Canada vs Costa Rica

David Shows His Quality in 1-0 Win For Canada vs Costa Rica In 2022 World Cup Qualifying

Jonathan David scored the lone goal as things would end 1-0 for Canada vs Costa Rica. Commonwealth Stadium did not disappoint on a cold November 12th evening. 48, 806 fans showed up to cheer on the Canadian National Team as they were able to push ahead to their 2022 World Cup Qualifying hopes.

A scoreless first half that saw exactly what you would expect out of a CONCACAF match. Lots of fouls, the visiting side playing a low block, and no real flow of play. Canada would come out strong in the 2nd half and after set-play, after set-play, they would finally capitalize on all of their chances. Milan Borjan wasn鈥檛 tested very much but he was able to keep everything out for the clean sheet.

Lineups, News and Notes

Head coach John Herdman would go with a strong lineup at home for Canada vs Costa Rica. Milan Borjan was back after missing the last window with Covid and would get the start between the sticks. Alphonso Davies and Jonathan David would start up top for Canada. They would look for service all match from the 4-4-2 midfield of Stephen Eust谩quio, Mark-Anthony Kaye, Tajon Buchanan, and Liam Millar.

Canada vs Costa Rica Lineup

Sam Adekugbe, Kamal Miller, Steven Vit贸ria and Richei Laryea would patrol the back line in front of Borjan.

Scoreless CONCACAF 1st Half For Canada vs Costa Rica

Costa Rica would kick things off to start the 1st half but quickly give it over to Canada and go on the defensive. The first chance of the match would come down the left side in minute 3. Miller and Davies would do some nice passing and keeper Moreira had to be sharp to stop the cutback from Davies. The delivery was long and Canada would take over once again. Costa Rica was happy to wait for a counter opportunity but the home side was a step quicker. A long shot from Galo in the 6th minute but it would run wide of the net.

The first corner kick of the match would go to Canada after some nice work from David. He would come up slow but be alright. Davies would stand over the ball and drive it into the near post. It was cleared away but only to half where Canada would regain control. It was clear from the start of the match who would dictate the pace of the match. David would in a free-kick and Davies move over to take it once again. It was to the front of the players and cleared easily by the visitors as we moved into the 9th minute.

The physicality was evident from the start of the match as Buchanon would win another free kick in the attacking half. This time Eust谩quio would be on set-piece duty and deliver it nicely to the back post. It was to a group of bodies but it was a black and white shirt that would clear the danger. The pressure would continue from the home squad as they won another corner. Eust谩quio would try and find Davies near the post but it was cleared out for a throw in the 12th minute. Despite not having any possession it almost seemed like the start Costa Rica wanted.

Canada vs Costa Rica | Sports Talk Line
Canada vs Costa Rica 1st Half

Things would heat up in the 13th minute as Kaye and Campbell would get chest to chest. The crowds would clear quickly before Costa Rica would restart play. The visiting side would see some brief possession before a foul on Laryea would turn it right back over to the Canadians. Alphonso Davies would a great chance in the 15th minute but his shot was deflected out for another corner. This time Canada would almost open the scoring as David would head it right off the crossbar for another corner. It was a nervous moment for the visiting Costa Ricans but they would clear the danger and get a moment to breathe.

It was only a moment as Miller would come back in on the attack down the left side. He ran it too far and out for a goal kick. The first yellow card of the match would come to Richie Laryea in the 18th minute for a foul on Bennette. Costa Rica would look long and turn it over, they had no desire to control the ball for any length of time. Canada was controlling 74% of possession but couldn鈥檛 break past the wall of 10 defenders. A foul by Buchanan, out of frustration, lead to a free-kick for Costa Rica. The home fans would start to pick up as we moved into the 21st minute.

Eust谩quio was forced to clear it out the back for a corner kick. It was delivered far too close to Borjan who would punch it away from danger. Costa Rica would stop the counter and Ortiz would get a chance to cross it in but elected to dribble to the touchline. He would lose the ball and shoulder barge Vit贸ria for a foul and Canada would take over. As expected in CONCACAF the physicality would pick up as Bennette would barge over Eust谩quio on the touchline. He would be shown a yellow card in the 24th minute as the teams would once again get heated.

Davies would take a hard foul between two Costa Rican players and need medical treatment. He was down for several minutes but would be alright to continue after the foul from Calvo. Canada would turn things over in the 26th minute but like most of the 1st half, they would give it right back. Some scrambling play from both sides until a promising chance for Buchanon on the counter-attack. It was timed well from the Costa Rican defender and would run to keeper Moreira. Things would continue along the same lines as we moved past the 30th minute of action.

Costa Rica would try and test the Canadian keeper from distance once again but the shot from Ortiz was wide of the net. Canada tried to attack but looked a bit out of sorts and almost gave up a dangerous counter-attack. Laryea would win it back and then win a foul after being taken down by Ortiz. Frustration was mounting for Canada as the score remained 0-0 into the 33rd minute. After some nice work by the visiting side with possession, they would win a free-kick right outside of the box. Vit贸ria was called for kicking at the Costa Rican player. He was shown a yellow card for his efforts in the 34th minute.

