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Chad Robichaux Wife Kathy Robichaux, Children And Age Gap

After adopting a baby girl named Summer, Chad Robichaux and his wife, Kathy Robichaux, have raised awareness for the community.

Chad is a veteran turned MMA fighter who has written 6 books as of writing.

But today’s story isn’t about Chad at all. We focus on his brilliant and forgiving wife, Kathy, who is also a mother and a hairstylist.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into today’s topic.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kathy and Chad Robichaux’s marriage faced significant challenges, including Chad’s struggles with PTSD and infidelity.
  • Despite the hardships they faced, Kathy’s forgiveness and Chad’s commitment to change led to the restoration of their marriage.
  • Through their foundation, the Mighty Oaks Foundation, Kathy and Chad Robichaux supports military families.

Chad Robichaux Wife Kathy Grew Up In A Broken Home

Before delving into the nitty-gritty details of their marriage, let’s get to know how Kathy grew up.

While growing up, Kathy didn’t have support from her parents. Her father and mother divorced when she was just two years old.

Initially, her father got custody of her, and for the next 4 years, he raised her as a single parent.

But when she was just six years old, her father got remarried and shifted his focus to the new family.

During that time, she always felt like she was getting in the way of her father’s new household.

The condition was so severe that she decided to move in with her mother when she was just 10 years old.

After moving in with her mother, she hoped she would finally get a parent to spend time with.

Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Kathy’s mother was very busy and never gave her child the desired attention.

Back when Kathy was in high school, she was into cheerleading and always yearned for her parents to show up for her, but they never did.

Kathy Met Her Future Husband When She Was In High School

Kathy might have missed her parents presence during high school, but it was during those years that she met her future husband for the first.

Back when Chad was in his first year in Marine Corps, Kathy was in her senior year in high school.

The beautiful couple first met each other when Chad gave a ride to one of their mutual friends.

The exciting part is Kathy didn’t like Chad at first. As per Kathy, he was too short for her.

Later, Kathy was invited to a party by their mutual friend Scott. Scott brought his friend Chad, hoping to fix a date with another girl.

On the other hand, Kathy started to get jealous since the other girl was also interested in her future partner.

After a few interactions, they started dating, which later turned into marriage in 1995.

Kathy And Chad Had Problems In Their Marriage

After their marriage, she thought that they were going to live together in the same home and build a happy family.

But Chad was in the military, and we all know how veteran life is.

The future MMA star had to travel around quite a bit, leaving his family in the hands of his wife.

After few years, Chad was deployed in Vietnam.

Even though Chad was thankful for his time in the military, it affected his mental well-being.

So he decided to leave the military life and return to his family for good.

But sadly, after being a marine for so many years, he had developed a PTSD.

However they didn’t know what was happening at the time, and Chad got bitter with the family he had created.

At times he would seek help from his partner. He would ask his better half to hold him in the middle of the night.

Being a supportive partner, Kathy tried helping him as much as she could.

But with each passing day, Chad turned more and more bitter. Instead of giving time to his family, he started spending more time in the gym.

To forget his pain, he kept on working as a MMA fighter while his partner had to handle the family all on her own.

Story Of How Their Marriage Was Saved

Chad was attaining all the success in the MMA world but his personal life was in ruins.

In a few years, the situation had actually gone from bad to worse. The time from thinking about the divorce to actually filing it went very fast.

The reason was Chad had started cheating on his wife and Kathy found out.

The beautiful couple was on the verge of losing their family. Kathy and Chad had reached a point where they had sold their homes and moved out to a different apartment.

For a brief time, both lived in separate homes. But Kathy didn’t want to end her marriage; she wanted to fight for it.

On the other hand, Chad was fixated on the belief that he had destroyed his family and wanted to be far from his wife and children.

But fate had something else planned.

During those times, the couple filing for a divorce was given a three-month cooling period.

While spending a time by himself, Chad had even thought about ending his life but the thoughts of his children stopped him.

They Saved Their Marriage

After the cooling period when Kathy arrived to his door with divorce paper in her hands, she asked:

How could you be as successful as you were in the military, as an MMA fighter, doing all the schools and deployments and the crazy deployments that we did? When it comes to your family, you’ll quit.

This question pierced the MMA fighter’s heart, and from then on, he started seeking help in the church and working on his marriage.

With the help of god and therapists, he started the journey of saving his family.

On the other hand, Kathy embarked on a self-reflection and prayer journey, seeking God’s guidance to forgive Chad and love him as Christ loved them.

Despite the pain and brokenness, Chad and Kathy turned to God for healing and restoration.

With an age gap of just 2 years the beautiful couple now understands each other completely.

Besides that, together, they have also opened up a foundation named Mighty Oaks Foundation, where they help military families get back on their feet.

With a new child, Summer, their family has grown to five members with two sons and two grandchildren.


How Many Children Does Chad Robichaux Have?

Chad Robichaux and his wife Kathy have four children: a daughter and two sons.

Do Chad’s Children Share His Passion For Martial Arts?

Yes, both of Chad’s sons, Hunter and Hayden, are 3rd generation Marines in the Robichaux family and share their father’s passion as lifelong martial artists.

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