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Bucky McMillan Salary And Net Worth 2024: Career Earning And Achievement

Bucky McMillan signed a seven-year contract extension with the Samford Bulldogs in March 2024 after leading them to their first NCAA Tournament appearance in 24 years.

He was hired as head coach, replacing Scott Padgett on April 6, 2020. Let’s explore his salary and net worth in this article.

Key Takeaways

  • The men’s team head coaches make about $139,499, and women’s team head coaches make an average of $89,836 yearly in Samford.
  • Bucky McMillan began his coaching career in 2006 and signed a seven-year contract extension with Samford Bulldogs in March 2024.
  • He led the Spartans to two championship runner-ups and Mountain Book to three 7A basketball championships and two 6A basketball championships.

Bucky McMillan was born on August 12, 1983, in Birmingham, Alabama, United States. He is 40 years old as of 2024.

He played basketball at Mountain Brook High School in Alabama and helped his team reach the state final four in 2001.

Bucky continued playing basketball in college at Birmingham Southern from 2002 to 2006 and was named to the league All-Academic team as a senior.

He graduated with a degree in education services in 2007.

Bucky McMillan Salary And Net Worth As Of 2024

Bucky McMillan’s coaching journey started at local high schools, where coaches earn around $50,000 annually.

His earnings and net worth varied coming this far as the head coach at Samford Bulldogs men’s basketball.

In Samford, women’s team head coaches make an average of $89,836, and men’s team head coaches make about $139,499 yearly.

Thus, Bucky McMillan’s salary is also expected to be nearly $139,499 yearly. However, the head coach has yet to disclose his precise earnings and net worth to the tabloids.

Nonetheless, he recently signed a seven-year contract that runs through 2030 with Samford Bulldogs.

Samford Bulldogs Head Coach Bucky McMillan

Bucky McMillan joined Mountain Brook as an assistant coach in 2006 and was hired as the head coach in 2008.

He won three 7A and two 6A basketball championships while at Mountain Book. He also led the Spartans to two championship runner-ups.

National High School Coaches Association named him the National Boys Basketball Coach of the Year in 2018.

Bucky McMillan is the first Alabama coach to win the national honor from the NHSCA and was also named the 2019 Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Game coach.

Likewise, he was the USA Today’s Alabama Coach of the Year in 2019. 

Bucky has been the head coach of the Samford Bulldogs men’s basketball team since 2020 and drew attention for his uptempo and aggressive style of play, nicknamed “Bucky Ball.”

The media named him the Southern Conference Coach of the Year in 2022.

Samford athletics director Martin Newton was also highly excited about the announcement of Coach McMillan’s contract extension.

Bucky said,

“I want to thank Dr. Taylor and Martin Newton for their confidence in the direction of the program as I am extremely grateful for the contract extension,”


Who is Bucky McMillan’s wife?

Bucky McMillan’s wife is Britni Ballard McMillan. She is the winner of Mrs. Alabama American 2008 and works in the fashion industry.

Who is the coach of Mountain Brook High School basketball?

The Mountain Brook Board of Education approved the promotion of Tyler Davis to Mountain Brook High School varsity boys basketball head coach.

What Is Bucky McMillan’s Religion?

Bucky McMillan believes in Jesus Christ and follows the Christian religion.

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