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LSU: What Happened To Hailey Van Lith? Scandal And Controversy 2024

Hailey Van Lith, often referred to as HVL, is a talented women’s basketball player who plays for the LSU Tigers of the Southeastern Conference.

Hailey Van Lith is an American college basketball player who previously played for the Louisville Cardinals.

Key Takeaways

  • Hailey Van Lith won the gold medal in the 2023 FIBA World Cup and was named MVP in the 2019 FIBA U-18 World Cup.
  • Hailey suffered a foot injury during a game in the Cayman Islands which made her miss four games.
  • Hailey Van Lith faced criticism regarding her transfer from Louisville to LSU.
  • Hailey Van Lith has been involved in several situations recently, including speaking out against racist criticism toward LSU teammates.

She was named a McDonald’s All-American and an all-time leading scorer in state history at Cashmere Hgh School in Cashmere, Washington.

Hailey has also earned All-ACC honors two times at Louisville and has won two gold medals with the United States at the youth international level.

She is also a 2023 FIBA World Cup gold medalist and was the most valuable player(MVP) of the 2019 FIBA Under-18 World Cup.

What Happened To Hailey Van Lith?

Hailey Van Lith a key basketball player for LSU suffered a foot injury during a game in the Cayman Islands.

The injury occurred when she slipped on the court, leading to plantar fasciitis in her right foot which caused pain in the bottom of the foot.

As a result of her injury, Hailey had to miss a game against Louisiana(UL) and sat out for four games in total while she recovered.

Besides her foot injury, Hailey Van Lith is facing criticism regarding her performance after she transferred to LSU from Louisville.

After transferring from Louisville to LSU Hailey Van Lith has experienced a decrease in both her scoring and playing time compared to her time at Louisville.

In the Reddit discussion, people are expressing negative opinions about Hailey Van Lith’s performance, leading to criticism of her abilities and decisions.

Despite facing criticism, Hailey Van Lith is positive, and she is dedicated to working hard to regain her position.

Recent Stirring Events Involving Hailey Van Lith: Scandal And Controversy 2024

Hailey Van Lith has been involved in several controversial situations recently. These controversies include speaking out against racist criticism toward LSU teammates and facing speculation about her potential entry into the WNBA Draft.

The game between Iowa and LSU recently turned into a battle because of an article in the Los Angeles Times where the article called LSU’s players mean names like “dirty debutantes” and made them seem like bad guys.

We do have a lot of black women on this team… unfortunately, that bias does exist still today. A lot of the people that are making those comments are being racist towards my teammates….


Hailey Van Lith stood up for her teammate Angel Reese and the rest of the LSU team against the racism in the article. She said the words in the article made her sad and upset.

Besides this Hailey Van Lith is also facing speculation regarding the 2024 WNBA Draft.

After the loss of LSU to Iowa, there is speculation and controversy surrounding her potential draft to the WNBA, which sparked discussions about Hailey’s future and the impact of her decision on both LSU and potential WNBA teams.


How Old Is Hailey Van Lith?

Born on September 9, 2001, in Wenatchee Washington U.S. Hailey Van Lith is 22 years old.

Who Are Hailey Van Lith’s Parents?

Hailey Van Lith’s mother’s name is Jessica Van Lith and her father’s name is Corey Van Lith who is also an athlete. Corey Van played basketball and baseball at the University of Puget Sound and guided Hailey to pursue her basketball career.

Does Hailey Van Lith Have Siblings?

Hailey Van Lith has a brother named Tanner Van Lith who played baseball for Big Bend Community College.

Is Hailey Van Lith Active On Social Media Platforms?

Hailey Van Lith is active on Instagram with around one million followers.

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