Duarte and would smash the ball directly into the wall and it was partially cleared. The second phase would test Borjan for the first time in the match. It was volleyed from distance by Bennette but Borjan made sure his hands were solid and held on after the lunging save. Canada would take over once again with 10 minutes plus added time to go. After turning the ball over Costa Rica didn鈥檛 look strong on the ball and a pass would run out of touch for another turnover. David would try and win a penalty kick after getting pushed down in the box but referee Ismail Elfath was having none of it.

Canada was trying to force the issue but was very sloppy in doing so. Davies would foul the visiting side and it seemed more and more we would go into the half scoreless. The next chance for Canada would come in the 40th minute after Davies would find space in the middle of the pitch. He would fire a shot from distance but it was well over the net and off-target. After the home side would take over possession once again Davies would give up another foul. CONCACAF was starting to CONCACAF and frustrate the Canadians. Buchanan would win Canada another corner kick but they couldn鈥檛 capitalize.

It seemed to be the story of the first half for the Reds as they were not able to break through the final 3rd on Costa Rica. Davies would win a free-kick and Canada would have a chance to bring players forward in the 44th minute. Eust谩quio would look to the far post but Vit贸ria couldn鈥檛 head it back into the box. Canada would stay on the attack his cross was headed out of play by Buchanan. The home side would continue to push for the first half but to no avail. The 4th official would signal an additional 2 minutes of time in the first half.

Costa Rica would get the best opportunity on a free-kick but it was dealt with by Canada. The whistle would blow on the 1st half with the score looked in a 0-0 draw. Costa Rica was playing the exact road game they wanted at Commonwealth Stadium in front of the Canada fans. John Herdman would need to figure things out at halftime if the squad was to come away with all 3 points.

Canada vs Costa Rica

Canada Gets The Goal They Need in The 2nd Half

No changes for with side to start the 2nd half as Canada kicked things off to start. They would control things and work down the right side but a cross from Laryea was over the box and out for Costa Rica throw. The play would go back and forth as we moved into the 49th minute. Canada once again wasn鈥檛 able to find any space against the low block. Adekugbe would go down with what seemed like a cramp and Canada turned things over once again. Costa Rica would get a throw in the 50th minute and play was once again back and forth between the two sides.

Laryea would win a free-kick back for Canada and they would play things around the back and look for space. The ball would come back to Borjan and he cleared it to half. Laryea would win a foul and referee Elfath would play the possession. Canada would win a corner and Davies would find Millar at the near post. His header was flicked off a Costa Rican defender for another corner. This time it was cleared away from danger but the visiting side.

It was only as far as halfway as Canada would win another free-kick. Eust谩quio would go to the back post for Vit贸ria but it was popped up and grabbed by Millar. Davies would almost find Millar in the box but he timed his jump a second off and it would float over his head. Canada would continue and look for the opening goal. Buchanan would almost open things himself with a great chance on a bicycle kick. It would bounce off the underside of the bar but stay out and Costa Rica was able to get a goal kick. The fans were coming to their feet as they could sense an opening goal for the home side.

Things moved into the 56th minute with Canada staying on the attack in the visiting end. Vit贸ria would win a free kick and Canada would take it quickly but Costa Rica was ready and cleared. The second phase would come to Eust谩quio and he would float it into the box. Moreira couldn鈥檛 hold on and the ball would spill to Jonathan David. He would tuck it into the left side for the 1-0 Canada lead in the 57th-minute of the 2nd half. After all of the hard work, the home side would give their fans something to cheer about.

David Opens The Scoring For Canada vs Costa Rica

The play would resume to a roaring crowd as Costa Rica tried to work down the left side. They would win a corner and try and respond right away. Campbell would deliver it into the box but it was headed away from Eust谩quio. The 2nd phase would get crossed back into the box but Calvo couldn鈥檛 get his head down on the target. Canada wouldn鈥檛 waste time on the counter and win another corner as the match moved into the 61st minute. Canada almost doubled their lead after a great ball into the box from Eust谩quio. Vit贸ria would get a great header on it but Moreira was able to dive out and keep Costa Rica down just one.

The teams would trade turnovers once again as we hit the 63rd minute. Canada would win a free kick after Eust谩quio was taken down by Tejeda. Borjan would do his best CONCACAF time-wasting as the 2nd half moved along. Maxime Crepeau would warm up on the sidelines as Borjan received treatment on the pitch. It looked like he would be okay to continue as the teams would make their first changes of the night. Cyle Larin would replace Millar for Canada while Keysher Fuller and Randall Leal would replace Salas and Bennette in the 64th minute.

Canada would take possession and try and find Buchanan long but he was dispossessed by the Costa Rican defender. It was cleared to half before Canada would look for the second goal of the match. Adekube would cut it into the feet of David and it would deflect to Davies. His shot was over the net and out for a goal kick in the 67th minute.

