The Athletic senior writer Richard Deitsch first confirmed the news. After that, all the big media houses confirmed that Adam Zucker replaced Greg this season.

Furthermore, his other family, a.k.a his crew, also wished for the well-being of the Gumbel family.

Besides that, Adam Zucker from CBS said there are plans to bring Greg back for the next NCAA season, which confirms that we won’t be missing his voice in the upcoming season.

However, among the fans, there is a huge concern about who in Greg’s family might be ill.

Who In His Family Might Be Ill?

The Gumbel family comprises his wife, Marcy, and Greg’s married daughter, Michelle. The happy family resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

While details about their past health issues aren’t available, we can only pray for his immediate family members to be safe and sound.

However, there is one family member, a.k.a. his brother Bryant Gumbel, who has dealt with some severe health issues in the past.

Back in 2009, Bryant had revealed that he was suffering from lung cancer and also had surgery.

He also said that he was a chain smoker for 10 years, which might have been the reason for his cancer.

Throughout his lifetime, Bryant has had seven surgeries for different health-related issues.

Furthermore, Bryant hasn’t made any TV appearances after the conclusion of his show Real Sports.

We hope it’s just speculation, but it seems highly plausible that Bryant is facing health issues again in the current scenario.

Greg hasn’t personally revealed who in his family is ill, so we can only speculate who might be facing health issues.


What Is Greg Gumbel’s Current Role At CBS Sports?

Greg Gumbel serves as the studio host for CBS’ men’s college basketball coverage and has been a prominent figure in the network’s sports broadcasting for many years.

What Are Some Notable Achievements In Greg Gumbel’s Broadcasting Career?

Gumbel became the first African-American announcer to call play-by-play of a major sports championship in the United States when he announced Super Bowl XXXV for CBS in 2001.

Will Greg Gumbel Return To Broadcasting After Addressing Family Health Issues?

Yes, Adam Zucker has confirmed plans to bring Greg back for the next NCAA season, indicating that Gumbel’s absence from March Madness coverage is temporary.

What Is Known About Greg Gumbel’s Personal Life?

Greg Gumbel resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with his wife Marcy and their daughter Michelle. His brother, Bryant Gumbel, is also a notable figure in the broadcasting industry.

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