Canada vs Costa Rica

Costa Rica would get a chance to move players forward after a handball on Larin. It was met by a wall of red shirts and Canada would counter. They would move as far as the top of the visiting box before turning it back over. Things were starting to open up in the 2nd half with Costa Rica pushing their players more forward. The play would move into the 71st minute and the visiting side would find some space. Borjan was quick off his line but Canada was able to clear before he needed to make a stop. Buchanan would try and move things out from the right side but a hard foul from Blanco.

He would see a yellow card before Canada would make more changes. Atiba Hutchinson would replace Kaye while Alistair Johnston would take off Laryea at the back in the 72nd minute. The home supporters were starting to pick up their volume as the match moved closer to a positive result. There was still lots of time to go as Costa Rica would win a throw down the left side and then a free-kick. Campbell would send in a nice ball but Canada was able to defend it nicely and win a goal-kick for Borjan. Neither team was very happy to hold possession and it would go out for a Costa Rican throw.

Costa Rica would make another change bringing on Anthony Contreras for Blanco in the 75th minute. Both teams were having trouble stringing passes together and turnovers continued to mount for both sides. Buchanan would get a chance down the right side but his cross was right to the away side with no red shirts in the box. Davies would win a free kick in the 77th minute after beating Duarte to the ball. It was a training ground play but Canada wasn鈥檛 able to convert and it was cleared. Canada would continue pressing but a hard push from Davies was waived up by Elfath and play continued.

The match would move into the 80th minute with Canada holding onto the 1-0 lead. Buchanan would win a foul down the left side and Canada could slow things down and move players into the box for a set-piece opportunity. It would look like Canada doubled their lead after Moreira was forced to make a huge save on his own team鈥檚 header. The ball would bounce off a Canadian arm and the referee would immediately wave it off. Costa Rica could slow things down after winning a foul and Herdman would make changes once again.

Alphonso Davies would leave to a standing ovation from his home crowd and be replaced by Jonathan Osario. Equally important for Canada was Ike Ugbo making his debut and capping for the Red side as he would replace David. Costa Rica and coach Su谩rez would also make a double change with Celso Borges and Aaron Su谩rez coming on for Ortiz and Galo.

Canada would defend as the match moved into the 65th minute. The visiting side was pushing forward looking for the equalizing goal. Canada would look to counter but Ugbo was defended well before he could pick out an option on the wings. Costa Rica would send a cross into the box but it was over everyone and out the other side. Canada was defending their 1-0 lead as the match moved into the 88th minute. A great chance for Campbell but he was a step offside and Borjan could slow things down with a goal kick.

Almost some late magic from Larin and Adekugbe but the cross into the box from Larin was out for a Canada corner. It was cleared away but only out for a throw on the opposite side. Canada would remain in possession as the 4th official would signal an additional 4 minutes of stoppage time. Osario would get some space and try his chances from distance but it was over the net for a goal kick. The play would resume and Eust谩quio would go down with a hard knock trying to win a header. A fan would try and crash the party but seemed to just want a hug from head coach John Herdman.

Things would resume and Ugbo would almost send the stadium into a frenzy. He would fire a shot from outside the box and miss by a couple of feet. You could see why Herdman wanted to 鈥淐ap鈥 him tonight for Canada. Costa Rica would play the ball long down the field as time ticked away into the 96th minute. Canada would win a goal kick and Borjan would send it downfield as the final whistle would blow. It was a huge 1-0 win for Canada vs Costa Rica at home to take all 3 points.

1-0 Victory For Canada vs Costa Rica

The Unnamed Moments Of The Match

Shout out as usual to the one and only Couch Ultras for all of their Canada support! They had a full house tonight as did Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton with over 48 thousand fans in attendance. No media tonight but we did have a nice moment from Joh Herdman on the field with a dedicated crazy fan.

The Unnamed Supporters Of The Match Canada vs Costa Rica

Couch Ultras is always going above and beyond for the Canadian Men鈥檚 National Team and the Vancouver Whitecaps. Tonight was no different!

Celebrating A 1-0 Victory For Canada vs Costa Rica

On a completely different spectrum of fandom in the match鈥

At Least He Just Wanted A Hug!

The Unnamed Fashion Statement Of The Match

Not since Gabor Kiraly have we seen sweat pants at this level but Milan Borjan was channeling his inner Hungarian keeper on the cold Edmonton tundra.

Sports Talk Line And The Canadian Mens National Team

After a huge 1-0 win for Canada vs. Costa Rica there will be no rest for John Herdman鈥檚 squad. They will take on Mexico Tuesday, November, 16th in Edmonton, Alberta. With the victory, Canada continues to move closer to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Canada sits 3rd just 1 point behind both the United States and Mexico in the CONCACAF Standings after 7 matches.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter @JoshuaGriffith0 for all the latest news and notes about the Canada Men鈥檚 National Team as they get ready to take on Mexico. Be sure to check back to the Sports Talk Line website for post-game recaps and even more Footy coverage.

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